Drip Email Marketing Software Review – Get an All-Access Look at our Drip Account

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This week we are going to talk about Drip email marketing.

We’ve just made the switch to Drip as our email marketing provider. And I think it’s been pretty great for us. So I want to go inside Drip and show you exactly why we like this tool, what we enjoy about it, why we switched over from ActiveCampaign.

This will give you some insights into the thought process behind our decision.

I’ve tried many email marketing software suites – they all have flaws
Some of the tools are just too basic.

Others are too advanced.

And then there’s Drip, which feels just right. It’s like Goldilocks.

So we decided to switch over to drip in mid-2017 and we’re finally done with that switch. It only took us six months to get there.

But really, it wasn’t Drip’s fault. Next week I’ll show you what our old system looked like, and you can see why it took so long.

Here are 7 things we like about Drip, and 3 things that we find annoying about it.

The things we like about Drip Email Marketing
1. Clean, inviting and well organized interface

Drip has a well organized and inviting interface. Most email marketing tools are ugly and uninviting. But Drip has made it pretty cool with how things are organized. It actually makes me want to spend time doing email marketing on it.

Drip has the right amount of information available in the right places. Right next to each broadcast or campaign, there are a few key metrics that show how they performed. These metrics are usually the ones we care about the most.

There’s no need to show the user what they don’t need, which is what many systems do. By overloading us with too much information, we tend to lose sight of the ones that actually matters.

Case in point – ActiveCampaign. The display on this system is clunky and had just too many things.

2. Loading speed

The loading speed of Drip is great. The system handles commands and tasks swiftly, with practically no wait time.

We’ve outgrown ActiveCampaign after using it for the past 2 years. We’ve sent too many email campaigns that we can’t find anything. We’re at the point where searching for emails campaigns has become a pain. And it doesn’t help that ActiveCampaign has always been sluggish.

3. Google Analytics integration

Drip has Google Analytics integrated right inside the email editor. Each time we add a link, we can choose to turn on Google Analytics campaign variables for that link. The campaign variables are populated automatically, but you can also edit them right in line.

This is awesome because most people don’t want to learn how to use UTM variables or they’re not too sure about it. This feature just does it for you, automatically.

You can also set UTM defaults are the account level. This time saving feature also saved us from many tracking errors.

4. Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking tells you how people have converted on one of your campaigns. How they got to that offer, the conversion rate, and the conversion value that you’re bringing in.

Drip has one of the best looking conversion metrics I’ve seen in any email marketing suite.

You’ll need to set up conversion tracking on your website and feed that information into Drip. In Drip, you can use the data collected to create some really cool reports.

5. Email editor and preview

Drip doesn’t have any pre-built templates to choose from, so you need to upload them into the system.

We like having control over how the templates look. But importing and setting up templates do take time. Once they’re set up, it’s very simple to use.

There’s a preview tab in the email editor that shows exactly what the email will look like to the users. With this function, you don’t need to send yourself too many test emails to see exactly what the email looks like.

6. Workflow for automation

The workflow for automations visualizes the entire journey you’re sending people onto. The interface is clean and even has a nifty function to show the analytics of every step of the journey.

7. Source code

Drip allows you to edit the email source code right in the email editor. You can work with HTML to create well designed and perfectly coded emails right within the system.

The ability to edit source code should be a given, in every system nowadays. But our previous system did not have this function. It was frustrating because we often end up with emails with weird formatting.

Drip is not without its flaws
Drip email marketing solved some of our biggest frustrations with our previous system, ActiveCampaign, but it is not without flaws.

Here are 3 things that are annoying about Drip. We hope they would eventually improve on these things.

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Como enviar email marketing HTML através do Gmail

Neste vídeo mostro como você pode enviar um email marketing HTML através do Gmail. Update (04/10): nos comentários mostrei como enviar as imagens caso não possua um servidor de hospedagem!


MAILCHIMP: como criar lista de contatos para email marketing – Hotmart Tips #51

ATENÇÃO: Por conta de atualizações do Mailchimp o passo-a-passo aqui apresentado (gravado em janeiro de 2018) pode não ser compatível com novas versões do software.

