How Havanese Training Can Help Resolve Housetraining Frustrations

Despite all that is written about the wonderful effects of   housebreaking , havanese  dog  owners need to accept that helping the dog lasts into many months, sometimes even until the dog is up to a year old! But such is the reality of Havanese Training.

Everybody has been down the road of helping a Hav several months old finally comprehend the concept of exclusively going outside. The dog is wonderful at not having any accidents for almost a week, and what’s more, without the need to crate the dog. Then out of the blue, the owner wakes up to a day of pee and poo accidents. So much for having the diligence to take the dog out 10 times day and night, complete with a chart of the dog’s poo/pee schedule!

But there are a few consoling thoughts here that all dog owners do know about, but need to remind themselves of regularly. First up is the fact that in no way can  a   dog  be blamed for the  housebreaking  accident. On the contrary, all the signals and signs point to the dog’s trainer-humans as the culprits responsible for the mess!

Second, all  dog  owners need to be aware that plenty of  housebreaking  training instructions out there imagine the ideal world of a pup that is 10 weeks old and never has a setback. Another not-so-helpful set of instructions essentially tell the owner that the dog is like a toy that can be turned “off” (when owners get bored of it) by locking it away in a crate all day.

Now, if anything can upset the best laid plans for  housebreaking , it would definitely be stress, changes, and food changes. The first two are easy to picture out: noise of carpentry at home, the departure of familiar people and arrival of those that the dog does not know, etc. Food changes are however, easily taken for granted. Whether or not the  dog  has a  housebreaking  problem, there is always the need to give the  dog  some time to get adjusted. This can be done by gradually mixing by parts the new dog food into the old one for every meal.

Some owners are quick to give their best the widest time allowance possible. For example, some dogs are capable of using the pads they were trained to use. Others in the same house simply cannot, and find it unthinkable to have to eliminate without the owner by their side, and so will eliminate on some nearby rug or hardwood floor.

As the passing months seem to call for more and more Havanese Training vigilance, owners must not let up crating the dog or at least gating it off just to remind it of house training. Besides, Havs take longer than larger dogs to fully absorb house training. Moreover,  dog owners believe it can take a dog as much as a year in order to be fully committed to house training, and that happens to be a small investment compared to the profit of at least 12 years of happiness the dog is capable of giving!

Source by Richard Cussons

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