Putt better by improving speed

By creating a consistent putter speed thru the golf ball you can improve your distance control.


Tiger Woods- Best shot ever played

16th hole, Augusta National.
2005 Masters Championship

I do not own the rights to this. All credit belongs to CBS Sports and The Augusta National Golf Club.


Good Chip. . .Even Better Putt


Brandt Snedeker – How to putt better

“What tip would you give to our owners from a putting perspective that you could guarantee would shave 2 strokes off their game?”


Improve Focus & Putt Better Get Lower Golf Scores

10 Time PGA Tour Champion Mark McCumber Shows how he improved his focus and concentration which helped him play better golf, get lower golf scores and putt better. These putting tips are for average golfers with mid to high handicaps and scratch golfers


Pro Putt Hypnosis

This unique online golf instruction putting video features a PGA tour player hitting putts from a variety of positions around the putting green. This video is formatted to accelerate your learning so you will be putting better by watching it over and over.


Improve Your Putting Grip & Putt Better

When putting, your grip is crucial.

Try this tip to improve your putting grip, and you WILL hole more putts!

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Putt better with good balance

Putting Golf tip with Joyce Wilcox, LPGA Teaching Professional at Cobblestone Golf Course



Meandmygolf PGA Golf Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman show how to read long putts helping you stop those 3 putts.

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420 FPS Putt Better Light and Camera Angle


Charlie Puth – One Call Away [Official Video]

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How To Putt – Putting Tips – Putting Stroke – Putting Series (4 of 5)

Would you like to learn how to putt better? Are you looking for putting tips from a professional golfer who uses these tips on a daily basis on tour? Well you have come to the right place. This is part 4 of 5 in my “How to Putt Better – Putting Series” These tips will help you become the best putter you can be.

Part 4 is all about improving your putting stroke. The stroke is the path that the putter takes back and through, the rhythm that it has and the speed at which its done. This is Part 4 of 5 for Tyler Dice’s Putting Series.


How To Putt – Putting Tips – Aim – Putting Series (3 of 5)

Would you like to learn how to putt better? Are you looking for putting tips from a professional golfer who uses these tips on a daily basis on tour? Well you have come to the right place. This is part 3 of 5 in my “How to Putt Better – Putting Series” Use these tips to transform your game on the greens and become a better golfer.

How you aim is critical to your success on the greens. Knowing that your body is lined up correctly can enhance what you do well and minimize your bad tendencies. This is Part 3 of 5 of Tyler Dice’s Putting Series.



Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts talks you through how to gain connection in your set up between arms and body. This means better control of the clubface.

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The Marks that Make Every Putt

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You may never miss a short putt again … if you put the Impact Ball Liner marks on your ball.

The center line points the way to the cup.

The back line matches your putter face.

Simply line it up, hit the back line with your putter, and pick the ball out of the cup.


Chipping made easy with the Chip/Putt Technique…

In this Video Mike Maggs of the Maggs Golf Academy in the Palm Springs area shows you how to use the Chip/Putt Technique to easily get to ball close from just about anywhere close to the putting green. Mike’s Golf Instruction and golf schools for that matter are simple and easy to understand by design. Golf is hard enough so lets use this simple technique shown in this golf tip video to get your chipping top caliber in no time.


How to putt better at Pitch Golf Studio Part 2

Paul and Chris continue to work on the vital impact characteristic of putter path in the pursuit of holing more putts


Distance Control with Laser Putt

A simple way to become a better distance putter or lag putter.


How To Putt – Putting Tips – Setup – Putting Series (1 of 5)

Would you like to learn how to putt better? Are you looking for putting tips from a professional golfer who uses these tips on a daily basis on tour? Well you have come to the right place. This is part 1 of 5 in my “How to Putt Better – Putting Series” Use these tips to help you become a better putter.

The Setup is a very important part of your putting. This is Part 1 of 5 is of Tyler Dice’s Putting Series.


“Putt It” by dj steve porter

Here’s a friendly reminder on what to do the next time you have to decide whether to putt it or chip it out the fringe.

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Putt better with “The M” from Mati Putters

The Putter is the most played club during a round of golf. Taking into account this important idea Mati Putters decided to concentrate on the head’s design and creation quality as well as on the material choice. They are convinced that there’s the need of a careful and meticulous shaft and grip’s assembly in order to get perfect putter features. The choice of milling the putter from an entire block of steel instead of obtaining it from a printed forging allows to keep unchanged the metal proprieties and to preserve its qualities.

The result is a steady efficiency during the game which is immediately perceived by the player. They propose the purchase of only the head’s putter letting the MATI owner free to assemble his putter to a Club Maker. It’s also possible to ask for the assembly at the head office. In this way the entire production process will be totally handcrafted and it will preserves the attention and the care that only the masters craftsmen can give to a great quality product.

The M:
It’s the eight model of Mati. The M, to achieve perfection, required the construction of several prototypes. Mastro Seliano was not happy with the first tests and researched for over three months the right way to the final result. The balance, the weight, the visual sensation but especially touch and sound on impact. Nothing is overlooked and every Putter becomes a unique piece, shaped by its craftsman with great passion.

Weight 385 grams
Carved from a steel block of AISI 303
Shaft length 33′ 34′ 35′ + Counter Balanced
Left Handed available
See more at MatiPutters.com

Please watch: “Custom Tour Bags | Golf Bags”



Lag Putt Like Jordan Spieth

No more three putts! Learn to lag putt like Jordan Spieth with this simple tip for the practice green.
Learn more at