Neste Hotmart Tips você vai aprender o passo a passo para criar e gerenciar suas listas de emails no MailChimp ( um serviço de email marketing usado por muitos empreendedores digitais.

O email marketing é uma estratégia de comunicação e de vendas muito importante para os negócios digitais. Criar, aumentar e gerenciar listas de contatos é fundamental para poder criar campanhas de email segmentadas e mais certeiras de acordo com os seus objetivos.

Você vai aprender agora, em poucos passos, a criar essas listas e a segmentar os contatos por perfis diferentes. Além disso, também vamos te mostrar como fazer essas listas crescerem, com a adição de cada vez mais contatos.

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3 Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Click Through Rate and Boost Sales

Are you sending emails with low click through rates? Chances are it’s annoying your list and lowering your sales. Here are 3 email marketing tips to increase your email CTR.

You’re sending marketing emails to people. They’re opening them, but no one’s clicking through back to your site. What should you do?

The first thing you need to do is tell a story. Stories go back thousands and thousands of years because they’re engaging. It’s the same reason why you watch soap operas or movies is because you’re engaged and hooked into the story. When you tell a story, people are going to be reading your whole email instead of just skimming it, and they’re much more likely to click.

The second thing you want to do is include multiple links. The more links you throw in there, the more clicks you’re gonna get. Now, of course if you start including 10, 20 links, you’re probably gonna end up in people’s spam folder, but you should include two to three links.

When you include two to three links, there’s a higher probability that someone’s gonna click on at least one of them.

And last but not least, the anchor text of the link that you’re using should be casual if you end up using a anchor text as the title of your webpage, very few people are gonna click through. But if your anchor text of the link in your email is something like “follow these tips, learn more here, or follow these strategies”, people are much more likely to click through because they know it’s benefit-driven.

Follow those three tips. You’ll get more clicks. And people will end up going to your website and hopefully they’ll convert into leads or sales.

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Email Marketing Webinar – 2018 – Strategies That Will 10x Your Business

This is one webinar you don’t want to miss! What you don’t know about email marketing will blow your mind. Watch now.

Join John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility and Dustin Baly, Head of Email Marketing at Ignite Visibility, as they unleash the perfect email marketing strategy to grow your business.

What people don’t know…

Email marketing is working better than ever.

Almost a resurgence of the digital marketing practice.

Social media has actually made email marketing more effective!

Now that people are spending so much time on social media communicating, whether it’s through the wall or a messaging system, there’s less competition in the inbox.

The reduced competition due to the rise of social media communication has made email marketing a stronger channel than in years past.

All businesses should be doing the following things.

1. Actively growing and segmenting their list(s)
2. Setting up automation for onboarding new customers and staff
3. Using automation for internal processes and education where necessary
4. Sending out targeted emails for customer acquisition.
5. Using email marketing to promote things such as webinars
6. Using email marketing to promote their content marketing
7. Testing headlines, images, copy, etc.
8. Using email marketing to survey their employees and customers. Focusing on net promoter score

If you have emails and you’re not using them correctly you’re leaving money on the table.


How To Create Successful Email Campaigns with MailChimp Tutorial **Dec 2016 Updated**

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Want us to setup and create your email marketing campaigns on MailChimp? Email us at hello@graphicsbite.co.uk

This is a MailChimp email campaign creation tutorial video showing you how to create effective email campaigns with proof that it converts.

Here you can learn everything you need to setup your first MailChimp email campaign.

In this MailChimp tutorial, we go through setting up the campaign, uploading image assets, and integrating hyperlinks and social media links.

We also take a look at various reports on how well these email campaigns have done and proof on how much money they can make you.

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The real money you can make from the internet
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Email marketing allows you to send simple affiliate
emails that make easy money online. This is a money
making system a grandma could follow.

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Email Marketing Hacks – Make More With Your Affiliate Marketing Offers

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this livestream covers email marketing and how to use your email list to generate even more revenue.


