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Golf Mastery Hypnosis will Improve your mental game of golf so that you never choke taking that shot and win more tournaments

for best results use this for 21 days then only as needed
Golf is not only a game of skill but a mental game and even the best golfers in the world have choked because of the mental emotional pressure they feel while in competition you have in front of you an excellent resource to overcome the mental pressure that could sabotage your golf skill

massive collection of videos ranging from Hypnosis, EFT , NLP and hands on healing to help you connect to your brilliance and improve your life so that you can enjoy your life as best you can


Golf Gift Accessory Golf Training Aid

Over a period of time these golf accessories are gaining popularity as well as it is becoming far more useful golf gift accessory as well as best for regular purposes. Take up the opportunity as well as start using these ranges of Golf Training Aid from genuine online sites. There are many new automatic golf tee online options coming up which will allow you to enjoy the game in all new ways.


Best Golf Strength Trainers | Top 10 Best Golf Strength Trainers

Best Golf Strength Trainers | Top 10 Best Golf Strength Trainers

1. Kootek 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener Strength Trainer Adjustable Resistance 22-88 Lbs Arm Hand Exerciser Non-slip Gripper for Athletes Pianists Kids

2. NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

3. NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser with Auto Start Feature

4. ACF Hand Grip Strengthener Strength Trainer Adjustable Resistance 22-88 Lbs Best Hand Exerciser Gripper or Ball Set

5. Norse Strength Hand Grip Exerciser Kit Adjustable Gripper 22-88 Lbs with 2 Strengthener Squeeze Rings, Arm Exercise Trainer for Men, Women and Kids

6. Hand Grip Strengthener Set – Nosiva Hand Exerciser Strength Trainer Gripper Adjustable Resistance 22-88 Lbs with 2 Therapy Exercise Ball for Free

7. NSD Roll ‘N Spin Rainbow Lit AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser with AutoStart and Multi-Lit LED, Purple

8. NSD Power Winner’s Precision Sterling Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser with Digital Speedometer, and Heavyweight Zinc Rotor and Stainless Steel Shell

9. Molshine Adjustable Finger Strengthener and Hand Exerciser for Guitar , Piano , or Therapy-Black (AHF-05)

10. NSD Power Winners Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser Featuring Digital LCD Counter

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Fat shot versus perfect strike – a golf swing comparison

What is the difference between a fat shot and a perfect strike in golf? Check out this swing comparison.


UVA Foundation Interior Golf Practice Facility


Focused Golf: Mindsync Project (Subliminal)

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

Focused Golf: Mindsync Project (Subliminal) · Mindsync Studios

Focused Golf: Mindsync Project (Subliminal)

℗ 2014 Mindsync Studios

Released on: 2014-07-29

Auto-generated by YouTube.


Luke Before/After golf swing update

Here is an updated before/after 7 iron swing of Dr. Bracke. Luke has been training for 4 months. He has made remarkable progress in a short amount of time. This swing on the right flew about 190 with a high cut (on Trackman). Many congrats to Luke for his hard work and we look forward to his continued improvement. Enjoy!
ps There is no audio on this video as I didn’t feel there was a need


TPC Sawgrass hole 11 – playing golf using SkyTrak golf simulator, Protee and TGC Hole 11

TPC Sawgrass, home of The Players tournament on the PGA tour every May.
On TGC we have discovered the back nine within the Protee golf courses. It is amazing, the quality of the layout visually is so realistic, it is on that you should play.

We hope you enjoy watching.

This video shows Darren playing the eleventh hole, a great par,5 weaving between water, left off the tee then right of the fairway..

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Books To Improve Your Golf Game | The Golf Paradigm

There are thousands of books on golf improvement, but which ones should you read? Here I give you a list of five, touching on each part of your game; mechanics, clubs, physical, mental and integration. These are filled with amazing information you’re certain to find useful.

Books mentioned in this video:
‘Search for the Perfect Swing’ by Allistair Cochran and John Stobbs
‘How golf clubs work and how to optimize their design’ by Richard C. Greig and Frank D. Werner
‘The Art of Learning’ by Josh Waitzken
‘Nutrition & Physical Degeneration’ by Weston Price, DDS.
‘Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training’ by Dr. Greg Haff and Tudor Bompa

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#TipThursday Part 1/2 – Golf Alignment

►Alignment is just as important as swinging the club as it can compliment good swings or in most cases cause bad swing changes.
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Golf Mental Game: Stretch Your Success Mindset

Jeff Ritter talks with Cordie Walker of “Golf In The Life” Podcast and Golf Science Lab about the MAKE THE TURN mindset of success and personal growth in Big Sur California. These mental game tips are relevant for elevating your game and activating your lifestyle on and off the golf course. This is just one segment of an entire catalogue of golf mental game tips here on youtube as well as our top rated golf instruction blog. For hundreds of FREE videos, audio lessons and more visit

In this discussion looking across the incredible Big Sur California coastline, Jeff Ritter shares valuable insight on the mental aspects of peak performance both on and off the golf course. Topics include how to improve your practice, find my joy out of fitness, and why it’s important for everyone to have a coach that supports their desire for improvement in golf, mindset, fitness, business and life.


