Using a Long Term Confinement Area to Potty Train your Puppy

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In this video you will find out exactly how to set up a Long Term Confinement area. The LTC is an essential tool in efficient and effective potty training. Find out what the other best tool for quick potty training is. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and get other useful tips for the new puppy owner.
Puppies are my passion and I’m here to help you, the new puppy owner, train your puppy to become the very best dog companion you could ever want to own. And it’s FUN!


How Often and How Long Should you Train Your Dog?

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Long Term Confinement Area For Puppies By Urban Dog Training

When you are unable to supervise your puppy because you’re physically or MENTALLY absent, it’s best to confine them somewhere safe where no harm can come to them or to your belongings. This sets your puppy up for success since unsupervised access to any part of your home — indoors or outdoors — provides too many opportunities for you puppy to make bad choices and house training (potty training mistakes). An instructional video from Urban Dog Training.