I have always been obsessed with creating a huge amount of lag and then having a lot of shaft lean at impact. The problem was that the harder I try to retain the lag and lean the shaft at impact the more I would throw it away! So annoying!

Even worse, wheni would feel that my lag was really good and I was compressing the ball nicely, BAM. A case of the shanks would him me like a bitch slap to the face.

I had a golf lesson with Monte Scheinblum the other day and I was finally able to retain the lag and have great shaft lean at impact without cheating it by lungeing my head towards the target and I did it all by changing my swing intention to the polar opposite of what I had been doing!!!

Monte had me only take the club back with a no shoulder turn wrist set and then from the top, only feel like I was dumping the lag as hard as possible, just flipping my rigt wrist to a bowed condition. So I gave it a shot, it was simple to do but it feel different, gross feeling really.

But the proof was in the slow mo and OMG I was retaining more lag by trying to dump all of it than I ever had by trying to sustain it.

The key is that trying to flip it speeds up the right hand to keep up and in front of your body. Yes, the hips go first but that will happen naturally.

I made my swing shallower (which I desparately needed) and my 7 iron flew oly about 20 yards further with a smoother feeling swing.

A game changer for me!

Since the lesson I have been to the range 4 time and I am proud to say I have been disciplined enough to not let myself take 1 single “old swing” every swing was with this new feel of “flipping” on the way down.

There is still a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to direction control and the driver but the good shots are so much better than my good shots from before so I know I’m onto something.

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