The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

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Right Age To Start Dog Training

what is the right age to start dog training :-

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Right Age To Start Dog Training by SAHIL SAIFI


Service Dog protects my head during Seizure (read description training)

For licensing/usage, please email

This is how Colt a Weim/Lab is trained to block my head during a seizure, because I have a TBI it is very dangerous for me to hit my head, I can literally die if I hit my head really bad again. This is only a reenactment, this is NOT a real seizure. And no of course I’m not really hitting my head in this video. This is just us keeping up with his training, I have to test him on everything that he knows often to make sure he still does it all reliably. He is trained to do this in a certain way that keeps both him and me safe, he will not get hurting doing this the way he has been trained to. I’m not actually there during a seizure so I would not be able to know if he did his job right or not. The middle video is basically a blooper, I laughed so hard, the floor was super slippery and he had a hard time getting his body under my 10lb head. The important thing that makes me super proud is that he never stops trying. He always looks back to make sure I am safe and keeps trying till I am. I am so blessed to have him. He has saved my life in many ways.

▪️ Frequently Asked Questions▪️
Q: What breed is Colt?
A: Weimaraner/English Labrador

Q: Where did I get Colt?
A: Colt was hand picked from a litter by a behavioralist and myself.

Q: Who Trained Colt?
A: Colt was owner trained by myself.

Q: How did I train Colt?
A: I have many years of experience training military K9’s.

Q: How long did it take to train him?
A: Training never really stops but he was considered a fully trained service dog after a little over a year and a half.

Q: How does Colt alert to seizures?
A: Seizure alert Can Not be trained, it’s a natural instinct, the dog can ether do it or it can’t.

Q: How long do I have before a seizure or pass out spell when Colt alerts?
A: For seizures I have anywhere from 30mins-2hours, most times it’s enough time to take medication to prevent the seizure. For pass out spells, I have about 15mins.

Q: What type of diet is Colt on?
A: We follow a Prey Model Raw PMR and Frankenprey diet. This is a raw diet including 80% muscle meat, 10% meaty bones, and 10% organs. No vegetables included in meals.
Here is some good information on it ➡️

❤️Follow Colt❤️


⬇️ Watch More From Service Dog Colt ⬇️

Colt Alert’s to a Seizure ➡️

Colt responding to a pass out spell ➡️

Colt getting my Meds ➡️

Colt blocks my head during a seizure ➡️

My TBI (Trumatic brain injury) Story ➡️


My Dog Takes Treats Too Roughly – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

If your dog takes treats too roughly, we call it being “mouthy.” This is not difficult to fix, it just takes time. In this video I address how to do this. It is important to get this under control early on and to fix it properly -without too many corrections.

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Zak George and the Potty Training Puppy Apartment – How to Potty Train a Puppy

World-famous dog trainer Zak George shows you How to Potty Train a Puppy. For more information, please visit:

Zak George has been featured on numerous television shows. Zak George has more YouTube subscribers than any other dog trainer in the world! See Zak George demonstrate the amazing Potty Training Puppy Apartment in this fun video featuring Rosie the famous Golden Retriever Puppy.

The Puppy Apartment has successfully potty trained over 50,000 dogs!

Potty training a puppy can be very time consuming and extremely frustrating. The Puppy Apartment is a one bedroom, one bathroom home that teaches and trains your puppy to always go potty in their own indoor dog potty. It eliminates the time and frustration out of potty training a puppy. It also takes away all the stress of worrying about your puppy having to potty!

This device and method are so unique, they are patent pending. This is the only type of dog crate in the world that includes our patent pending ADJUSTABLE ROOM DIVIDER™ which is the key element in making this a potty training device.

The Puppy Apartment takes the MESSY out of paper training, the ODORS AND HASSLES out of artificial grass training, MISSING THE MARK out of potty pad training, the CREEPY BUGS out of unsanitary grass sod training and HAVING TO HOLD IT out of crate training. House training a puppy has never been cleaner, faster or easier!

The Puppy Apartment has taken all the benefits of the most popular potty training methods and combined them into one magical device and potty training system. This device and system has revolutionized how modern puppies are potty trained!

