Golden Retriever Dog Training

In the 19th century, the search took place between the British lower aristocracy for a perfect hunting dog. As a result, the majority of today’s retrievers and other hunting breeds have the remaining roots in this country. Many have tried to achieve this by mixing various hunting dogs with a desire to obtain their best qualities. Sometimes this worked but more often not.

Golden Retriever origin lies in the careful work of Sir Dudley Marjoribanksa (later the first Lord Tweedmouth) who also decided to breed a good hunting dog. According to one story shows that his base were the Russian circus dogs, which were slightly larger than today’s Golden Retriever, a highly intelligent and yellow ocher.

In 1865, Lord Tweedmouth purchased a yellow retriever “Nous” from an unregistered litter, which was from the litter of black curly retrievers. This phenomenon is a yellow retriever in a Black litter which took place very often. Nous was later mated with “Belle” (Tweed Water Spaniel), and as a result gave birth to four puppies that meet the wishes. Through the years, these dogs are mixed with curly Retrievers, Irish Setters, and later with sandy-colored Bloodhound, in order to refine the breed. Coat colors Golden Retriever that time differ from fox red to light cream, as well as the length of hair.

Kennel Club of England registered the first golden retriever in 1903. Then they were registered as “short-Golden Retrievers.” In 1911, they identify it as two different breed of “Yellow or Golden Retrievers” but later “Yellow” lose the name and so they have left are Golden Retrievers.

It is a cute, lively and powerful dog. Even from far away you can see the steady runner. He is very friendly. It is characterized by long, golden, smooth and slightly wavy hair. Frontal and nasal part of the skull are strongly developed, but not rough. Golden Retriever should not act rough. The eyes and eyelids are dark colored and have a soft expression. The tail is level, hairy and forming a flag. It should not be carried, too, and certainly not over the back. Outer coat should not be curled, underneath is the thick undercoat that repels water. Colors: all shades of gold and cream, fur should not be brown or mahogany color. Height at shoulders: Male: 56 to 62 cm, weight of 32 kg. Female: 51 to 56 cm, weight of 28 kg. Golden Retriever in England was recognized as a breed in 1913. There was a cross of yellow gold Wavy Coat Retriever (retriever with wavy hair), Water Spaniel, Irish set and yellow Hounds. It is not known how the mixing took place.

Breed was created by Lord Tweedmouth in the middle of last century. Golden Retriever, because of its beauty has become a popular breed. Brings killed birds when hunting. As a great swimmer, it also used in swampy areas, overgrown with rush. He is active in cold water, because his undercoat remains dry and warm. As a family dog he is very patient, calm and attached to members of its pack. It likes kids. Not aggressive in nature, it is vigilant. It is an excellent working dog, without major problems it is trainable in the programs of classical obedience (without defense), great tracer, useful for finding missing persons, to search for injured people in the ruins and Lavin – snow, it needs a lot of freedom and devotion to him. Training takes place exclusively on the motivation with an subject or food. In the higher age, sometimes appears gray film on the eye. While it is resistant, it has a long life.

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