How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!

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This is one of the most crucial commands that every dog should know. Dogs that are reliable off-leash get to have more freedom, fun and exercise. They secret to teaching this is to always set your dog up for success and then reward them for succeeding. Follow these few tips to get started.

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How to teach a puppy to LIE DOWN

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A quick training session with Liala to start introducing the lay down command. Trying to keep things short, a baby boston terrier puppy thats about 10 weeks old has a pretty short attention span!

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Teach Your Puppy to Come – Puppy Recall Using Prey Drive – Puppy Training

The single most important thing you will teach your puppy is the recall or the COME Command. If you want your puppy to be safe, teach him or her how to come to you when you say COME. There are few things as important as making sure that your dog or puppy will come because it can save his life.

I believe that the recall can be taught through prey, which means using the dog’s natural prey drive to get them to Come. I call this the prey recall. There are other methods, but this is the first place to start and is the most reliable method.

Please watch my other videos on the recall including adult dog recall and puppy recalls.

I also talk about using the long line to prevent your puppy from failing.
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How to teach a puppy to go down stairs / Building confidence with PUPPIES, Many puppies and dogs have fear of going down stairs. Here is a simple step by step process that works fast on any dog.


How To Teach a Puppy Place and Sit and create Calm Puppies

Teaching your puppy to sit and target to a bed or mat for a Place command is one of the MOST important things you will ever teach your dog. For more puppy videos check out my puppy playlist on my youtube channel.


How to Teach The First 7 Things To Your Dog: Sit, Leave it, Come, Leash walking, Name…)

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Teach Your Dog How to Take Treats Gently | How to Hold a Dog Treat for Obedience Training

Teach Your Dog How to Take Treats Gently:

Learn how to teach your dog how to take treats gently and how to hold a dog treat for obedience training.

Dog Training and puppy training in Putnam NY, Westchester NY and Connecticut.


How to teach a puppy to Fetch (easy puppy trick)

Ollie is 13 weeks now! Today he will show you how to fetch
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How to Teach Your Puppy His Name | Puppy Care

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To start off any training program with a puppy or an adult dog, you’re going to have to teach that their name. So it’s amazing. People are just yelling at the dog to sit, sit, sit sometimes, and the dog doesn’t even know their name. So just start off very simply, name recognition. Okay. Dogs are going to make associations with sound. So if I call the dog’s name and the dog realizes that that’s in their best interest to pay attention to me, they’re going to start making the association that that sound may actually be me trying to get their attention.

So if I was going to start with Dexter, I would say, “Dexter. Good boy.” And he get a little piece of chicken when he looks up at me. So what’s really important is that I have a high-value reward, something that the dog is going to want. All right. So chicken’s a pretty good one. But you’re going to have to experiment with your dog. Some dogs are really into chicken. Some might not be. Some dogs are really into training treats. Some might not be. Sometime you can just do this with the dog’s kibble and make it part of their meal. Okay. So if I call his name, he looks up at me. I’m going to let him know that I really appreciate that, and I’m going to reward him for it so he starts realizing that this really works out well for him. Dexter. Yes. Good boy. All right.

Immediate reward is important, too. If you call is name and he looks up at you, don’t run into the kitchen and go get a cookie and reward him, because then you’re rewarding him for following you into the kitchen. So it has to be the minute he looks up at you. Dexter. Yes. Very nice. All right. And that’s the way you start off any training program by teaching your dog how to recognize their own name.


How to Teach a Puppy to Retrieve

In this video, Susan Garrett shows you how to teach a Puppy to Retrieve

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Teaching your pup to “stay” is a PRICELESS training tool!

However, a lot of people struggle with this command because it takes pups a little longer to learn as it tests a LOT of self-control and requires a much longer attention span than other basic obedience commands, so please keep that in mind and be patient while teaching this!

To start, I find it easiest to have your pup “stay” in the “down” position (laying down on the ground, focused on you). When they are laying down, they are usually not wanting to move as much as when they are sitting, but you can teach your pup in either position.

Once your dog is in position, here’s how to teach the “stay”:

1. Command your puppy to “stay” and show him the stay hand signal (an open falm out in front of your face).

2. With your hand out, take a step back with both feet.

3. Pause for a second, then stop forward to your starting position in front of your pup.

4. If your puppy stays seated the entire time, reward him with the clicker word and a treat.

5. If your puppy gets up before you go back in front of him, tell him “uh-uh” and have him sit again.

‼️ You may not get further than one or two steps for the first training session but that’s ok!! It is important to take your time and master a short “stay” before increasing the difficulty.

6. Next, try taking two steps back with your pup staying in the down position calmly in front of you.

7. Keep increasing the distance that you walk away from your pup as long as he continues to stay.

Repeat this exercise MANY times until learned!!

ADVANCED TIP: If your pup (or adult dog) has mastered the stay at 10, 20, 50 steps, increase the difficulty by practicing around other dogs, in public or in a crowded area with lots of distractions. This is a great test for advanced obedience.

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How to Teach a Dog to Shake Hands – Easy Dog Obedience Training

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Easy dog obedience training. How to teach a dog to shake hands: Your dogs can actually learn and adapt quickly, including doing few tricks, learn how, and teach your best friend to do tricks, like shaking hands.

