11 Pound Bass!!!! Largemouth bass fishing in Alabama.

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This is a bass I caught on a hot July day in Alabama. 11 lb 5 oz

Largemouth Bass 6 and 9lbers on Topwater at Lake Fork

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Fishing the low light hours for three days, there was too many topwater bites to film. These are some of the strikes that were caught on camera, including a 9lber being caught.

Walking baits rigged on 15lb LFT Powersilk mono line and my favorite topwater rod, a Dobyns Champion 704CB were used to land all these bass. Walking the bait at a medium to slow retrieve was the best for triggering the big strikes.

Simple Training of Dog to Come without Treats

“Moving from the City to the Country”

How to teach an old dog new tricks.

Our new dog came with the bad habit of running off. He wanted to be chased instead of respond to the come command. After researching the internet, we came up with a plan to teach him. We hope these tips help you solve your similar dog problem. DYI Do It Yourself!

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