Frank Lupin, Performance Coach: Golf Performance Training

Train like the pros to increase hip and shoulder flexibility, balance, core strength and power. Your initial evaluation includes a Functional Movement Screen to identify limitations and design a corrective exercise strategy to be used in your program. The golf performance training class is geared toward any golfer from a beginner to an advanced professional to help them improve their golf game but also reduce injuries at the same time. At Coordinated Health we know the top way to prevent back injuries and shoulder injuries is to address those areas by working on flexibility and strength so the shoulder and the back does not take the impact. It also aids when working with your golf pro so they can focus specifically on your swing mechanics to improve your game. This training is recommended for anyone who desires to improve their game, increases their strength and reduce injuries, keeping you out on the course enjoying the game. Classes are MONDAY thru FRIDAY 8am -9am at 2030 Highland Ave, Bethlehem PA 18020.

Register today, class size is limited to maintain quality instruction.
To reserve your spot:
→ CALL- 610-861-8080 ext. 32021



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