How To Wash A Dog Like a PRO by Healthy Clean Pet

How To Wash A Dog Like a PRO by Healthy Clean Pet
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Hi, in this short video I will be teaching you How to Wash Your Dog Like a Pro.

Here is the Healthy Clean Pet 4 steps method that you can use right now to start WASHING YOUR DOG like a Pro.

1) Prepare your pet coat by dampening with warm water. Make sure that the entire coat has been wetted completely.

2) Apply shampoo directly on the dog’s back and work into lather. The first application of shampoo is used to clean and remove dirt from the coat.

Gently massage from head to tail while avoiding the eyes, ears and nose.

Rinse with warm water to remove all dirt and prepare the skin to receive the benefit from the shampoo.

3) Apply the second shampoo application, which is to obtain the maximum benefit to the skin. So, it’s important to LET STAND THE SECOND SHAMPOO APPLICATION FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES on your dog’s skin.

It will be easy for your dog stay calm if you give him a gentle massage, while the shampoo is working on the skin. Massaging your dog assures him that you care for him and his health. Remember to avoid the eyes, ears and nose.

4) Finally rinse completely and use a dryer or towel dry your dog.

We used a Healthy Clean Pet OATMEAL and ALOE VERA DOG SHAMPOO that help to reduce itchy, irritation, damaged, and dryness skin in your pet.

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