University of Maryland (UM) Terrapins (Terps) Football Players Taken in 2010 NFL Draft – 2 Selected

The University of Maryland (UM) Terrapins (Terps) college football program had two players taken in the 2010 NFL Draft that was held in April. The school based in College Park, Maryland had two athletes selected by National Football League (NFL) franchises in the annual draft and those two men are:

  • Bruce Campbell (offensive lineman) – selected in the fourth round with the 106th overall pick by the Oakland Raiders
  • Nolan Carroll (cornerback) – picked in the fifth round by the Miami Dolphins as the 145th overall player selected

The Maryland Terrapins compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and are proud to send disciplined young men on to play football at the next level. For athletes like Bruce and Nolan hearing their names called during the NFL Draft is a dream come true and the University of Maryland prides itself in playing a role in turning those dreams into reality.

Bruce Campbell, born in 1988, is a 6’6″ 314 pound offensive lineman that played tackle in high school and college but is expected to at least start out as an interior offensive lineman at the guard position with the Oakland Raiders. Despite having the height to play offensive tackle the initial reports from the Raiders are that they would prefer to ease Bruce into their offense at a position that lends itself to a smoother transition.

Campbell is slated to wear number 74 next year for the NFL team in Oakland and Raiders head coach Tom Cable is excited about the upside of his fourth round draft selection. Coach Cable hopes to get Bruce on the field early and often as the Raiders for years now have been trying to fill a void on their offensive line. Many football analysts agree that the root cause of the recent offensive woes of the Oakland franchise can be traced back to a porous front five.

It can be argued that Nolan Carroll, the other University of Maryland 2010 NFL Draft selection, is in many ways an opposite type of player from his former teammate Bruce Campbell. Carroll plays defense whereas Campbell plays offense and furthermore while Bruce has a large 6’6″ 314 pound frame Nolan is a much more pedestrian size at 5’11” and 204 pounds.

Before being picked up by the Miami Dolphins to add youth and speed to their secondary Nolan grew up in the state of Florida. Nolan Carroll was born and raised in Green Cove Springs, Florida which is in the northeastern part of the state. After spending five years in Maryland during his stint in college Nolan and his parents (who still live in Florida) are surely excited about having him back in the Sunshine State.

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Top Three Current NFL Quarterbacks

Everyone has their own opinions about who’s the best in anything. Personally, I think these three are without a doubt, the best in the league. Not only their stats, but also the way they manage the game, their decision making, and their leadership abilities. To me, quarterback is the single most important position in football, so to have one of the three best is definitely a huge help to your team. Not to say that one person makes a team or wins football games, but looking at the team of one of these top 3 that is now missing him, might give some fuel to the opposite side of that argument.

3. Aaron Rodgers

Some may say I have a biased opinion here, which may be true. At any rate, I think he is an elite quarterback. He has quite possibly the prettiest deep ball in the game, he has EXCELLENT decision making on the field, in fact throwing zero interceptions through two games this season. This year he has the second highest QB rating at 126.4, and a very impressive completion percentage of 70.8%. Through only two games, he has 620 yards, five touchdowns and zero interceptions. Not having any real “superstar” receivers, aside from Greg Jennings, he still makes things happen. Don’t get my wrong, I think the Packers top 3 or 4 receivers are great, but none of them have reached superstar status yet. Rodgers spreads the ball around and wins football games. Last year, his third season starting, he got himself a Super Bowl ring, he now has as many as Brett Favre!

2. Tom Brady

There seem to be a lot of people who really dislike Tom Brady. It seems most people either love him or they hate him, it doesn’t seem like there is much in between. Whether you love him or you hate him, you can’t deny the numbers he puts up. Incredible decision making, in my humble opinion the best 2-minute drill in football, He stays calm in the pocket, and doesn’t let himself get flustered when he makes mistakes. This season, he has been putting up very high numbers, in typical Tom Brady fashion. Best in the league QB rating of 128.0 and best in the league total passing yards with a total of 944, and a league high 10.68 yards per attempt. Brady is another QB who doesn’t really have a “superstar” receiver. Yes, he had Randy Moss, but not anymore. He gets it done with hard-working receivers, just like Aaron Rodgers.

1. Peyton Manning

I don’t think a discussion about great quarterbacks can be made without mentioning this name. The best QB currently playing, quite possibly the best ever. I have never seen a field general quite like this one. He virtually (probably literally) doesn’t need an offensive coordinator. He can read defensive schemes like no one else, calling his plays on the field and usually with outstanding results. He is an accurate passer with excellent decision making and an unmatched awareness of what is going on around him. The only drawback is it seems that once he throws an interception, he tends to get flustered and sometimes can’t recover from it. His neck injury this year and the resulting caliber of the Indianapolis Colts shows that one person CAN make a team. An overall passer rating of 94.9, 54,828 yards, with a 64.9% completion percentage in his career so far. Until this year, Manning had not missed a start since 1998, 208 consecutive starts! Not only is he amazing, he is tough and resilient. He will go down as one of the greats of all time, if not THE best ever.

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How You Can Win Big Money With Sports Betting: SMU vs. UAB

Have you ever wondered how the Sports Betting "smart money" became the smart money? Do you wonder what the sports betting smart money does differently than the amateurs?

