Homemade Dog Food Sardines and Sprats Fish Rich In Omega 3 With Pasta and Rice

Inexpensive High Quality Dog Food Rich In Omega 3 fish protein with pasta and /or Rice.
If you are feeding dried foods, or other processed commercial foods, you may want to research what goes into them. Use “Animal derivatives” as a search term.
We do not use any processed foods and we know exactly what is in our home made dog food. In addition to these supplements, our dogs are fed on raw green tripe, some red meat, generally ox heart diced, a small amount of raw oats, occasionally grated raw carrot or celery and we used to supplement with tinned sardines in oil. But having read about carcinogens from heating vegetable oils, we decided to make our own after watching people living near the Arctic feed their dogs on Fish broth stew, using dried or frozen salmon. What was surprising was the ripe old ages sled dogs were clocking up on this healthy diet.
So we have decided to use this recipe of boiled sprats, sardines or mackerel to produce a protein rich soup / broth which is absorbed by pasta and rice to make a firm feed. It is frozen in bags once cooled down and fed as a breakfast or main meal supplement. 20 litres cost £3.00 as opposed to £14.04 for equivalent of at least 50 cans of sardines. But this recipe goes further, because it is very satisfying and wolfed down. See also Bone Broth Recipe: