Housebreaking Your Dog – Potty Training Your Dog

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If you are potty training your dog then you are going to have to have patience, praise and the avoidance of bad behavior. In this article you are going to learn the three things that are necessary for the house training of your pet.

You must learn to have patience to start the training process. It is not going to be a quickly learned behavior. You must give verbal praise whenever the "deed" is done. You must know when bad behavior is not appropriate.

They say patience is a value. When it comes to potty training your dog this is especially true. The process of house training has two very distinct parts to it. The first part of training is knowing when to start. You can not start to housebreak your pet too early. The reason for this is that young pup does not have the muscular ability to control themselves.

When the time comes that your dog can be potty trained it will take anywhere from a month and a half to two months or more. Knowing that this is normal does not help with the messes but it does help knowing that all pet owners go through this.

If you want your dog to know when they have done the right thing you must give verbal praise. The "good dog" is a must. This does two things it allows for confirmation that it has done the right thing and it does establish you as the leader. You probably have heard of the "alpha" dog, the leader of the pack. Well, guess what that is your role. So your dog must know that you are in command. That is done with praise.

When talking about verbal praise it should also be noted that when you take the dog outside to do it's business you should also have a verbal command said in a firm but not angry voice. It should also be a unique command like "Go potty now". This way it will learn to go on command.

Finally, we must talk about bad behavior. I know that you are thinking about your pet's behavior, well I'm not. You must understand that angry outburst with the dog will not make a better dog. This has nothing to do with dog cruelty or rights. Anger will not promote the trust and leadership needed in making the right behavior of your dog. Which means do not punish the dog if he does his business in the house if you did not see him. Punishment way after the fact only leads to confusion.

Source by Brian Kowalczyk

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