How To Create Your Online Business From Scratch #1: THE BLUEPRINT

Learn How To Create Your Online Business From Scratch The blueprint for making money online, without having to deal with all the supply-chain issues eCommerce entrepreneurs…


46 thoughts on “How To Create Your Online Business From Scratch #1: THE BLUEPRINT

  1. John, very interesting. Being retired on social security, requires additional income just to pay bills. So, I am extremely interested in learning more. Amazon has not been good for me over the last 8 years, so I have requested all remaining FBA products be returned to me. Your info, just in this 1st video shows me there are other ways to make an income online. Cannot wait to see the remaining videos. Thanks for presenting them.

  2. I love this video, I did not have the money to join but know hopefully I will be able to learn. I have tried many things and nothing has worked. Now I have my own Guru to help me to succeed. I am so excited "Pumped" to get going, please send me the next learning videos. Thanks Boss!!!!

  3. hello i am from belgium i dont speak good english but i understand you so good is pleasure to look your video and al you say is very interesting because i want start in that job thx for al the great info you give i will watch all your video

  4. This is all really really cool! but i don't see that link to Facebook / send me a message, got this from the email tho so it should be all set up. Thanks!

  5. Thanks You For watching all videos In My Group.. (Me At Cambodia) To Live ..THE BLUEPRINT.. αžŠαžΌαž…αŸ’αž“αŸαŸ‡αžŸαžΌαž˜αžŸαŸ’αžœαžΆαž‚αž˜αž“αŸαž…αŸ†αž–αŸ„αŸ‡αž‘αž·αžœαžΆαž˜αž½αž™αž“αŸƒ Four Day Jet αž€αŸ†αžŽαžαŸ‹αžŸαŸŠαŸαžšαžΈαž’αŸŠαžΈαž“αž’αžΊαžŽαž·αžαŸ”
    αž“αžΉαž„αž˜αžΆαž“αž’αŸ’αžœαžΈαžαž»αžŸαž‚αŸ’αž“αžΆαž”αž½αž“αŸ” αžαŸ’αž„αŸƒαžŸαŸ’αž’αŸ‚αž€αž™αžΎαž„αž“αžΉαž„αž‘αŸ…
    αžŠαžΎαž˜αŸ’αž”αžΈαž‘αŸ…αž›αžΎαž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸαŸ” αžαžΎαž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž‘αž‘αž½αž›αž”αžΆαž“αž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸαžŠαŸ„αž™αžšαž”αŸ€αž”αžŽαžΆ? αž…αŸ†αžŽαž»αž…αž€αžŽαŸ’αžαžΆαž›αž“αŸƒαž’αžΆαž‡αžΈαžœαž€αž˜αŸ’αž˜αžŽαžΆαž˜αž½αž™
    αžαŸ’αžšαžΌαžœαž”αžΆαž“αž˜αž“αž»αžŸαŸ’αžŸαž…αžΌαž›αž‘αŸ…αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αž’αžΆαž‡αžΈαžœαž€αž˜αŸ’αž˜αžšαž”αžŸαŸ‹αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αŸ” (((αž’αžαž·αžαž·αž‡αž“))) Thamks αžƒαžΎαž‰αž’αŸ’αž“αž€αž“αŸ…αžαŸ’αž„αŸƒαžŸαŸ’αž’αŸ‚αž€αž€αŸ’αž“αž»αž„αžœαžΈαžŠαŸαž’αžΌαž”αž“αŸ’αž‘αžΆαž”αŸ‹

  6. I would like to say how excited I am about starting this, and looking forward to learning more. Being disabled most of my life and always being told to be happy with SSDI suddenly my life seems alot brighter with the prospects of actually earning an income in which i can support myself and my wife who is blind also. Thanjk yopu so much and I look forward to learning more… Joseph

  7. Thanks John. Amazing video, Very informative. I feel that if you are passionate about your business new visitors will come and visit your website ,all you need is an extra boost in your online presence and the most important thing is to have a technically strong website for your business, I am running my business since 4 years now and my web development agency has helped me a lot, not only in building a technically strong website but also helped me to promote my business in initial phase.

  8. John, at minute 4:34 you say that "the opportunity is not in creating your own products", yet you HAVE created your own products through your training. Please explain this discrepancy. Thanks.

  9. As long as you're confident your business can let clients/visitors stay, and all you need is that extra boost in your presence/traffic, then influencer marketing can be a way to achieve this, more especially on reliable platforms with a decent network of influencers. If you ask me, i personally use phlanx as my platform because of their influencers

  10. Overview
    1 Everything that bought and sold online , people can be affiliate for
    2. All you need to do is making website or get your system set up
    3 You have to connect people with product in making money online.
    4 Connecting people with product can make billion of dollar
    5 Easiest way to connect people with product is using internet, social media.

  11. OMG! I feel like I am just waking up from a lifelong bad dream of assumptions that I could somehow never make it as a businessman, but now … I have an entire new hope and vision starting to creep into my future.

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