Hướng dẫn sử dụng Mailchimp để làm Email Marketing cho người mới bắt đầu

Hướng dẫn sử dụng Mailchimp để làm Email Marketing cho người mới bắt đầu
Cộng đồng Digital Marketing Việt Nam – Cùng nhau chia sẻ kiến thức, chia sẻ khách hàng. Phát triển cộng đồng Digital Marketing lớn mạnh
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How To Do Free Email Marketing in Hindi Urdu

How to send bulk email for free – best free email software – email marketing Please Subscribe to Our Channel for getting more videos like this.!

What is Email Marketing and Benefits of Email Marketing | Urdu/Hindi Tutorial? In this video lecture, we will cover what is email marketing and how we can make money from it like collecting targeted emails and then sending mails, All this process will be in ins complete course. Watch “Email Marketing Complete Course in Urdu/Hindi”

Email Marketing Tutorial For Beginners in Hindi 2018, this is basically for, how to use mail chimp for Email marketing in Hindi, this includes an Email Marketing Urdu/Hindi Complete course, how to do Email Marketing in Hindi, and how to do Email Marketing.This also includes a complete guide how to do Email Marketing with Mail Chimp in, also how to learn email marketing in Hindi, and the how to learn Email Marketing, with how to learn email marketing online as well.

Free email marketing tutorial for beginners in Hindi 2018

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7 Estratégias Para VENDER Todos Os Dias Com EMAIL MARKETING | Alex Vargas

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7 Estratégias Para Vender Todos Os Dias Com Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Tudo que você precisa saber para vender com email marketing;

Quer saber tudo sobre como fazer campanhas de Email

Marketing? Confira as 7 dicas de ouro nesse vídeo e melhore seus resultados.

Saiba absolutamente tudo sobre como criar uma lista de email poderosa. Aprenda 7 táticas com quem realmente entende do assunto.

Capturar emails é uma obrigação para o sucesso de um site. Conheça toda a estratégia por trás do sucesso com email marketing.


➡️️ Livro Grátis: Guia Completo Para Os Negócios Online:
➡️️ Livro Grátis: 27 Técnicas Para Vender Como Afiliado:
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Como Criar Lista de E-mails.

Sabemos que para obtermos sucesso em vendas online, precisamos ter uma base de clientes construída. Vamos apresentar quatro dicas de como criar lista de e-mails para que o sucesso de vendas seja efetivo.

O que é sugerido quando falamos em lista de e-mails como base para vendas, é que você não compre da internet essas listas já prontas, pois você não vai chegar ao alcance de seu cliente. Você deve construir a sua própria lista, pois assim vai ter um certo contato com o cliente, vão possuir uma relação, e é isso que vai manter a confiança entre vocês.

A primeira dica é: escolha um sistema de gerenciamento. É através dele que você vai conseguir chegar em todos os seus clientes de forma simples. O mais recomendado para iniciantes é o sistema LeadLovers, que é bem fácil de ser utilizado.

Segunda dica: dê um motivo. Você vai dar aos seus clientes um motivo para que eles deixem o e-mail deles pra você, pode ser em troca de um pequeno conteúdo grátis que você pode oferecer à eles.

Terceira dica de como criar lista de e-mails: como capturar os e-mails. Os e-mails podem ser capturados através de páginas com as iscas digitais, através de pop-ups, ou também através seu blog, com algum conteúdo que atinja o público alvo.

Quarta e última dica é: manter a relação com seus clientes. A partir do momento que as pessoas deixarem seus e-mails pra você, você deverá saber como abordá-las de forma que elas não desistam de sua proposta, de forma que elas confiem em você.

Essas foram algumas de nossas dicas, agora você só precisa seguir esse passo a passo, para garantir a efetividade em como criar lista de e-mails, promovendo assim o seu conteúdo e os seus produtos para vendas online.



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1 – Como vender com email marketing
2 – Dicas de email marketing infalíveis
3 – Dicas para vender mais com email marketing
4 – Como vender mais por email marketing
5 – Vender por email marketing
6 – Vender mais por email marketing
7 – Modelos de email marketing
8 – Sistemas de email marketing

NOVO EBOOK: 152 Estratégias Para Iniciar do ZERO seu Negócio no Marketing Digital:


5 Steps to Starting an Email Marketing Business — Announcing My Free Income Workshop Series

Click here to sign up for my Free Income Workshop 3-Part Series:

Right now — even if you have no experience, no technical skills and no budget — you’re just 5 little steps away from starting your own Email Marketing Business.