Here's an example of I game I analyzed, and how I went about deciding which team had the edge. Once you can identify an edge, it's easy to make money with sports betting:

UAB vs. SMU-5

First, let's start by pointing out that while one of these teams is a powerhouse, or even a top 25 team. UAB is 3-5 SU this season, and is averaging only 19 points per game against teams like Marshall, Troy, and Rice to name a few. Miraculously, UAB opened their season against Oklahoma and only lost 24-17 in a game where they were 24 point underdogs. Since that game, UAB is only 1-5-1 ATS in their last seven games, and that was when they beat up on Troy (who ever heard of a college named Troy ??) 21-3.

On the other hand, SMU is playing at home tonight, and they've done well well ATS this season, going 4-3 ATS. SMU is 6-3 ATS in their last nine games, and also 6-3 ATS in their last nine home games.

As with any college game, it's always smart to see how well teams do at home. The home field, depending on who is playing, can be a very important tactical advantage. My impression going into this game was that SMU had a determined home field advantage that would make them a decent pick going up against a poor UAB team.

So how did my initial impression compare to the actual reality? Does SMU have a real home-field advantage?

How about this stat -aside from going 6-3 ATS in their last 9 home games, SMU has scored 31, 55, 45, and 40 points in their last 4 home games. In their last 4 home games with betting lines, SMU has outscored their opponents on average 31-13 per game, while the point spread in these games has averaged only SMU being favored by -3 points.

In other words, in SMU's last 4 home games, not only have they won ATS, but they beat the SPREAD by an average of about 15 points per game.

The last piece of the puzzle is UAB's record playing away. They're only 3-7 SU in their last 10 road games, and 5-5 ATS. They were actually shut out by Georgia a few weeks back, and lost SU to Rice 34-33 in a game in which they were favored.

The bottom line is that everything points to SMU being able to, and more importantly, inclined to, running up the score at home against UAB. I look for SMU to win this one 41-28.

Although I am not "officially" recommend betting the over / under on this game, I will tell you that I would lean towards taking the Over 49 1/2 if I was forced to take a side. Sometimes in a game like this it's not a bad idea to split the amount you were going to bet on the game into two smaller bets, one on the game and one on the over / under. This way you are risking the same amount, but your risk is spread between two relatively independent outcomes, the game itself and the over / under.

As you can see from the above analysis, it is important to dig deep into the stats to identify any patterns. In this case, the stats showed that SMU was a very strong team at home, and that UAB was very weak on the road. As it turned out, SMU won 22-9, keeping UAB out of the end zone all night.

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Hockey Fights

Hockey fights are often misunderstood, but they are an accepted part of the game. They are not approved of, nor discouraged. The practice of fighting in hockey is permitted by many of the world's professional men's leagues, including the National Hockey League. But, it is not allowed in women's hockey at any level.

Hockey fights are more of a sideshow than a genuine display of emotion and intensity. Sometimes, the fighting goes beyond control. In most cases, players who fight are penalized equally or and may be ejected.

Most of the hockey lovers love to watch fights at hockey games. They know that the game involves reasonable body contact and occasional fighting. These fights serve many purposes in the game. The main purpose is to protect their own team members. Hockey players fight each other to mark their territory to show ownership of the game. The dropping of the gloves and the sticks is the first signal that fighting has begun. The fighter who defeated the other is the winner.

Both teams keep sturdy players as enforcers to offend the opponents. They are designated players to fight in the middle of the game. The enforcer's role is generally to engage the offending or provoking the opponent into a fight. They are well paid and they know how to fight and entertain the spectators.

Although hockey fights are brutal and uncoordinated, they play a legitimate role in keeping certain players' behavior in line. It can stabilize scores and revenge the proper way. The National Hockey League, American Hockey League, ECHL, and other notable minor leagues have rules regarding penalies for such infractions. Despite the terrible consequences of the hockey fights, most of the hockey game lovers consider fighting skill as a measure of all-around hockey talent.

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Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out Live Online and Their Game Schedule

Do you plan to watch live or online the Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Season? The Miami Dolphins shake their heads off when the dismaying results of 1-15 record came about after the 2007 NFL Season. Two names are really missed by the Miami Dolphins fans; one is Marino when he was the quarterback plus Shula as the head coach. It was a hard time for them that is why this season there were changes that occurred. Bill Parcell named as the Executive VP of Football Operations, also the new GM in the name of Jeff Ireland, and then came Tony Sparano as the head coach.

The greatest challenge for everyone here is for the new officials to turn and watch live and online Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Team back to its glorious days as division champions. The team selected Jake Long as their first pick overall in the NFL draft. Jake is known for his consistent offensive abilities. When it comes to leadership, Chad Pennington cave some light for tried and tested leadership on them. Another key player in this team is Ronnie Brown who started the season great, but it stopped due to his injury in the knees. With the combination of these players, the team is very positive that they will definitely catch up.

Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Team Schedule
Sunday Sept 7 1:00 pm ET New York Jets
Sunday Sept 14 4:15 pm ET Arizona Cardinals
Sunday Sept 21 1:00 pm ET New England Patriots
Sunday Oct 5 1:00 pm ET San Diego Chargers
Sunday Oct 12 1:00 pm ET Houston Texans
Sunday Oct 19 1:00 pm ET Baltimore Ravens
Sunday Oct 26 1:00 pm ET Buffalo Bills
Sunday Nov 2 4:05 pm ET Denver Broncos
Sunday Nov 9 1:00 pm ET Seattle Seahawks
Monday Nov 16 1:00 pm ET Oakland Raiders
Sunday Nov 23 1:00 pm ET New England Patriots
Sunday Nov 30 1:00 pm ET St. Louis Rams
Sunday Dec 7 4:05 pm ET Buffalo Bills
Sunday Dec 14 1:00 pm ET San Francisco 49ers
Sunday Dec 21 1:00 pm ET Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday Dec 28 1:00 pm ET New York Jets

Winning one game out of the 16 scheduled games last season proves that there are problems that must be resolved in order for the Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Team to survive the quest of being the champions. They did great in taking the good players of different areas of specialization.

With problems on offense and injuries which led to a dismaying 2007 performance. They are optimistic and confident that this year will never be like that of last year. Focus on problem areas plus team effort especially with the inclusion of new players will help them recover this 2008 season. Want to see the metamorphosis this team can bring? Watch live online the Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Team fights and survives in this very challenging 2008 season.

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Finding That Perfect NFL Throwback Jersey

Remember Howie Long? No, not the bespectacled and bookish Howie Long that sits behind a desk every Sunday on the Fox network, trading barbs with Terry Bradshaw. We’re talking the tough, driven, body slamming, hot-tempered Howie Long that led the Oakland Raiders to their Super Bowl victory in 1984 and who perfected that great uppercut move called “the rip”? That Howie Long – remember him?

Anyone who’s a fan of the glory days of the NFL will remember that Howie Long, and all the great bad boys of football like him. And what better way to celebrate your love of the game than with an NFL throwback jersey?

Wearing one of these great NFL throwback jerseys is a good way to show your love for classic teams or great players from the past, back before football became so politically charged and teams had to bow to filthy-rich owners. Back when the men were as tough as nails and had nicknames like The Fridge and The Bus. When you knew the players for what they accomplished on the field, not for who they were dating off the field. When the players cared about the game, not just their stats and signing bonuses and what commercial endorsements they could get. Owning an NFL throwback jersey shows that you appreciate the true game of football in all its rough and tumble glory.

If you want to choose an NFL throwback jersey for yourself, get one that has special meaning for you. If you remember when the Cowboys were unstoppable, then proudly wear the name Aikman on your back. If the endurance of John Elway is what you look up to, then get a Denver number 7 for yourself.

The key to choosing just the right NFL throwback jersey is to make it personal to you, not just what the sporting goods store has on clearance. Celebrate those games you saw and the players you loved.

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Choosing the Best NFL Watches For a Great Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a sports lover in your life? Why not get him a gift he can enjoy now and forever? NFL watches make for a great gift. You can choose a wrist watch that has the logo of his favorite team, letting him show of his team pride no matter where he goes.

Of course, not all NFL watches are the same. You need to make sure you choose the right watch, and that entails a few different factors. Keep reading to learn how to select the perfect team gear for your sports lover.

The first step is to make sure you know which team he roots for. Is he loyal to the local NFL team? Or do his allegiances lie elsewhere? Sports fans are very particular about which teams they are devoted to, so it’s very important to make sure you get a watch with the logo of his favorite team. Otherwise, he may not enjoy the gift.

If you’re unsure about which team he likes, just ask him. Guys love talking about sports, and your sports lover will be more than happy to talk about his favorite team. In fact, beware; you may not be able to get him to stop talking about his favorite team. Take note of this, and now you’re ready to start looking for football watches from an NFL watch shop.

The first step is to look online for companies that sell sports watches. You want to make sure you’re doing business with a reputable company that sells brand new, high quality watches that your sports lover will be proud to wear. You should specifically avoid auction websites and out of country retailers as they tend to sell low quality, unauthentic watches that look cheap and don’t last.

Once you’ve found some reputable companies to consider, the next step is to compare their offerings. Most importantly, do they sell NFL watches of your sports lover’s favorite team? If not, you can disqualify them from your search immediately. Look for a watch retailer that has a complete NFL watch shop with offerings from all the teams. This way, you know you have access to a huge inventory and you can get the team watch you’re looking for.

Of course, quality is key. Sometimes team watches are flimsy and cheap looking. They’re hardly something an adult would wear seriously. But not all football watches are like this. The best companies sell high quality team watches that are stylish and built to last. This is the kind of wrist watch you want to look for…a watch he can wear in all different types of situations…a watch he’s proud to wear.

You also want to make sure you get a fair price on the watch. Compare prices on similar team watches to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal. That’s the great thing about shopping online. You can compare prices in just seconds so you can always get the best bang for your buck. When comparing prices, make sure you factor in shipping costs. Some companies will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount, helping you stretch that dollar a little further.

Finally, make sure you look at the returns policy before placing your order. You want to make sure you buy from a company that gives you a reasonable amount of time to return the watch if for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied. This way, you have absolutely nothing to lose when you place your order. Start shopping for NFL watches online today. They make a great gift!

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A Little About Drafting Software

The CAD Drafting Software is used for creation architectural and complex industrial drawings more often. The most typical feature of this type of the software, is that it allows users to mark components of the drawing several Variants of color.

Some of the advanced development in the field of the software for CAD can support about sixteen millions colors. In the drawing containing color elements, it is much more easier to distinguish various components. It helps to reduce time and to raise efficiency of designing of a product.