Our 47-minute Instructional DVD is the result of five years of intense research and development. We used thousands of successfully PTPA potty-trained puppies to help create the latest version of our Instructional DVD. Our system is so unique that it is patent pending. It is virtually impossible for the PTPA to work properly without first viewing and following our THREE levels of training in our Instructional DVD.

Below is a small example of what is featured in our latest version of the PTPA Instructional DVD:

Where is the best place in my home to put the PTPA?
What are the safety precautions?
What should I do the first few minutes when introducing my puppy to their new PTPA?
What are the different options of what to do the first night?
What are the THREE levels of training?
How can I teach my puppy to potty on command with the PTPA?
When and how are all three removable doors utilized?
How should I properly position the Room Divider?
Is it okay to have food and water in or near the PTPA?
What items are allowed inside the PTPA?
How much freedom should I give my puppy during Level 1 Training?
What is the fastest way to get my puppy through Level 1 Training?
What are the different potty pad strategies?
How often should I change the potty pad?
What is the best way to speak to my dog?
When should I put my puppy in their PTPA and when should I take them out?
When and how should I use training treats?
How do I use indoor leash supervision?
When do puppies normally have to potty?
How often do puppies potty at certain ages?
What are some rare situations that some dogs may encounter and the simple solutions?
What are the most frequently asked questions from dog owners?
When is the best time to add the optional PTPA Playpen?
When and how do I teach my puppy that it is okay to also potty outside?
What should I do with an older dog that has been potty trained in a different manner?
Why is exercise and playtime important?
What is the IGNORE your puppy technique?
When and how do I reward my puppy for good behavior?
What is the best way to correct my puppy from bad behavior?
How do I correct a dog that urine marks?
How do I address a dog with territorial issues?
What are the three solutions for male dogs that hike one leg when urinating?
How do I correct urination out of excitement?
What are the benefits of puppy stairs?
What should I do if I live in a large multi-story home?

We have successfully potty trained over 50,000 dogs with our world-famous indoor dog potty, called the Potty Training Puppy Apartment crate.

If you are seeking puppies for sale or adoption, please visit our Breeders page at our website. If you would like to know the estimated adult weight of your puppy, please visit our Breed Weight Chart page or Designer Breed Weight Chart page at our website.

Zak George is a world-famous dog trainer and has the most YouTube subscribers of any dog trainer in the world! Please visit the website link at the top of this page for more information.


Dog Training: Advanced Nose Targeting

I’ve talked a lot about the benefits of teaching your dog to target your hand.

After your dog has a solid hand target (nose touch to your hand), you’re ready to take this skill to the next level where it can be really useful!

Here are some advanced uses for targeting. Here it is — the fun stuff!

Read the entire article here:

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Service Dog Training for desensitization

Taking Deuce on the ferry helps him to acclimate to noise, vibration and sensory overload.


Best Dog Training in Chicago! 1 Year Old Blue Heeler, Arya!

(312) 821-9021
Contact Us:

Take a look at the progress we were able to make with Arya in just 2 weeks!

Does your dog listen to commands outside, off leash, under distraction, in the presence of other dogs? Does your dog pull you down the street to meet an approaching pedestrian? Most dog owners never know the joy of a well trained dog, even though many go through training programs. We pride ourselves on our results. See our YouTube channel to view before/after videos of actual client dogs!

Thank you for visiting Off Leash K9 Training! We train all dogs, regardless of breed, age, or size, and specialize in high level obedience under distraction. We also have a great amount of experience working with anxiety and aggression in dogs. We are so confident in our methods that we offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied at the end of your first lesson, no questions asked.

Dog Training Chicago Illinois
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Dog Training Aurora Illinois
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Dog Training Naperville Illinois
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Dog Training Buffalo Grove Illinois


Scared Dogs: Training a Fearful Dog

Scared dogs are difficult to work with if you don’t know the right way to approach them.

It’s important to first understand exactly what the dog is fearful of so you can control the situation as much as possible and minimized the intensity of whatever it is. Then you must proceed only at the dog’s pace – and always on the dog’s terms.