Yes, these steps will get you started. But if you are REALLY serious about making money through the power of Email Marketing, I have something even better for you.

On February 1st at 3PM EST, I’m kicking off my first of 3 completely Free Income Workshops. In these workshops, I’m fully prepared to give away my TOP Email Marketing Secrets.

Seats for this 3-Workshop Series will go FAST — Sign up Here. Remember: No Cost, No Catch… Simply First Class Training that can change your life.

Now, to see the 5 Simple Steps I’ve promised, visit my blog post here:


How to Do Email Marketing with FREE Tools [Urdu/Hindi]

Do you know what is email marketing? and how you can do email marketing with 100% free tools for FREE? Yes, you can.
In this 10 minutes Urdu and Hindi tutorial I will teach you complete email marketing with free tools and tell you how you can collect/build targeted email list easily and then how to win your subscribed email’s trust.
This tutorial is consist of 4 important steps:
step 1: gather emails or buy from someone but the list must not be spammy, (My recommendation would build your own list)
step 2: how to build: open getresponse website and make an email collector landing page
Step 3: share on social media/groups/pages id etc
Step 4: Send free offer for at least 1 month then send your affiliate links.
Let me explain each and everything to you!
Step 1: Gather Emails
You can either buy emails list from someone or build your own as I’ve shown you in the tutorial, but keep in mind your collected emails should be relevant to the product or offer that you are going to sell them or offer them in the future.
Like if you collect email via an SEO ebook so then make sure in future you use that list for SEO relevant paid product or offer.

Step 2: Build Your List Using getresponse email service
Getresponse is a one of the best email marketing service provider and it’s paid but you can use for free for 30 days as trial and yeah you can do pretty many things in 30 days.
If you want to do proper email marketing for the long term so you can buy their basic or pro package.

Step 3: Share Your Landing/Email Collector Form
When you will create your first email collector from or you can call it landing page where you will offer free ebook or software and ask to people that put your email and click to download so when they will do this they will be shifted to a new download or thank you.html page from where they can download their file and you will have their email in the contact list, later you can use for sending email.
But did you think how people will come to the landing or email collector form? hmm?
Yes it’s the tough question but the answer is easy, just share your campaign on social media especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Tip: Share in the relevant community so your conversion rate will be good.

Step 4: Send them free offer like in first week send them a free ebook or software or any detailed relevant article and then next week do same, at least you should send them these type of free offers for 1 month so you can win their trust and then when you will share your affiliate or any offer so there will be maximum chance that your subscriber list will buy.

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How to Make Money With Email Marketing – Anthony Morrision your webinar host

Anthony Morrison shows you how to make money with email marketing.


Qué Es El Email Marketing // E-Mailing

Que es el Email Marketing – E-mailing

El email marketing (o inbound marketing) es la herramienta más eficaz de marketing directo.Para sacarle el máximo provecho debe de estar correctamente enfocada y organizada. El envío de newsletters por email es la mejor manera de mantener una relación estable a largo plazo con sus clientes y clientes potenciales.

El Email Marketing, también conocido como “e-mailing”, consiste en el envío de información a clientes (habituales o potenciales) a través de correo electrónico.

Un sistema de email marketing efectivo no debe realizar envíos de spam o mail basura y deberá orientarse exclusivamente a aquellos usuarios que solicitaron explícitamente el envío de información.

Este tipo de acciones en las que el cliente da su autorización para recibir información, son las que generan los mayores retornos y los mejores resultados publicitarios.

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Como Fazer Email Marketing? Aprenda Passo a passo!

Você quer aprender a criar uma campanha de e-mail marketing e utilizar uma ferramenta grátis pra fazer isso?

Neste vídeo vou lhe mostrar como você pode criar uma campanha de e-mail marketing para divulgar seu produto, sua empresa ou seu negócio.