The graphic interface which provides the software, usually allows the user to mark new color each new component which is added during development of the project. Includes various color variations, the software allows to use lines of different thickness, to classify various structural components. It is possible to program in such manner that lines with different thickness will be displayed by different colors. It helps to reduce quantity of colors and time of development.

Drafting Software uses various types of color schemes. The basic – RGB (red, green, dark blue), HSL (shade – saturation-brightness), EGA, DGN and CYMK (blue, yellow, purple, black). In most often used possible designing elements on layers or levels. They are marked by light gray color that does them less appreciable.

CAD Drafting Software has removed or has severely reduced necessity in free hand drawings. It is impossible to overestimate and that development and design of complex mechanisms, architectural designs with thousand components, has very strongly become simpler with the advent of special drafting programs.

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How To Deal With A Stubborn Spouse In 3 Simple Steps

At some point, anyone in a relationship has to learn how to deal with a stubborn spouse. Even though your wife or husband may not really be stubborn in nature, there are situations where this trait may surface and it’s better to be prepared in handling it.

Given that every person is unique, each one has many different characteristics that may conflict with that of another individual. A partner who isn’t willing to give in and has to have their way can mean trouble in a relationship.

If you have the same dilemma, the following are steps you can take to deal with a stubborn spouse.

Step 1: Understand Why Your Partner Is Being Stubborn.

Maybe you aren’t seeing the logic behind your spouse’s decisions. Try to see it in their perspective. Sometimes our judgment gets clouded by anger or frustration.

What are you missing? When you are learning how to deal with a stubborn spouse, remember that being in a relationship means you are ready to work out your differences and make sacrifices.

You are bound to have some differences; but trying to understand where your partner is coming from is the first step to resolving these.

Step 2: Pick Your Battles.

When your spouse just won’t back down, don’t waste your time trying to argue, nag, yell or complain otherwise.

If it means too much to your partner, let them know that you support them this time. Make them understand, however, that when the time comes that you are in the same position and it means more to you, you would ask their support in return. Choose your priorities and be willing to “lose” the rest.

Step 3: Take A Positive Approach.

The key to knowing how to deal with a stubborn spouse is to avoid hostility or violence of any kind. Fighting or freaking out is never the answer. Hot tempers will only bring about verbal or maybe even physical attacks.

The important thing is to keep a cool and level head, so that you would be able to talk or negotiate the issue calmly and reasonably. There is nothing a good talk can’t solve.

One way you can tip the balance in your favor is to present new evidence or proof that confirms the validity of your point. Oftentimes, ego gets in their way; but when you present new proof, their agreement will be perceived in light of that evidence and not because they changed their mind.

Learning how to deal with stubborn spouse, especially when they tend to become narrow-minded, can be challenging. However, be patient and keep in mind that learning how to handle this power struggle can guarantee a happy and successful relationship.

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Sports Betting Forums – Which Ones Are the Best?

Do you like gambling on sports? If so, then do you know where the best place to bet your money is? There are tons of places that you could go to to place a bet. But if you want to enjoy sports betting in the comfort of your home, then why not try online sports betting? Online Sports Betting are popular nowdays. Most of these are sports betting forums. But you can not just try any sports betting forums you can find. What you should look for is a sports betting forum that can offer you larger money whenever you win, can pay up almost at once and have a good customer service. If you are finding it hard to find such a site, then look no more. What you need is the Pinnacle Sports.

Pinnacle Sports offer you the chance to bet on different sports game all over the world including: basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, football and baseball. Unlike other forums, it also offers other sporting events that are less popular like chess, motorbikes, beach volleyball and snooker. This means that you have a whole lot of choices to the extent that it contains all the sports that you like.

Pinnacle Sports maneuver on the lowest bookmaking margins in the business. This is the best pricing for bettors. The minimum bet is at the lowest that you can ever see. The minimum bet is only at $ 1. That is so cheap and it is easy to double or triple or multiply that dollar many times on a single bet as long as you win. The maximum bet depends on the sports and league you bet on. The maximum bet you can see on Pinnacle is up to $ 50,000.

There are many operation policies that Pinnacle abides to in order to main its legality. For example, it does not accept bets on anyone who is a US Resident. This is because there are many states of USA that disapproves of sports betting. Since Pinnacle Sports is online, they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is not too much to say that Pinncacle sports is the most effective sports betting forum at present. The only drawback with Pinnacle Sports, as many users have complaint, is the slow or to the almost non-existent of customer service via phone. But if you use their customer service via e-mail, they're very responsive. Pinnacle Sports also comes in different languages ​​including, English, Norwegian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese. The forum site itself is excellent. The looks is good and is user-friendly. The functions is very easy to understand. In effect, it is very easy to bet through Pinnacle Sports. They also have many methods of deposits and withdrawals to ensure that you can avail of their services. You can pay using one of these methods: through credit cards like Visa and MasterCard; Delta Debit Cards, Chinese Debit Cards, myCitadel, Neteller and WebMoney.

Pinnacle Sports could just be the best sports betting forum at present. With great odds for bettors, responsive customer service via e-mail and a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, you can ensure your money for betting through them.

