3 Tips To Make Your Dog Live Longer! How To Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan.

How to make your dog live longer and increase your dog’s lifespan.

Dogs who eat less live longer. According to a 2011 study, dogs who were raised on a restricted-calorie diet—about 25% less than “normal” recommended amounts of food—lived an average of two years longer than dogs who were fed more.

Of course, you shouldn’t drastically reduce your dog’s caloric intake without consulting a vet, but this information supports the common-sense knowledge that a dog with a healthy weight is a dog with a longer life.

Obese dogs are more likely to develop heart disease and debilitating joint problems that can lead to early death, so help your dog stay fit and trim. The quality of the food you feed her matters, too.

Research the available options, and opt for a balanced diet free from unnecessary fillers to extend your dog’s health.

Diet isn’t the only way to help your dog stay in shape. Exercise is a key component to prolonging your dog’s life, and as an added bonus, it’ll help you live longer, too!

Exercise is proven to lower stress, increase endorphins, and balance mood and emotions in people and dogs alike. In addition to helping your dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass, and keeping her cardiovascular system in shape, regular physical activity will help keep her happy.

If you want to prolong her life, consider prolonging those evening walks, and maybe even kick it up to a jog. Better yet, let your dog romp off-leash with a canine friend or two: socialization with other dogs is another way to reduce her stress and improve her overall quality of life.

Like people, dogs thrive on mental stimulation to keep them happy. A bored dog can become depressed, anxious, and even ill. You can extend your dog’s life by keeping her busy. As she ages, keep her mind active with training, socialization, games, one-on-one attention, and other enrichment activities.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks: sign up for advanced obedience lessons, or try a dog sport like agility or lure coursing. Your dog will thrive with the added stimulation, and your bond will strengthen as you learn new skills together.

Dental hygiene is an often-overlooked aspect of pet care. Many of us, myself included, simply forget to brush our dogs’ teeth on a regular basis. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene can lead to plaque, gingivitis, and eventually periodontal disease, a bacterial infection of the mouth that has been linked to heart disease and organ damage in dogs.

The good news is, it’s not hard to keep your dog’s chompers in shape. Simply brush her teeth regularly, provide safe chew toys and dental treats, and have the vet check her teeth at annual visits. Learn more about dog dental health in our posts, How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth (and Keep All Your Fingers) and Help! My Dog Has Bad Breath.


The Other Guys Fantasy Sports Podcast Episode 3 Live Fantasy Baseball Draft

The third installment of the other guys fantasy podcast. This time coming at you with a Fantasy baseball live draft! Who will finish with the better team?
2:55- Draft starts
3:45- Josh’s first pick
4:10- Ben’s first pick
7:00- First round finished
8:10- Altuve analysis
10:30- Ben’s pick
14:00- Josh’s pick
15:05- Ben’s ballsy pick
17:49- Draft picks updated
21:40- Ben’s fourth pick
22:30- Josh’s pick
22:45- Christian Yelich breakdown
24:00- Josh’s pick
24:15- Ben’s CY young pick
24:40- Ben dominating pitching standings
25:00- Draft picks updated
26:00- McCutchen argument
27:20- McCutchen bet
29:30- The story on Trevor Story
30:25- Ben’s pick
31:40- Josh’s pick
33:50- Josh’s pick
35:15- Ben’s pick
37:45- Updated picks
39:00- Closers discussion
41:58- Ben’s pick
42:30- Position scarcity
45:05- Josh’s picks
45:25- Ben’s pick
45:40- Fans verses Fantasy
47:10- End of drafts strategy
48:15- Jean Segura discussion
50:10- Draft picks updated
51:40- Red Sox discussion
54:50- Ben’s pick
56:25- Josh’s pick
57:10- Ben’s reach?
58:00- Josh’s pick- Benintendi
58:18- Ben’s reach pick
58:30 Addison Russell discussion
1:00:58- Bens secret to success
1:02:00- Aaron Sanchez talk
1:04:15- Ben’s pick
1:07:40- Josh’s pick
1:08:15- Updated picks
1:11:10- Ben’s team thus far
1:12:05- Josh’s team thus far
1:16:25- Ben’s smelly pick
1:18:55- Ben’s pick
1:22:00- Dallas Keuchel talk
1:25:45- Ben’s monster pick & TMZ news
1:27:20- Josh’s pick
1:27:45- Steven Matz discussion
1:29:50- Josh’s pick
1:35:30- Carlos Beltran MVP pick for Ben, book it
1:38:00- Byron Buxton talk
1:45:00- Stealing picks yoooo.