Housebreaking an Older Dog – Do You Think an Older Dog Can Be Taught?

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Housebreaking an older dog can be a bit tricky at times, however it can be done, and it's not really all that hard, at least not as hard as people may think. Here you are going to learn the finer points in housebreaking older dogs.

The main thing you are going to need is patience, and lots of it. The important thing you must always remember is that like most creatures, the dog is a creature of habit. The older the dog, the most set in its ways it is. Just like us I guess?

Since this older dog is used to going where ever it wants, you have to try and change this habit. The first thing you will need to do is create another routine for it. Treat it like you would any other dog you are trying to housebreak.

Keep a close eye on it at all times when it's inside, make sure it can only be in the room that you are in. So, have a nice place for it to curl up if it wants to take a nap, as older dogs do.

As soon as you see it start sniffing around, you've got to get up fast, put its leash on, and take it out for a nice stroll. When you are outside, it's best not to rush it, just be patient, and let it sniff around, and find a good place to go.

Once it does, give it a small treat, and praise it like it just did the best thing in the world. And trust me it just did, because that is the first step on its way to being housebroken.

So, to answer the question; Do You Think an Older Dog Can be Taught? The answer is yes it can, the key is patience, as long as you have that you and your dog will do just fine. Just remember, it's a creation of habit, so as soon as it gets into the habit of going outside, it will always want to go outside to do its business.

Source by Jarid Paige

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