GOLF SWING: How the Backswing will improve your Impact + 2 Golf Tips using training aids


This video discusses in the golf swing how the backswing will improve your impact. We will also use two very simple training aids to improve your backswing and impact.

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How to swing the golf club and how to swing the golf club perfect are questions I always get from customers, they are aware of the poor impact position they have and don’t realise how the backswing actually leads to an improved impact area.

When it comes to golf swing training and using training aids then in this video these are the best aids you can possibly use to improve your backswing and impact position.

In this video I will show you some slow motion swings and discuss how to swing the golf club as basic as possible. Following the movements in this video will help you swing the golf club on plane and all these movements can be used for the driver too.

So if you’ve been watching golf swing on YouTube then this video will hopefully shed light on what a simple explanation often becomes too over complicated.

Whether your a senior golfer, junior or lady golfer this is for you.


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