No meu site, você encontra um GUIA COMPLETO sobre E-mail Marketing.

O e-mail marketing é muito utilizado por grandes empresas e pequenas empresas. É um meio muito efetivo para divulgar e vender produtos ou serviços.

Se você ainda não sabe como criar e-mail marketing, à partir de hoje você vai começar a criar suas próprias campanhas de e-mail e vai fazer parte de diversas empresas que utilizam esta ferramenta para aumentar as vendas, para aumentar os resultados da empresa.

Existem diversas ferramentas de e-mail marketing que podemos utilizar para criar campanhas. Algumas são gratuitas e outras não, sendo necessário pagar uma pequena mensalidade para utilizar.

A ferramenta que eu vou mostrar para você é uma ferramenta muito poderosa e muito utilizada por diversas empresas e sim, ela é gratuita para que você envie até 12 mil mensagens por mês.

A ferramenta que nós vamos utilizar é o Mailchimp.

Link para acessar a ferramenta:
Link para acessar a ferramenta:
Link para acessar a ferramenta:

Antes de aprendermos de fato como criar um e-mail marketing, é necessário entender um conceito básico da ferramenta Mailchimp.

O mailchimp funciona através de listas de e-mails. Ou seja, você precisa inserir contatos, inserir os e-mails na ferramenta para que ela possa fazer o trabalho de enviar o e-mail em massa para todos os usuários cadastrados.

Depois de fazer a importação dos contatos é hora de criar sua campanha.

No menu campanha, você deve clicar no botão “create campaign” e depois escolher a opção “create an email”.

A primeira informação que você vai colocar é um nome para sua campanha, este nome é mais para controle interno, então basta inserir um nome para seu próprio controle.

A próxima tela é para você selecionar se quer enviar a mensagem para todos os contatos de determinada lista ou então para grupos ou segmentados dentro da sua lista. Os grupos e segmentos são funcionalidades um pouco avançadas, então você não precisa selecionar agora, basta deixar selecionada a opção “entire list” que significa enviar para a lista toda.

E agora você vai começar a preencher as informações da sua mensagem.

– Assunto do email
– Texto prévio
– Nome do remetente
– Email do remetente

Depois de fazer as configurações iniciais da mensagem chegou a hora de escolher o layout da mensagem.

A ferramenta traz diversos modelos para que você consiga editá-los, é muito simples utilizar a ferramenta e criar uma campanha de e-mail marketing.

Se você quer aprender a criar e-mail marketing, este vídeo vai lhe ajudar bastante.


Introduction To Email Marketing [In Hindi]

Email Marketing Kya Hai? Email Marketing ke Kithne Tarike hai? Jaaniye aur seekhiye is video lesson mai. Learn the basics of Email Marketing in this video lesson. Do’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel:


Cómo hacer EMAIL MARKETING para VENDER MÁS (estrategia completa)

¿Tienes claro cómo hacer email marketing para vender más a los queda son tus clientes? En este video te voy a contar como crear una estrategia completa de email marketing para tu empresa, que te ayude a generar más ventas.

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– Intensidad
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– Siempre mirando hacia delante
– Mi vida emprendedora ¿Quieres conocerla?

¡Este es mi nuevo desafío!


Email Marketing For Beginners – Tutorial 2018

In this video I am presenting you a Tutorial called Email Marketing For Beginners.

It is the first part of my video series all around email marketing.

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This will show you How to make money with email marketing for beginners 2018.

So now you know how it works I am also talking about which are the best autoresponders to use.

Exactly that’s why this is Email marketing for beginners – what you need to know!

So Here are my tips for email marketing for beginners:.. Just do it. Do it good and you will succeed.

Be sure to watch my next video too.


Email Marketing Strategies Worth Copying

Curaytor’s Neal Mitchell shares 5 email templates you can use today, free places to find great emails, and reveals Curaytor’s newest lead conversion tool: Curaytor Brain.

Learn more about Curaytor: www.curaytor.com/page/help


13 consejos para mejorar tu estrategia de email marketing y vender más

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