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IMPACT SNAP TRAINING AID | Wisdom in Golf | Shawn Clement

Golf tips • instruction • lessons •

Shawn reviews the Impact Snap training aid and shows how it can help your swing!


Slow Your Backswing To Improve Your Ball Striking Golf Swing Tip

Golf swing tip – slow your backswing to improve your ball striking.

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#TipThursday: Early extension in the golf swing

►Chris Fletcher SNR PGA Professional at Trafford Golf Centre explaining common early extension faults, and actions to fix.
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Joe Miller’s 3 Best Tips To CRUSH Longer Drives | Best Golf Driving Tips

Looking to crush your longest golf drive of the season? Who better to learn from than two-time World Long Drive champion Joe Miller.

Following his absolutely outrageous ‘GolfMagic Halloween Pumpkin Smash’ just moments before, Miller revealed his 3 best tips for longer drives.

Miller spoke about correct tee length, improving shoulder turn and using your feet to generate greater distance off the tee. is the #1 online golf website for news, reviews, tips and instruction with more than 400,000 monthly users and growing.

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How to hit a golf ball straight by hinging the club


This video explains the advantages of hinging your wrists in the backswing to improve your ball flgiht and hit straighter shots. In this video Chris Ingham……. Click Here for the next video in this series


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Golf tips • instruction • lessons • – Proud Contributor to, the World’s Best and Largest Online Golf Community.

Try this great drill that is way better than using an impact bag for hitting straighter and more consistent shots!


Ball Position for High Soft Chip Shots

Read our ULTIMATE GUIDE to Ball Position:

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The Phil Mickelson flop

Suppose also you left yourself with a nasty chip shot and need to hit the ball high and have it land soft. Phil Mickelson is a master at hitting perfect flop shots under the most pressure-packed situations. You can be too.

Remember your ball position and take the fear out of the flop shot. You need to deliver more loft to the shot so move the ball towards the middle of your stance.

You hear the words “position” or “positioning” in sports a lot—and with good reason.

Football coaches talk about the importance of field position and positional matchups in regards to players. Basketball coaches stress being in the right position on defense or to grab a rebound. Auto racers are obsessed with pole position and getting position on the track so they can make a move towards Victory Lane. Boxing, tennis, soccer, it doesn’t really matter what sport you choose, your position is key.

Golf is certainly no different. And today, we’re going to talk ball position at address—with all clubs.

It all goes back to the basic fundamentals you learned during your very first junior lesson. Grip the club with your hands in the right position, stand with your feet, and the proper ball position at address. Without these basic fundamentals, you simply can’t play good golf.

Now you might think, “I learned about those things as a kid and it doesn’t apply now.” Not true. We could all use a refresher course from time-to-time. There could be several reasons why you played poorly during your last round. You might have doomed your round before you swung the club, all because you weren’t lined up properly.

Knowing the proper positioning during setup is the key to scoring, and in this article I’m going to walk you through your bag and show you how having the proper set up will help you play better and score better.

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How to putt better – practicing fundamentals

Play better golf by practicing better. Mark demonstrates the basic fundamentals of putting by using kite string and pencils.


HOW TO score on Par 3’s | GOLF with a +3 Former Tour Pro |

This video is a golf play Vlog at the links at Terranea with Danny Wax CEO of And formerly of the PGA Tour.

Danny played for three years on the nationwide tour and is now a reinstated amateur with a +3 handicap. He has won some tournaments this year in the SCGA in southern california.

Forelinx is a membership site to play golf at upscale courses in Southern California, Las Vegas and Arizona.

Danny has some interesting thoughts about the mental game of golf and how to use swing thoughts to your advantage without letting them overtake your brain.

He really thinks I need to develop a GO-TO shot almost like a half knockdown half normal shot that consisently flights a certain height and distance more often.

Improve your short game today with this great video and help support be better golf!

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Three Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game | Golf with Aimee [명품스윙 에이미 조 – 골프 근력 향상 운동]

I did many different isolated workouts at the LA GSI today.
I picked my top 3 exercises that I felt the most beneficial for golfers.
1. Core stability
2. Gluteus Maximus
3. Adductor

If you are able to follow along with me and try these exercises, that would be fun!
I will go through as much detail on the form as possible. Since proper form is very important, in order for us to engage & strengthen the correct muscles.
There are some Korean & English subtitles.
Hope you enjoy!

오늘은 골프 피트니스 센터에서 여러가지 운동을 했습니다.
제가 그중에 젤 도움이 많이 됬다 생각된 3 가지 운동을 골라서 보여드릴게요.
1. 복근 버티는힘
2. 히프 근육
3. 허벅지 안쪽 (내전근)

혹시 집에서 시청중이시라면 저와 같이 운동을 해보는것도 굉장히 좋을것같습니다!
최대한 폼을 잘 잡으실수있게 디테일한 설명을 넣었습니다. 운동할땐 폼이 굉장히 중요하기 때문이죠. 폼이 제대로 되야 올바른 근육을 사용할수있습니다.
한국말과 영어 자막이 있습니다.
질문있으시면 댓글 달아주시거나, 웹사이트에

오셔서 남겨주시면 답변 해드릴게요.

Music by
Filmed at LA GSI 213-674-7890

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Comeback is on!! Carter vs Fryer Part 2

►The comeback is on at Bromborough Golf Club
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