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Free Hockey Picks – Free Help With Picking the Winners Correctly

Hockey is a team sport often played on ice. It is a game played between two teams composed of six players, all of which use long sticks that are curved at the end. The goal of each team is to successfully strike the puck – a rubber disk that is small and hard – into the opposing team's goal to be able to score points. There are other variations of the said game such as field hockey and roller hockey. The former is played outdoors with two teams of 11 players using curved sticks to direct a ball into each other's netted goals, while the latter is almost the same as ice hockey. The only difference lies in the fact that participants of roller hockey use roller skates and play on a roller rink or any other hard surface where goals can be constructed – instead of the more well-know version using ice hockey skates and playing on an ice skating rink. For this article however, the topic is free hockey picks and free help on predicting the winners, which means that this discussion would put its focus on ice hockey, or simply hockey alone.

Predicting the winning team of a hockey game could be done even if you do not have the power to see the future. All it takes is some careful analysis and a keen mind that knows how to evaluate past statistics and scores. If you plan on making a few bucks, or even some serious money through betting on hockey, here are a few free hockey picks that could help you in choosing the team to wager on. First is to always check on the achievements of a team's goalie. Whether it may be in wins, save percentages or in the Gaelic Athletic Association, every piece of data about a team's goalie is very important in determining their chances. Next is to look at the scorers and the two-way defensemen on board. These will determine if the team you're gambling on has a chance to stack up the points while preventing their opponent from scoring against them. Third, also check if your team has a home court advantage. Teams playing on their own arenas or avenues have an advantage against whosoever they are going to face off with. This is because since it is their ice rink, they are very familiar with its structure and can use this familiarity to enhance their tactics. Another important consideration is recent injuries. Sure, a team may have won most of its past matches, but if one of the team members that paved the way to these successes is currently benched due to an injury, then you might as well rethink your bet.

Aside from those previously mentioned, other free hockey picks you have to keep tabs on, especially if you're betting on an NHL team, are overtime records, GF versus GA statistics, and of course, the past results of games with the same team match-ups. Knowing all these will surely boost your chances on predicting the winners of a hockey game. Although this is not an exact science, there are means to measure your chances of ending up victorious.

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NFL Teams To Salute Military On Veterans Day

Through out the years many NFL players have visited soldiers stationed abroad and this year many NFL teams are set to honor the military and its soldiers on Veterans Day.

In 1965, Pete Rozelle the NFL Commissioner wanted to show the league’s support for military. He came up with the idea of sending players to Vietnam on goodwill tours. In 1966, USO and NFL teamed up to become the first sports organization to send players to Vietnam and other parts of Asia. 2006 marks the 40th anniversary of this unique partnership.

Walter Murren, the Vice President of USO operations in Europe, mentioned that NFL’s commitment to boosting the morale of servicemen serving outside America was clearly evident with leagues annual trips to American military installations around the word.

This year, Patrick Kerney of Atlanta, Max Starks of Pittisburgh and Bryce Fisher of Seattle visited military personnel stationed at the Persian Gulf and Balkan. Bryce Fisher is a graduate of Air Force Academy and is currently the Public Affairs Captain in the Washington Air National Guards.

On Memorial Day, Brian Dawkins and Michael Strahan, NFL All Stars, visited injured American soldiers at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

NFL and NFL Films have created a PSA to mark the 40th anniversary which will be aired on NFL Network and during Veterans Day weekend game broadcasts. Many NFL players have strong military connections either through their families or were serving themselves.

To comment and discuss this subject online you can visit the sports and gambling forum

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The New York Rangers and The Stanley Cup

One of the oldest team in the National Hockey League is the New York Rangers. They are one of the Original Six, the first teams in the league.The team was started in 1962. The New York Rangers is one of the teams to watch for. The first year the team played, they snagged the American Division title. Since then, the Ranger tickets have been selling.

The New York Rangers was the first team to have traveled by plane to go to their games. This was for their match with the Maple Leafs in 1929. The Rangers have four Stanley Cups that they can be proud of. They were the first American franchise to have won such an accolade. They won the first Cup in 1928. They bought the Toronto Maple Leafs for their second Cup in 1933. Despite having to travel abroad in 1940, the team managed to win their third Cup. The most recent win for the team was the Cup in 1994. With such performance, Rangers ticket sale has been unfaltering. Even if the games were held abroad, the fans never failed to show their support to the team.

The time between the third and most recent Stanley Cup win of the team was known was the Curse of 1940. It was believed to be the result of the action of the management in 1940. The mortgage on the Madison Square Garden was burned in the 1940 Stanley Cup. In so doing, many believed the disrespect on the Cup has placed a curse on the team. However, winning the 1994 has broken the Curse of the 1940. The Rangers fans never failed to support the team since the losing streak that they suffered from. The continued to patronize the Rangers tickets and maintained their attendance in the games.

The Rangers certainly have made a comeback since then. With improvements in the player roster as well as the coaching staff, the team managed to capture the attention of many. The unending support of the fans helped out as well. After not winning another Cup, the Rangers never faltered in providing great games to watch for the fans.

The fans are even more elated in watching the games of the Rangers when they have acquainted some of the more known players in the league. Their rosters once held Wayne Gretzky, Theoren Fleury and Eric Lindros's names. The team has continued to show their potential on the ice. Fans and enthusiasts alike can not wait to watch the team do their best on the ice again.

