House Training a Puppy – Proven Methods Revealed

House training a puppy can be quite a challenging feat. Most of the time, this may take weeks, maybe even months, depending on your dedication. There are many ways to house training a puppy. Find the one that will be most effective for your pets.

The first thing that you need to realize and understand is that dogs do not think the way we do. Meaning, unless you understand how they behave, it will be hard for you to effectively house train a puppy. The most important rule to house training a puppy is to never punish the puppy or blame it for the mess when not caught in the act. Your pets wouldn’t understand that it is the act of relieving themselves that you are most upset about, and not the mess per se. Also, another important rule to effectively house train puppies is to praise them when they have done the right thing. Little by little, they would understand the proper place to relieve themselves when you praise them whenever they have done right.

There are different methods you can choose to house train a puppy. The simplest thing is to set papers or pre-treated pads inside your house, assuming that these are bathrooms that your pets can use. When you have observed the “pre-potty patterns” of your pets, you simply carry them and take them to the pads, where they would relieve themselves. Praise them and let them know that they have done the right thing.

After several consecutive uses of the pads, move the pads in different places, such as beside the doors or outside the house. Do this procedure until there are no more pads inside the house, and your pets start relieving themselves outside. The problem with this method is that it takes a long period of time before the pets get accustomed to relieving themselves outside.

Another method would be crate training. These crates are made to be large enough to be their beds. The reasoning for this is that, since dogs do not want to sleep in their own mess, they will be forced to hold their bowels for a longer period of time, or until you allow them out of the crates. This works effectively for puppies of 8-9 weeks of age. However, it is not best to leave these puppies inside the crates for a long time, as this might make them behave abnormally or become neurotic.

The next popular method to house training a puppy, which doesn’t involve pads and crates, would be constant supervision of the pets. This works effectively for people who spend a fairly large amount of their time inside their houses. When they have observed the “pre-potty patterns” of their pets, they would just take their pets outside the house. This establishes a relieving pattern for their pets. To make this work effectively, you have to be consistent and not make errors in bringing the pets outside, so as to establish a solid pattern of house breaking.

The trick to effective house training is in understanding your puppies’ “pre-potty patterns” and choosing the method that you think is best for your pets. Always remember that training a puppy takes a lot of time and dedication, so make sure that you are consistent with your determination.

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