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11 Pound Bass!!!! Largemouth bass fishing in Alabama.

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This is a bass I caught on a hot July day in Alabama. 11 lb 5 oz

Frog Fishing Tech Tip To Catch MORE Bass

Frog fishing is super exciting, but typically comes with low landing percentages. Trapper Tackle Pro, Vince Hurtado shares tips and techniques that show you how to catch bass on a Zoom Horny Toad rigged on a 5/0 Wide Gap X Heavy Trapper Hook using a variety of subsurface fishing techniques. The unique patented design of Trapper Wide Gap Hooks help keep baits rigged longer so you make more casts during a day on the water and keep fish hooked better so you increase you landing percentages.



Spectacle sur l’eau – Fous de Bassin – ilotopie

Fantasmagorie aquatique de feu et d’eau

Révélateur de la fragile échelle humaine, ce spectacle sur l’eau est à la fois scène et transfert, renforçant la dimension sensible et poétique d’une population flottante et laborieuse. Spectacle théâtral et aquatique sur 1 hectare de « scène d’eau ».


water fools (ilotopie) – sydney darling harbour

French performance wizards, Ilotopie have won the hearts of thousands with their beautiful shows on the streets and waterways of cities and towns the world over. Their latest creation, Water Fools uses light, sound and pyrotechnics to tell the story of an everyday man whose humdrum life is turned upside down one morning when his head inexplicably bursts into flames.

Everyday objects are transformed into mythical creatures, as our hero finds himself on an odyssey of epic proportions. Watch as cars pull caravans, children are brought out for walks in their strollers and gods march into battle – all ingeniously floating on the surface of the water.

Ilotopie is a collective of actors, sculptors, musicians and creators. Over the past two decades they have grown to become one of France’s best loved street theatre companies surprising and delighting audiences with their whimsical and spectacular creations.


Fishing Fools

random pics of fishing with friends and family


2014 USA Bassin’ Tournament #1

Cherokee Lake (3-16-14)
1st place 14.07 lbs.
2nd place 14.03 lbs.


Big Bass Tour Preview of Table Rock Lake

The Big Bass Tour heads to Table Rock Lake April 1-2. I give a rundown on conditions, predictions and strategies that hopefully will help you catch the biggest bass of the week!

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Fishing For Freezing Cold Water Winter Bass

It is early December in Colorado and somehow we can still fish for bass! The weather has kept the ice off of our lakes and ponds, but it is still a struggle. I went to try a couple of ponds after the overnight temperatures were in the teens and tried the usual late fall tactics. this is what happened.