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Watch NBA Games Online – How To Watch Live NBA Games Online!

If you are a fan of basketball then you have probably heard of the super stars in this sport. The main ones that spring to mind are Mike Jordan, Shaq O’Neal and Magic Johnson.

If you bring up the subject of basketball in a conversation it is not long before you hear these names. Well if you like to watch basketball then this article will tell you a bit more about a new technology that allows you to Watch NBA Games Online so you can catch all your favourite stars whenever you want!

The new technology is called Satellite TV for PC and is great for people that love sport but always seem to miss their favourite events. All you need to do is get the software and open up your favourite browser and you will be able to Watch NBA Games Online or anything else you want too.

There is no need for a TV tuner card or a satellite dish as the software works by receiving live broadcasts through internet streams.

The good thing about this is the fact that it is very easy to set up and also the range of channels you will have as well! There are well over 3,000 channels to pick from so you will always be able to find something to watch.

It is every persons dream to meet their favourite sports star and some people will go to insane lengths to be able to do this and spend thousands of dollars on season tickets, however most people just do not have the money to do this so have to watch the game by television.

Also the other thing to take into account if you want to Watch NBA Games Online is the hours that some of these games are on and if you work nights or do a lot of hours at least you know you will not miss your favourite game.

You can of course tape it but by that point you will have heard the result and that takes all the fun out of it!

I hope this article has explained how you can Watch NBA Games Online and also a bit about how this software works!

Have Fun!

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How to Find Good Online Games to Play When You Are Bored

Gone are the days when you had just the computer to play with when you were alone at home. Today, even sitting at home, you can find many people who will be willing to play online with you. There are plenty of good online games available on the internet today. You only have to sort out through many of these websites, to choose the one that you like the most.

Racing games

Racing games of all kinds have been very popular with the masses for a long time now. The internet has only served to provide more ways to enjoy racing in many ways. There are many game sites that host racing games like bike racing, car racing and the likes. Many good online games offer multiple levels where each level is tougher than the previous one, which allows you to challenge yourself.

You can also have a race with other people on the internet. Many websites are designed for collaborative gaming, where many users log in at the same time. These good online games provide you with a more immersive experience. Some websites also host racing tournaments over a period of time and have proved very popular with people.

Role Playing Games

Role playing games or RPG’s as they are popularly called are one of the few genres that have an enthusiastic and dedicated fan base. Today, RPG’s have moved from the table tops to consoles and you will find many good online games based on this concept.

Online role playing games require you to build your own character, more popular known as avatars, with different capabilities, which increase with experience as you go more into higher levels of the game. Many good online games in this genre have structured guidelines, with certain rules and mechanics so that many people can play at the same time.

Fantasy Leagues

Online fantasy leagues are by far the most popular genre of games on the internet. Websites hosting these games are sponsored by many big companies whose aim is to popularize and generate interest in all kinds of sports and hence have a wide reach. Fantasy leagues revolve around the form of the players and the better you chosen players perform, the more points you earn.

Football and baseball fantasy leagues have generated a lot of interest even among women. Studies point out that women make up more than 40 percent of those playing fantasy leagues online. Fantasy league are more interesting than most other games due to their dynamic and real time nature. The form of players keep on changing all the time and you need to be abreast with the latest in order to perform at your best in these kinds of games.

In addition to being fun when no one is around, good online games are also act good stress busters when you are tired after a long day’s work. Search Engines are you best friend to help you find an online game of your choice.

Source by Russ Proudfoot

Betting in Sports – How Much Can You Win?

When you hear of the term gambling, the first thing that comes to your mind is the city of sin that is none other than Las Vegas. Gambling is sort of legal in this place and the aficionados are fond of placing their bets. However, betting does not only take place in the casinos. Furthermore, they are also applied in sports. That is why there is the Las Vegas sports betting too. It is not only popular and fun but it offers a great chance of winning lots of money! Alright, now that technology is operating towards a high scale, you do not need to board a flight bound for Las Vegas to bet on a sport. You simply can do this within the confines of your home. How will it be possible now? It is simple! Betting in sports can take place via the Internet! Yes, you have read it right and you may watch it happening live before your eyes.

Why Betting in Sports is never a Piece of Cake

Who said that betting in sports is easy? This person must be really crazy, so to speak. After all, it involves a very convoluted chemistry that a careful analysis of the methods plus the factors that combine it should be done. There are several angles that comprise it and they are the equations, statistics, and a lot of complicated formulas. One has to be very devoted to studying the ups and downs of this action prior to collecting the money that you may win.

For you to grab the trophy for any of the sports events, it is important that you have an awesome knowledge about how the sport is played. You must take time to look into the present statistics of the participating teams plus a good deal of background regarding each and every player. You should likewise recognize who the coaches of the playing teams are and their most valuable players.

Do not forget as well that you should get a clear background of the betting system. Knowing how it works can help you win. Betting in sports also requires for you to put money on the sport that you really are engrossed with. This will furthermore give you all the drives to learn the statistical figures involved in the sport betting system.

The Two Methods in Betting in Sports

There are two generally recognized methods of sports betting. Read on below.

The first one is called the "straight up" which means that the money line bet based on the odds are strictly determined by the adequate understanding of the implied sport.

The second method is called the "point spread" which is then based on the disparity of the scores of the two teams towards the ending of the game. This is held to be a riskier method since you should have a solid knowledge about every team that plays.

Betting in sports requires from you enough effort and time to comprehend on the goings on of the system. There are several Internet websites that offer the recommended sports for you to pick out. They may come for free or with some minimal charges. Anyhow, it matters that you exhibit an adequate amount of familiarity to how you should go about with betting and dealing with your money. It will help if you purchase a handicapper that makes use of a proven system, angles, trends, and experiences that will bring in the profit from a baseball or any sports event that you are fond of risking on.

Source by Chris Grisham

The NFL Jersey As a Style Statement – Making Football Work For You

Football season looms. Come August, the NFL starts its pre-season games. And there will continue to be football, football, and more football until the merciful conclusion of the NFL season with the February Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, the game of football looks to you pretty much like a mega-sale at Wal-Mart.


Surely you've noticed those great outfits football players wear? Why, over the course of the season, you'll see jerseys in every glorious hue you can think of.

There are the Giants blue jerseys that match that cute pair of slacks you got for your birthday. And the Jets and Packers have that adorable green that matches your eyes.

Not to mention the Dolphins terrific teal (or is it turquoise?), Which might lead you to spring for a set of contacts.

And the Ravens and the Raiders do some wonderful things with that sexy old standby, basic black.

But what has that got to do with you?

In the spirit of 'if you can not beat them, join them,' get yourself one of those cool NFL jerseys.

Pick one for your lover's favorite team. Or one to match your hair. Or to complement those stiletto heels you bought to spice up your anniversary.

By the way, here's a tip: if you're not inviting the gang in to watch the game, and there's just gonna be the two of you, you might consider limiting your attire to the stilettos and a killer jersey. Just a thought.

And even if the gang's all there to watch the game at your house, while it may be prudent to add a pair of jeans to your ensemble, you can still slip into the NFL jersey of your choice.

Then try slouching seductively down onto the sofa amid all that cheering (or sobbing, as the case may be), and you will immediately look like someone who knows a thing or two about the game of football.

See? You're immediately a part of the gang. And you have not said a word. In fact, if your knowledge of the game of football is truly sub-par, silence is probably a good option.

Because if you've chosen your NFL jersey in just the right color and size, your knowledge of football may well become near the point.

Source by Bob Brooker

Ben Burns' NHL Notebook – November 15

There are not any changes in the NHL team power ratings from last week, as the league's top teams continue their strong play. I expect to see a shake-up soon though, as overachieving teams like Montreal and Carolina will begin to fall back to the rest of the pack.

Ottawa Senators (13-2)

Based on a potent offense and a stingy defense, the Senators retain the top spot. The Sens do not have the most points in the league but that's only due to the fact that they have played the few games. Through 15 games, Ottawa has outscored its opponents by an average margin of 5-2. There is little doubt that they are currently the most powerful team in the league.

Detroit Red Wings (15-3-1)

The Red Wings continue to show no signs of slowing down. Their 31 points is the most in the entire NHL. However, critics would argue that Detroit has faced a reliably easy schedule that far. More than half of the Wings' wins have come vs. St. Louis, Chicago and Columbus. Those three teams have an ugly combined record 14-36-3.

Carolina Hurricanes (12-3-1)

This may be the last time we see Carolina on this list. The Hurricanes recently saw their nine-game win streak snapped, in a big way, losing 9-0 at home to Atlanta. Over the next five games they face Ottawa twice, the New York Rangers twice, and the defending champions (Tampa Bay) once. I'll be surprised if they can manage five points in those five games.

Montreal Canadiens (12-3-3)

Despite outscoring their counterparts by only six total goals (57-51) the Canadiens have the most points in the Eastern Conference. Like Carolina, this may be the last time we see Montreal on this list though. Back to back overtime losses, combined with the recent injury to high-scoring Alexei Kovalev, could mark the beginning of a slide for the Habs.

Philadelphia Flyers (11-4-1)

The Flyers lost last night to the Lightning. However, they are still a healthy 7-2-1 their past 10 games. The Flyers boast a strong and balanced lineup. They are also beginning to get fairly decent play in goal from Robert Esche, who has a record of 8-3 and a respectable goals-against-average of 3.08.


By now, almost everyone has heard of Penguins' sensation, Sidney Crosby. Most hockey fans have also become familiar with Capitals' star, Alexander Ovechkin. This week, I felt it was only fair to include a pair of promising young goals to the list. Kings 'goalie Jason LaBarbera and Rangers' goalie Henrik Lundqvist have gotten off to strong starts and have both important factors in their team's early success.

Sidney Crosby Through 19 games, Crosby has recorded seven goals and 14 assists.

Alexander Ovechkin

While Crosby has been more of a set-up man, Ovechkin continues to 'light the lamp'. Through 18 games, he has 13 goals and five assists.

Henrik Lundqvist

Through the first 11 games of his NHL career, Lundqvist has a 7-2-2 record and leads the league with a sparkling 1.88 goals-against-average.

Jason LaBarbera

LaBarbera is 8-2-1 with a solid 2.44 goals-against-average.


Does it seem like home teams have been winning the major of the games this season? That's because they have been! After greater than 250 games, home teams have been cashing at a 60 percent clip. Totals remain fairly balanced with 'Under' bettors enjoying a slight advantage.