Teaching your dog to shake hands is an awesome way of introducing your furry family member to your friends. To be successful, you should have good rapport with your beloved pet and have established a solid trust and a loving bond. The more your pet trusts you, the easier it is to teach him this trick. Knowing how to teach your dog to shake hands is also a great way to start preparing him to learn other tricks too – Waysandhow.


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How to Teach a Puppy Basic Obedience – Sit, Down, and Stand

This video shows how to teach a very young puppy basic obedience commands like sit, down, and stand. Positive reward training is really the only way to successfully train a very young puppy. Any other method stresses the puppy out too much and makes learning new things overwhelming. Reward training makes learning fun and enjoyable and builds up a young dog’s confidence. For those not interested in treat training forever, the good news is that you wean the puppy off treats over time by dispensing the rewards less frequently once they learn a specific command.

This method of training is called luring where you utilize the treat and your hand to “lure” the puppy into the desired positions. When I start working with a young puppy I generally don’t introduce the commands on the first 2 or 3 sessions but rather play this “game” with the puppy where they learn to follow my hand and then get treats. After that, you can add the command just before you lure a puppy into position. In the beginning, my puppies learn to read my hand signals and body positions before they really learn the voice commands.

Young puppies benefit sooooo much from early training such as this. It makes them smarter, happier, and more obedience members of the family, it fights boredom, it challenges their intellect (in good ways!), and it helps to build a bond between you and your dog.

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How to teach a Chihuahua dog to do tricks for treats

Bane the Chihuahua is back demonstrating his arsenal of tricks for doggy treats. Bane is a smart Chihuahua and an obedient one at that. He learned his first trick at just 8 weeks old and has mastered so many other tricks since.

Best way to start teaching dogs tricks is timing and hunger. Make sure the dogs are hungry so earning that tasty salmon treat is a priority for them! Be patient with your dog when you are working together on a new doggy trick and assist them in understanding what you want them to do. Don’t give up and just give them the treats but also make sure to encourage them. One way to do is have them do a trick they already know so they can earn their treat, then go back to the new trick, repeat as needed.

Best of luck to you all from Bane.


How to Train a Boxer Puppy : How to Teach Your Boxer Their Name

Learn basic information, tips and techniques that will help you teach your boxer puppy its name in this free video.

Expert: Melanie McLeroy
Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid.
Filmmaker: EV studios


Teach a Puppy to Wait for Food Bowl-Puppy eats fast

This video shows how a puppy that eats very quickly and can’t wait learns how to. She has been taught sit, down and place. Then we work on waiting for food. Below are some links on how we achieved this.
Teach puppy to be calm in sit and place

Puppy waiting for other dogs to eat and be pet


VERY IMPORTANT: How to Teach "Look at me" , and the Training Bubble Explained

Help the Dog Training rEvolution do more and get better access to me to help you with your dog starting at $2 a month!

Eye contact is an essential brick in the foundation of authentic dog training. Dogs are one of the few species that naturally look at humans in the eyes to communicate with them. Since dogs do this naturally, it’s a pretty easy step to teach them to look at us when we ask them to! This video shows you EXACTLY how to do just that!

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Zak George

An introduction to clicker training:


Teach Your Dog to COME, the Recall – Robert Cabral Dog Training #12

The Recall / the COME command is perhaps one of the most important things you can teach your dog. Starting out with clear communication and then slowly introducing distractions teaches your dog this skill in a fair way.

In this video I’ll teach you my favorite method to recall a dog, the PREY RECALL. Using a toy and controlling your dog’s play will give you a solid recall.

Also covered in this video is “capping your dog’s drives.” A short point on controlling your dog and his drives.

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How to teach a puppy to lie down

This is me teaching Burley our Jack Russell Terrier puppy how to lie down, up until this video she never lied down, she only used to sit down or curl up in a ball instead of lying down so I know this will be a tough command to teach her.

If you have Instagram you can follow her progress on there @Burley_JRT



How to teach your puppies and dogs Boundary Training!

One of the most important things that you could ever teach your dog is to not leave through open doors or gates without permission that lead to danger. When teaching Boundary Control to your dogs you must never warn them verbally or use Obedience Training like Sit/Stay, Wait etc, or your dog will never be reliable. In this video you will see clients of The Miami Dog Whisperer just walking out of their houses and never talking to or looking at their dogs when exiting and the dogs automatically stay inside the thresholds never leaving until the owners give their cue to the dogs to be able to leave that boundary. You will also see two 4 month old puppies that have learned NOT to leave the kitchen that they live in. Dog training The Miami Dog Whisperer Way!


Dog Training | How To Teach Watch It | Pak Masters Nashville Very raw and unedited Larry Krohn shows the very first steps of how he will teach the watch it command to Luca his young Belgian Malinois


Teach your puppy to ‘Leave It’

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Puppy Leave It- Clicker Dog Training Tips

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Teaching ‘Leave It’ to a puppy is actually easier than teaching it to an adult dog. Remember to continue to raise criteria as you go, puppies can figure things out as fast as lighting, and if you don’t keep raising criteria as your puppy succeeds you will get trapped on the same level of behavior.

Once your puppy can leave food in your hand on the floor, see if your puppy can leave uncovered food. Then try different types of food, in different locations! Add your cue! Add distance! Stay tuned for leave it series 3 where you will learn how to create distance as well as use the cue for other things such as leaving other dogs, people and other distractions besides food.