Dog Behavior Tips- Why Do Dogs Lick?(dog health tips)

Dog Behavior Tips- Why Do Dogs Lick?(dog health tips)

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There are many reasons why your dog licks. Let’s check out what they are and what you need to understand in order to eliminate the problem. Typically it’s a symbol of affection, a symbol of love, or about tasty salty skin. Licking releases enjoyable endorphin’s that give dogs a feeling of comfort and pleasure, and relieves their stress.

Dogs want you to know that they love you so they lick. You pet your dog and it feels smart so your dog shows his/her appreciation by, you guessed it, licking. Licking could be a natural instinct within the canine world and it’s, therefore, traditional canine behavior. Right from birth this is how birth mothers communicate with their pups, however canine families groom and act socially.

Tips number one
Don’t reward your dog with a pet when he licks you. If that action is greeted with positive attention, such as hugs and human kisses, he’ll want to repeat the behavior. He thinks you like it and have given him permission.

Tips number two
Walk away whenever your dog licks you. Over time your dog will associate a lick with you going away. Your dog will learn that licking never gets attention so he won’t do it.

Tips number Three
Be patient, gentle, and loving. Dogs lick to strengthen their bond with you. Dogs love to please. It makes them happy to make you happy. Your dog will soon realize that excessive licking doesn’t make you happy so, again, your dog won’t do it. The message your dog must learn is that one or two licks are sufficient to strengthen the bond between you.

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