Chip N Pitch – The Stroke Saver – Golf Training Aid

A golf training apparatus that is simple, practical, easy to use, and will reduce strokes from your game. Chip-N Pitch provides instant feedback and immediate results. Chip-N-Pitch The Stroke Saver is a club extension that will fit on any club used for chipping or pitching. The portability of this product allows the user the capability to practice their short game virtually anywhere, anytime, and any place,indoors or outdoors, with or without a ball. The extension can be assembled on one’s club in seconds and eliminates the problem of retrofitting clubs to achieve the same results. For more information please visit


Golf Training Schwung: Mittig treffen, länger schlagen

Maximale Längen erreichen Sie nur, wenn Sie den Ball im Sweetspot des Schlägers treffen. Sixten Rigol vom GC St. Leon-Rot zeigt Ihnen in diesem Trainings-Tipp, was es für Fehlertendenzen gibt, die ein mittiges Treffen erschweren.


Wii Sports Club – Golf: Training


Mental Golf Training

— Discover the Mental Golf Training Techniques that Tiger and the Top Tour Pros don’t want us to know.


TRX Suspension Training for Golf Performance and Fitness

with Chris Frankel and John Collier


RMT Club Functional Training for Golf: Step Through with Rotation

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Momentus Swing Trainer Review – Golf Training Aid

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Golf Training Aid

The Momentus Swing Trainer Iron is the golf training aid I recommend most to my students. I prefer the shorter version of the club which is called the Traveler Swing Trainer. At 30″ it’s small enough to swing around the house without hitting the ceiling. Plus, it is collapsible so you can take it with you when traveling. Now there are no excuses to not be working on your swing when you are traveling.

Why the Momentus Swing Trainer Iron is such a great training aid is because it allows you to learn the proper grip (because you can get it with a training grip installed) and it allows you to work on your swing positions indoors. Now you don’t have to limit your practice time to the practice range.

If you know anything about my swing technique you know that I teach certain positions throughout the swing. These positions allow you to develop a great swing based on the right swing fundamentals. By using this training aid on a regular basis, you can repeat the positions until they are natural. Because the club has an actual iron head you can also check your clubface position and visualize swinging and actual golf club.

If you’re serious about improving your golf swing please pick up a Momentus Swing Trainer Iron. Then leave it around your house so you will see it, pick it up, and use it nightly to work on your swing positions and make sure you don’t forget to bring it with you when traveling.

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Golf Training Holz: Durch den Ball gehen

Wer das Holz vom Fairway wie den Driver vom Tee spielen möchte, hat selten Erfolg. Sixten Rigol vom GC St. Leon-Rot zeigt Ihnen in diesem Trainings-Tipp, wie Sie ein Fairway-Holz oder Hybrid vom Boden schlagen.


Disc Golf Academy – Off Season Training (SPEED)

In this Episode Simon and Eagle are doing off season speed training.

We sent Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon to Switzerland for a five week bootcamp with G-Balance Disc Golf. Led by Andreas and Irene Gertsch, G-Balance Disc Golf put Lizotte and McMahon through an intense off-season training plan to help them prepare for the season again.


Brief Lesson in PlaneSWING Golf Training Aid

Without a massive change, Alan a 12 handicap amateur, experiences improved ball striking, a change in ball flight from cut to draw and an extra 15-20 yards in around 6 minutes! This is why golfers all over the world are investing in PlaneSWING for their HOME. See for more info


IMPACT SNAP – Golf’s #1 Training Aid

Train proper muscle memory on your golf swing at the impact position with the 3-time award winning training aid, IMPACT SNAP!

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If you’re new here, welcome to the IMPACT SNAP YouTube channel. We love golf and want to share our expertise, tips and passion for the game with the rest of the world. Instruction is brought to you by Marty Nowicki, 4-Time PGA Teacher of the Year winner and proud owner of the IMPACT SNAP golf training aid.


Golf Training Eisen: Wie gut sind Ihre Scoring Clubs?

Christian Neumaier vom GC Beuerberg zeigt in diesem Training-Tipp, wie Sie Ihr Potential beim Schlag ins Grün einschätzen können und durch eine einfache Übung besser werden.


TOMSHOO 10′ Golf Practice Hit Net Hitting Cage Training Tent with Carry Bag

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INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Provides unlimited practice opportunity to improve your golf skill and enjoy your favorite sport.
MULTI-FUNCTION: It can also be used for golf, soccer, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and hockey.
FOLDABLE AND SPACE-SAVING: Collapsible for easy storage and transport into a portable bag.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Tent floor collects golf balls for easy pick up; Easy removable backdrop.
DURABLE TO USE: Includes 9MM glassfiber tent pole and galvanized iron stakes.

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Links Golf Training in Wales

In this video me Rick and James head to Wales for some serious links golf training.

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Thank you to Premier in for sponsoring the video and getting us over to Wales, for more info and a blog post I’ve created around great places to play and stay follow the links.


