Golf Routine Instruction: Build a Mental and Physical Routine to Play Better Golf Part 1 Pre Shot


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I’m Ted Norby, Director of Golf Instruction for the National University Golf Academy. I’m here today with Dr. Doug Barba, from National University Center for performance psychology. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about routines. The mental and physical routine of hitting a golf shot.

Well today, we want you to think about is three specific components with the golf pre-shot routine. Behind the ball, how you process your information. When you’re over the ball, how you execute the shot and what you think about after the ball. So, we have three components that we’re going to talk about today when we deal with routines.

So, the first part of this routine behind the ball is what a lot of people talk about is the pre-shot routine, where I’m creating a plan and creating a feels that create a golf shot.

It’s really important that we get you to do all the processing and all the thinking behind the ball. You want to get behind the ball and do a body scan where you see how comfortable you feel and how you’re hitting the ball that day, what the weather is like and make sure that you integrate those feelings and that you’re ready to go. Once you’ve decided, you’re going to get a good image of the shot and then what you’re going to do is take a good look and try to identify the ball flight and how you’re going to best hit that target.

This is also where most people really need to get rid of their mechanics. Too many people think over the ball about position of hands and all that stuff. And even in this, we’re not trying to create a mental thought process of all of these pieces, but we’re trying to create an overall feel of the swing. We’re trying to, as Doug said, integrate the swings. So, if I’m trying to feel something in my back swing and forward swing, I try to put those two together.

It is really important to integrate the target and the way you’re going to do that is make sure that when you think about your swing, you’re going through those movements, to make that as vivid and as strong a feeling as you can. So, I want you to be able to tell me how the glove feels on your hand, how the turf feels under your feet, how the club feels in your hand, your shift of your bodyweight. You know as much information and as deep an image you can make it and that way you’re going to be more integrated into the target and that connection is going to be a lot stronger for your execution of the shot.

So let’s say you’re trying to hit a draw, so I need to be able to see that ball flight that I want and your instructor or whoever you’re working with. I’ve got to set my hand a certain way and I’m trying to create this leg drive as opposed to coming over the top with my shoulders, so that’s what I’m doing here. Where’s that hand position and then my legs to get the ball to right field. So, I’ve just created that feel, but as Doug said, I got to create and tie that in to my ball flight also.

Too many golfers get over the ball and they have a long checklist and we want you to avoid doing that. We want you to concentrate on that feeling of what the shot is of your intended shot and once you have that, and you have a good feel for it, you go ahead and that’s when you go through the execution of the shot.

Nice shot.


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