11 Pound Bass!!!! Largemouth bass fishing in Alabama.

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This is a bass I caught on a hot July day in Alabama. 11 lb 5 oz

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Handlining Winter Bass — Tip-up Ice Fishing

Thanks for watching today’s video. Sorry it took me so long to get a new one up. I’ve been busy on that work and fishing grind, but I love it! Huge S/O to Dan for showing me around his local pond waters and doing 99.9% of the tip-up labor. This dude is basically a guide when it comes to tip-up fishing. I know that this may not be the most eventful video yet but I still hope you enjoyed! Tune in for some ice fishing as this LONG Illinois winter pushes on. Stay tuned homies.
—Young Plugg

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Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: None
Sky: Strong overcast with afternoon sun
Air Temperature: 38-40oF
Wind: 10mph
Time: 8am-3:45pm CT

Tip ups: Beaver Dam tip-ups
Hooks: VMC Treble
Auger: StrikeMaster Lazor Mag
Fishfinder/flasher: Vexilar FL-18
Rod: 24” Langer Rods Ice Rod
Reel: Shimano Sienna 500D
Line: 4lb Seaguar Invizx
Spoon: Sweetish Pimple
Bait: Large shiners/large bullheads


Is Fishing For Spawning Bass Wrong?

I want to pose the question, is it wrong to go bass fishing for spawning fish? On a recent bass fishing trip to a big east texas lake after a hard cold front, I found that bed fishing was one of the only ways to get these largemouth bass to bite. Over the coarse of filming some other video there the day before, I saw 3 bass over 7 pounds in the shallows, including a giant bass I believed to be over ten pounds. The colder water in the lake down on the southern in was holding many more spawning bass, but with the lake wind advisory, we weren’t able to get down there. We ended up fishing shallow shoreline grass lines with with swimjigs and spinnerbaits but only catching small fish. I found a few pairs of spawning fish on beds and was able to fish a jig and creature bait on the beds to get the fish to bite, but the bigger female bass were very stubborn and wouldn’t eat. I wan’t to know your opinions on bed fishing for bass and what do you think the consequences are. Is it really that bad for the future of fishing?



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