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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


Unify Your Swing with the Tour Striker S.A.M.I. | Golf Training Aid Special

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Learn more and SUBSCRIBE to Tour Striker Tips: | More Videos and Training Aids: | In this video, we’re at the Tour Striker Golf Academy, working with the Tour Striker S.A.M.I. on rotation and unifying arm-swing with your body.
Thank you for watching the Tour Striker Golf Channel! These videos are truly a joy to make, and I hope they will help improve your game. However, nothing beats face-to-face, hands-on learning. The good news is: you can visit me at The Tour Striker Golf Academy and receive personal coaching to bring your game to the next level.

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GForce Golf Training Aid Review

GForce Golf wedge training aid review. To buy . USE AD10% to receive a 10% discount. Alistair Davies golf shares with you his thought on the g force training aid. This is the wedge with the extremely whippy shaft. Helps rhythm, timing and in line condition.


Proud Contributor to, the World’s Best and Largest Online Golf Community.
►GolfWRX Featured writer

►Golf Monthly Top 25 Golf Coach

Alistair has all the credentials to be the very best instructor for any golfer. It all ends right here on this channel.

Alistair Davies, Advanced Fellow of the PGA,
Coach to 9 National Champions
Coach to 28 County Champions
County Coach to 12 County Squads
Coach to 3 Lady Tour Professionals
Trackman Master Coach
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THE GOLF CLUB 2 Xbox One Lets Play ⛳️- Part 1 (Training Day)

We take a look at THE GOLF CLUB 2 on the Xbox One.

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Firewatch ►

⛳️About this game⛳️

⛳️Career Mode! – Progress by winning, earning money, and buying into more prestigious golf societies/clubhouses, facing more difficult competition as you rise to the top

⛳️Online Golf Societies – Online clans for you and your friends to compete in, either against each other and/or against other clans.
Includes customizable clubhouse to show off status

⛳️Compete online in full seasons and major tournaments, either by yourself or with your Golf Society

⛳️Full Practice Range including driving range, putting green, chipping green, and Sandbox Mode. Features real-time feedback and stat tracking to help improve your skills

⛳️Improved course creator with even more props, tools, and the addition of crowds for a more immersive golfing experience

The Golf Club 2 Microsoft Store – #TYVANTV


Learn the Golf Swing Motion with this Training Aid.

Do you struggle with your Golf Swing? The Orange Whip training aid helps improve your golf swing by giving you the proper swing motion. Golf Life talks to Orange Whip CEO Jim Hackenberg about how he came up with this amazing idea to help his golf students.

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Review of The Sure-Set Golf Training Aid by The Learning Tee

The Sure-Set golf training aid is designed to make the back-swing an easier and more consistent move. It trains you to ‘set’ the club into the correct loaded position with great swing width, on the right plane, with the right angles. It is also great for learning and improving the sequence of the down-swing, allowing the stored power to be maximized as you uncoil from the floor: pelvis-trunk-lead arm.

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The Pill Golf Putting Training Aid – Immediate Feel And Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

The Pill Golf Putting Training Aid
Immediate Feel And Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

More than a ball – a golf training aid for immediate feedback anytime, anywhere. The Pill Golf™ ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating flaws for quick detection & correction. Instant insight improves your performance for putts, chips & full shots.

Currently used by over 60 USPGA Tour players.

It’s also one of the most innovative golf training solutions on the market today and one of our best selling products.

The Pill Golf ™ is the only practice device designed to be played all the way to the hole. The Pill Golf™ is a putting aid that will only roll when struck with a square face. This modified golf ball is designed to give you immediate feedback on the quality of your putting stroke. If hit improperly the ball will either lean to one side and roll off line, or tumble wildly. The Pill Golf™ will make you a better, more consistent putter.

Contents – Standard Single Pack

Think of a tire. If you don’t roll it straight, it wobbles around or falls flat. We applied the same physics to a golf ball to create a training tool with major feedback.
Forces you to hit square and center on clubface
Inaccuracies send it wobbling, rolling at a curve or falling on its side
Cambered sides for precision, performance & added training capabilities

Our two-piece molded design distributes weight evenly for an honest roll.
Soft-compression core won’t over compress
Even weight distribution means it can’t self-correct
Feel and performance of a tour-quality golf ball

It’s not just a putting tool. Like the highest quality golf balls on the market, The Pill Golf™ is produced with a Surlyn® cover to withstand even your strongest swing.
Strong enough for chip & full-shot training
Highly resilient synthetic stands up to durability test of the avid golfer
Same material used in the majority of golf balls across the industry
Allows many options for spin & distance combinations

For alignment exercises, The Pill Golf™ should be upright and aiming towards the hole. Give it a swing. What happened to The Pill Golf™’s path as it rolled?

1. “It rolled straight!” Congratulations! Your alignment and stroke were square.
2. “It curved inward, towards me.” That means your clubface was slightly closed at impact.
3. “It curved out and away” Your clubface was slightly open at impact.

Unlike other training aids that force you to keep a birds-eye view to determine roll path, The Pill Golf™ makes it easy to quickly see which way you’re rolling.

Now Available From


Stanford Golf: Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex: Coaches Commentary


Orange Whip Golf Training Aid review.

Take a look at the Orange Whip training aid in action at Andrew Ainsworth Golf Academy.