Dog training – Confrontational Behavior Modification & Training Techniques

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DVD Title: Confrontational Behavior: Modification & Training Techniques
Presenter: Dr. James Ha
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Dr. Ha discusses the danger to owners and impacts of stress on dogs when dealing with confrontational behavior. He covers training methods: the traditional (punishment-based; the pack theory and Positive Reinforcement. He addresses the consequences of confrontation: Aggression (what kind of aggression) fear, anxiety, redirected, pain. He talks about dog aggressive behavior and the causes in order of frequency. Also, what are the contributing factors: long term that can result in aggression? Seminar discusses the consequences of inappropriate use of punishment in training.


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Expert: Carlos Puentes
Bio: Carlos Puentes is the owner of K-9 Solutions, Inc. His company is a professional Dog Training Service in Miami, Fl.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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