Here are some guidelines when working with a scared or fearful dog:

1. Don’t make direct eye contact

2. Try not to directly face the dog

3. Keep your body relaxed

4. Ignore the dog

5. Never initiate contact

6. Use high impact treats

7. Go at dog’s pace

To me, a dog showing signs of anxiety and/or fear is something that needs to be immediately and proactively addressed, because every single day that a dog continues to be in this state of mind, his quality of life decreases, which in turn means the quality of your life is decreasing, as well. Many people don’t quite understand the long-term consequences of not addressing a dog’s anxieties and fears. And too many people do not have the patience for the treatment for both fear and anxiety, which is a slow, gradual process.

Most anxieties and fears are treatable if we can gain control of the environment and set up situations which change the dog’s perception of whatever it is that’s causing their reaction. Like all dog training, it’s a numbers game — the rehabilitation will prove to be longer, more time-consuming, and more complex the more a dog has remained in a fearful or anxious state.


Using my dog training method on a horse

Dog Trainer Tommy Grammer using a few dog training techniques with a horse.
In this video, I am using targeting and lure and reward techniques.
I am far from a horse trainer, but this video shows how positive reinforcement techniques can work across species to enable us to learn to communicate with one another.


Dog Training

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Baking Dog Training Treats – Part 2

My sensitive skin recipe for training size all natural homemade dog treats.


Advice on Fostering Dogs : Dog Behavior & Training

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If you’re planning on fostering dogs, there are a few things you need to be aware of before bringing a new friend into your home. Get advice on fostering dogs with help from a certified dog behavioral therapist and master trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Justin Scher
Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez

Series Description: Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to have to train your dog properly so that he or she knows how to best behave around others. Get dog tips with help from a certified dog behavioral therapist and master trainer in this free video series.


Dog Training – Working K-9

Heeling exercise with using metal retrieve object to proof your dog’s obedience for working K-9.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise. Where we make the pets in this world a lot better companions.

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Dog Whisperer Exclusive: Training a Difficult Dog – Woman’s Day Magazine

Watch Cesar Millan demonstrate how to train a difficult dog. For more pet care tips, visit:


DIY Dog Training Treats Make Your Own Dog Training Treats

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My mission is to help you have a wonderful relationship with your dog. Learn how to teach good manners, to decode canine behaviors, and have a really great time

Discover The Powerful Dog Training Secrets To Overcome 30+ Common Dog and Puppy Behavioral Issues With STEP-BY-STEP Instructions From One of The World’s Most Skilled Dog Trainers!

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Dog Training Tip – How To Stop Fearful Dog Behavior | DogWorx Dog Training Savannah Ga

Training a Fearful Dog is challenging. Not only you have to battle dog anxiety, fear, but also their ability to understand you and be able to relax.

A lot of dogs are afraid of being touched, whether it be their legs, behind, feet, or even their face. But it is possible to help them get through that fear – and even learn to like being touched! So how can we do that??

Well, in this video, Enrique from DogWorx in Savannah, Ga, shares one of his secret training methods that have allowed him to help countless of fearful dogs. The Dog in the video, Scout, had a history of biting at the moment you touched his collar; he even bit Enrique during training. But with the training we share, you can see how quickly Scout became more calm, more confident, and even more accepting of being touched.

Change the state of mind, change the behavior! DogWorx is Savannah Georgia’s premiere dog training service, which offers both board and train and in home dog training. We are experts in dog behavior modification, fixing dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, fear issues, anxiety issues, leash aggression, leash reactivity, pulling on leash, jumping on people, counter surfing, stealing food, chewing and destruction, barking problems, running away, not listening, growling, snapping, biting, door bolting, cat aggression, cat killing, trash digging and more! Obedience training commands used are heel, sit/stay, down/stay, come, no, yes, good, okay and the “place” command. DogWorx behavior modification program is performed with the application of low-level, e-collar, off-leash, advanced obedience training.

We also specialize in dog obedience training, which includes heeling on the walk, sit and stay, down and stay, place command and recall (come) back to owner. My success rate with aggression issues and other major behavior problems is considered one of the best in the United States and many other dog trainers will refer their more serious cases to me. In addition to these services, I am also low level, ecollar off leash specialist.

