Fall Bass Fishing Using Crawfish Baits

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I’m on the search for bass fishing lakes that are not too flooded to put a boat in and explaining fall bass fishing patterns and focusing on fishing shallow cover using craw baits and jigs. I’m using the Googan Baits…


Why these are the BEST Topwaters for Fall Bass Fishing

James Watson has had a lot of success in big tournaments in the fall and he walks through his system for choosing the best topwater baits for various conditions he commonly sees fishing around the country for bass in the fall. He talks about choosing baits based on being on the bank, out in…


Fish INHALE This Bait || Catching GIANT Fall Bass

Get off your phone and get to the lake…the big girls are eating!! What are your favorite baits to throw in the fall? Let me know below.

Googan Baits –


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Vlog Camera –
Vlog Camera Wide Angle…


Fishing Crankbaits For Early Fall Bass

The Fall transition is Crankbait season. Its time to get that crankbait box prepared! The change from Summer to Fall has begun and the bass are starting to feed heavily on baitfish. We are fishing shallow and deep water in search of these bass that are feeding on baitfish and…


Top Fall Fishing Hacks You Need To Know! | Bass Fishing

Amazing Bass Fishing Tricks for Fall! Cool tricks for hot fall fishing that will save you a few bucks too!!

Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from BassResource.com! They’re loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more fish the next…


Fishing The Fall Transition For Bass | Top Baits To Fish NOW

Creeks in reservoirs provide a year-round home for some fish, but these tributaries mainly serve as highways for both baitfish and bass during two specific seasons: The spring, and the fall transition. During fall baitfish on the main lake move into the cooling waters of the creeks where bass…


Fall Bass Fishing with a Lipless Crankbait & Abu Garcia Baitcaster

Its finally fall and I am out here bass fishing with my Abu Garcia Baitcaster and a Lipless Crankbait. With lower temperatures right around the corner, I decide to bring my thermometer with me to keep an eye on water temps. Water here is still typically in the low 70s with one location coming…


Fall Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig Craw & Abu Garcia Baitcaster

Fall bass fishing can be slow, but using a Texas Rig Craw on the Abu Garcia Baitcaster, I am able to make a little something happen. After Texas Rigging my Crawfather craw and fishing near the dock, I manage to catch one largemouth bass. Right after I do, a guy comes walking over and starts…


Bass Fishing: Best Baits For Fall Fishing

Look inside Matt’s day box at what he’s really using! There are no secrets, no hidden baits, these are the baits we’re taking to the lake to catch fish right now. From Shallow to deep, big to small, it all fits in a single Plano box.

Many anglers complicate their Fall bass fishing but it…


Fall Bass Fishing with Underspins and Swimbaits

This time of year is all about schooling bass. If you can find the schools, you can catch a ton of fish in a hurry! In this video Matt and Tim head to Lake Berryessa, a fishery they haven’t visited in months. They start out working scattered fish but it doesn’t take long to locate the schools…


Best Bass Fishing Lures For The Fall Transition Period

Constantly changing weather conditions and the lake turnover contribute to sporadic fishing in the fall transition, but you can score consistently during this time with the right bait selection. Bass are starting to move towards the backs of creeks and key in on baitfish. So moving baits that…


Bass Fishing With Finesse Swimbaits – Fall Transition

Small swimbaits are great for catching numbers of bass! In early Fall the big bass school up with smaller fish and the finesse swimbait is a great way to get big bites from giant bass that wouldn’t normally eat such a small meal. If you’ve got baitfish in your lake, you’re probably missing out…


Bass Fishing Before Fall Water Change

Going bass fishing with Mike on a clear lake before the water starts to change in the fall. This is great time to be an outdoorsman with both hunting and fishing. The bass and crappie and other species were suspended under boat docks and over rock piles where they would hit our lures just a few…


TOP 5 FALL BASS FISHING LURES!!! (Walmart Challenge)

I am bringing back the old school Fishing with Flair and going through my top 5 favorite baits to use for bass during the fall! If you enjoyed this video let me know! PEACE!!!

►Check out Googan Baits here –


►Check out…


Logan Martin Bass Fishing | In October

Logan Martin Bass Fishing | Doing a little junk fishing on a somewhat slow day on Logan Martin. Still a fun day using some of the Mean Bass Baits that I have made. Had some technical difficulties with my equipment lately, but I should get the videos flowing again soon.


The MOST Consistent Baits for Fall Bass Fishing

Fall Fishing Playlist:

Frog Fishing Set Up:

Line: (65lb)

Frog 1:
Frog 2:
Frog 3:

Flipping Set…


Crankbait Tricks For Early Fall Bass

The Fall transition is Crankbait season! Get prepared so you’re not left behind this year. The change from Summer to Fall patterns happens like the flip of a switch and the bass start feeding heavily on baitfish. Whether going shallow or deep there is a crankbait that will help you get more…


Best Topwater Lure For Fall Bass Fishing

In my opinion you cant beat this topwater lure in the fall. Watch this video and i’ll explain.

The Shad are on the move and the Bass are following.