How KVD Catches Big Bass Fishing Crankbaits – VanDam

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Want to learn how Basshead KVD (Kevin VanDam) catches bass while fishing crankbaits to win so many professional bass fishing tournaments? For a limited time, try Bass University TV free for 10 days at and watch this full 1hr 9min in-depth seminar (and 250+ other videos) which will teach you how to catch bass cranking and how to select the right equipment (deep diving & squarebill crankbaits, rod, reel, fluorocarbon line, etc.) VanDam will teach you everything from selecting the right fiberglass composite cranking rod ( to what electronics he uses to locate schools of bass ( KVD will teach you how line size, bill shape, rod composite, current, etc. effect your bait and using your electronics, positioning your boat and other overlooked factors will help you use a crankbait to put more bass in the boat on your next fishing trip.


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