If you would like to have a dog that comes to you every time you call them, sits when you ask, downs anywhere, and will go to place when guests arrive instead of jumping on them, without a leash and at any distance, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Follow us around the internet for more tips, videos and amazing stories:

how to stop scared dog shock collar solid k9 training


Balanced Dog Training vs Hacks – What You Should Know (

IMPORTANT: this video is part of blog post with more information and reference material. Go here:

The dog training industry is on the fringe of widespread regulation. Infomercials, reality TV, franchises, and social media pop marketing are front and center to the public eye.

The widespread banning of training equipment, such as prong and E-collars, are becoming more common in developed countries as the public determines that such things should not be used. It is not hard to determine how this is happening. After all, who is front and center to the public’s social media feeds and TV screens? Is it the most responsibly trained professional trainers or the best professional marketers?

Purely positive, balanced training, Kohler method, and countless trademarked styles of dog training can be a lot for anyone to sift through that is in need of dog training.

To make matters more difficult, since there is no regulation, how does a person seeking help really know that the trainer they choose is knowledgeable enough to provide fair guidance and choices.

Unfortunately, marketing will prevail in an unregulated industry when there is no organization policing claims such as:

“Positive dog training. Best results without using pain or fear!”

“Happy and balanced off-leash trained dog in 10 days!”

“Aggression problems fixed in one training session!”

The video below will be of use to anyone who is confused by the marketing and perhaps desperate for training help. The video talks about different “types” of trainers and also has an unedited group class.

Why did I put a whole unedited group class? It is mainly to show that there is nothing to hide when a trainer is helping the public and their dogs responsibly. After the video, I put a full playlist of EVERY major step we use in training a dog to “heel” off-leash from treats training to E-collar training. To show there is nothing to sell, the information is yours. But, most of all, there should be nothing to ban when a trainer is not scared to show prong and E-collar training unedited.

If you are in the industry and you care about your profession, ask yourself who gives the industry a bad name? Are they really looking out for the clients, their dogs, and the industry? Who will get our tools banned? In my opinion, it is the uneducated dog trainers on both ends of the spectrum. Those that don’t know how to use the tools bringing attention to those who also don’t know how to use the tools but use them anyway. Why not ban uneducated trainers from offering professional service if they cannot pass simple tests on canine behavior, husbandry, learning theory, and proper tool use? How about a code of ethics that focuses on the humane treatment of the dog and the owner?

Most respected professions have some sort of industry standard for a real reason. It is for the protection of not only the consumer but also of the hard working professional. Without standards, everyday life would be filled with navigating through quacks and hacks. At the very least it is a public safety issue.

If there is not a push for higher standards, the industry will implode and everyone suffers. Educated professional trainers need to separate themselves from the hacks in the industry.


🐎Perfect! Lovely girl Special Cleaning Horse Basics for Beginners – Learning Start Training A horse

Perfect! Lovely girl Special Cleaning Horse Basics for Beginners – Learning Start Training A horse.


Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to Care for a Doberman Pinscher

To care for a Doberman pinscher, introduce socialization and obedience training early in life, offer plenty of mental and physical stimulation, and maintain its toenails and coat for the dog’s comfort. Provide a variety of chew toys to prevent destructive behavior with information from a certified dog behaviorist in this free video on dog breeds.

Expert: Eric Dorfman
Bio: Eric Dorfman received his certifications at the renowned San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers where he earned his dog behavior and counseling certification.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee


Our Dog Has Become Aggressive Toward Us – ask me anything – Dog Behavior and Training

If your dog is aggressive toward you something is seriously wrong and I suggest working with a solid trainer to help you get to the bottom of the issue… if not you should put the dog down humanely. This is a very serious situation and you MUST get it under control ASAP!

For more dog training info follow me on:

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8 Month Old Cavalier King Charles, Charlee! Certified Therapy Dog Training in Northern Virginia

Want Nick and Off Leash K9 Training to COME TO YOU and train you and your dog?

Interested in training or opening your own Off Leash K9 Training licensed location?

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Nose Detection Training Northern Virginia

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