Shed Antler Dog Training Tip (Scent)

Learn how to train your dog to find and retrieve shed antlers. In this tip, Tony Peterson explains the “scent” part of this training regimen.

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Stop Unwanted Dog Behavior with Scent Repellants & Attractants – PetSmart

Did you know that a dog’s nose is as much as a million times more sensitive than a human’s? Dog training with scent may be one of the best dog behavior solutions to break bad habits. Spray repellants and attractants are great training tools that make use of your dog’s nose. Find out more here:

Want to know how to stop bad dog behaviors? Repellants can help teach a dog to stop unwanted behaviors, such as chewing or digging, and attractants are ideal for rewarding and reinforcing positive behaviors. Whether you want a do-it-yourself solution or you want us to help you through it, PetSmart is your source for scent-based training solutions and classes that promote happy, healthy experiences for you and your pet. Pet problems? No problem at PetSmart.


Dog Training: Basic Tracking

How to teach your dog to track a scent! Get out of the house and off your couch and teach your canine some basic tracking. Then you might teach them to get your work boots too!