Teach your puppy to walk on a leash

Get it done right with your brand new puppy, use this method to avoid/prevent leash phobia which will lead to many other issues down the road..This is a safe, effective and quick method to get your puppy accustomed and comfortable with the leash vs traumatized by it.. 😉


Dogs establishing rank and dominance, posturing behaviour to avoid conflict

Watch as this German Shepherd and Husky ( both bitches ) establish superiority and deference within a few moments of communication using only low vocals and posturing. Dominance depends on how you interpret it. Using the term dominance as an excuse to use physical punishment in a bid to establish leadership or becoming the pack leader is a complete misunderstanding and misuse of the concept. Dominant dogs project a presence and in most instances do not resort to fighting. Their ritualised displays are understood and accepted by other dogs and generally avoid conflict. Suggesting that the use of physical force towards a dog is interpreted by that dog as you being dominant, or alpha, or the pack leader is absolutely ludicrous. Unless you look like this ^^^, sound like this, move and smell like this – In fact, unless you ARE this ^^^, then your most likely outcome through the use of physical ‘dominance’ is a fearful avoidance/submission caused by confusion in the dog. Jamie penrith take the lead dog training


When Professional Dog Training isn’t!

Today Pat talks about how When Professional Dog Training can end up anything BUT Professional!

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Do this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90% of Behavior Problems

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Teach your dog to “Leave it”:

First video with Beaux:

Beaux is BACK!

As a dog trainer, people always ask what the best way to eliminate destructive or other unwanted behaviors. While most people realize that controlling our dog’s environment is key, very few people realize that THIS ONE LITTLE THING is the best thing you can do to discourage your dog from being destructive and your dog will be happier too!

What do pulling on a leash, jumping on people, barking for “no reason”, and destroying property all have in common? The SAME solution!

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Train your little dog to jump up! – Free dog training tutorial

Watch this free dog training video to learn how and why to train your tiny dog to jump into your arms! Happy training!