How to Chip the Golf Ball – The Golf Sidekick Way – Like a Champion

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The golf stuff we use:



Some basic fundamentals for how to chip a golf ball onto the green:

1. Hands forward
2. Feet close together and weight on left side
3. Stance wide open
4. Grip down the club for feel
5. Look for a spot to land the ball
6. Pick the right club to land it on the spot
7. Swing without breaking your left wrist
8. Use the left hand to control the chip
9. Get the ball on the spot you chose
10. Tap it in baby

This is my way of doing it and I get up and down roughly 60-70% of the time. Is it the only way? No but it works for me to shoot between 75 and 80 almost every round even on days when I miss 16 out of 18 greens!

I hope you find some nuggets in here but the biggest one for me is to stop getting target fixation on the pin and the hole and fixate more on landing the ball on a spot along your intended line. This level of focus will stop you from over shooting the hole and duffing the chips.
Also, pick a club that you can swing really aggressively with. Striking too timidly because you’re scared will result in a duff most of the time. You need to simplify everything to allow yourself to commit to a shot 100%. This serves as a basic intro to how to chip in golf for beginners and guys struggling around the greens.

Good luck

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