Away Teams 107-159 (40.23%)

Home Teams 159-107 (59.77%)

Favorites 160-106 (60.15%)

Underdogs 106-160 (39.85%)

Road Favorites 43-42 (50.59%)

Home Favorites 117-64 (64.64%)

Home Dogs 42-43 (49.41%)

Total (Over / Under) Results

All games: Over: 95 (47.5%) Under: 105 (52.5%)

Overtime games: Over 24 (47.06%) Under 27 (52.94%)

Source by Ben Burns

Pro Baseball Betting Online

Major League Baseball has been considered as America's pastime for the past 100 or so years. The game has been famous dating back to the beginning of the 1900's when Babe Ruth and others starred on the baseball diamond.

Baseball is unique when compared to other sports because of the importance of one player, the pitcher. The pitcher has the greatest impact on a game compared to any other player in any other sport. Michael Jordan dominated basketball games but even he could not stop another team from scoring all by himself. When a pitcher is having a great day, he strikes out a lot of guys and induces easy pop-ups and ground balls that even a bad high school team could field.

When a great pitcher is pitching for a terrible team, he acts as a great equalizer. He gives this team a chance to win, no matter the opponent. When a great pitcher is taking the mound as part of a great team, this team is going to win almost every time he trots out there.

As a sports bettor, you need to do a little research before siding with the team that the great pitcher is on. You should look up how that pitcher fares against that team and how he performs in that particular ballpark. Sometimes great pitchers struggle against certain teams or players.

You should also be cautious when betting on games that your favorite team is taking part in. As a fan of this team, you need to make sure you are betting objectively. This means your bias as a fan can not enter the betting decision whateversoever. If it is, you should not be betting on any game that this team plays in.

To test your ability to bet objectively, try betting against your favorite team whenever you think they are going to lose. If you are able to do this, you should continue to bet for and against this team. This will help you make a lot of money by winning a lot of bets. If you can not bet against your favorite team, you should not bet in any game that they are apart of.

Source by Jacob Jane

An NFL Fan Down Under – My Super Bowl Story

An NFL Fan in Australia? Want to buy your favourite NFL Team Merchandise? Read on…

So as my mates and I gather at a pub in Melbourne, Australia in early February to watch Super Bowl XLIV I see a decent number of NFL supporters whom I have no idea who they are supporting. Why? Because they are not kitted out in supporter merchandise.

Put simply, Melbourne is a true sporting capital, go to a local AFL match and you will see every passionate supporter decked out in their team gear. So to see Melbournians watching and cheering on sport in mufti just didn’t seem right.

As great as this Super Bowl experience was, it was this small aspect that annoyed me. OK call me picky, but most people I talked to that day were passionate about the NFL, the Saints and the Colts that they’d buy gear if it was made available.

Well if I’d have known that I would set up my own little store and made a quick buck.

As I sat there is my Peyton Manning jersey (and yes what later in the day I drowned my sorrows in), I was asked numerous times where I had gotten it from. Notwithstanding my answer being that I in fact bought it whilst on a recent trip to the United States, I quickly informed my newly found NFL-loving buddies that this kinda stuff is pretty easy to find online.

In fact I reckon if I had my laptop and wireless internet card on hand I could’ve made someone quite a few sales on the spot (bring on Super Bowl XLV).

As the Saints fans rejoiced, I sat hands on head as Manning’s pass wet through the hands of Reggie Wayne wondering if but only more Colts supporters in this small pub on the edge of the earth had shown their support, then they may have done better…

Source by Bradley Sang

The Top 3 Mixed Martial Arts Betting Strategies – Do not Bet Again Until You Read This!

Mixed martial arts is a fast growing sport, but the amount of information about betting on mixed martial arts is very scarce. As a professional sports bettor I've learned the ins and outs of mixed martial arts betting in the past 6 months, and I have come up with three betting strategies that are very successful, and will help you profit every year.

Underdog betting

Betting on underdogs has always been a great strategy in sports betting, and in mixed martial arts this strategy is even more successful. In high profile fights, such as large UFC bouts, the underdog is always undervalued and a great bet. Stay away from large favorites, and you'll be in a great spot to profit.

Bet against the public

The majority of sports bettors lose money, so betting against them is always a great idea in sports. In mixed martial arts betting, this also works very well because the sport is so new to the mainstream. Many new bettors are jumping at the chance to bet on losses, and they really have no idea what they're doing. If you want to make some good money with MMA, make sure you are not betting on the same fighters that the general public is as well.

System betting

Betting systems are a crucial part of most professional bettors strategies. Systems are based on certain situations and instances that happen over and over again. Developing a system is very easy in sports such as basketball, which has lots of games every season and you can spot trends pretty easily. In mixed martial arts this is not as easy to do, but systems can be developed. Some guys fight better against certain styles of fighting than others, and you should always pay attention to this when making a system.

Overall, these are my three favorite strategies for betting on mixed martial arts. Implement them into your own betting style and I think it will help you increase your profits in MMA betting.

Source by Justin Goff

Sports Apparel

Today I’m wearing the jersey of the team I like the most in the world to go to work. Some of you are actually telling yourself this guy must be crazy. Others are thinking he must be rich and finally people like me are thinking he is right buying the jersey but he should not go to work with it, he should wear it to go watch his team play or whenever his team is playing. Hey enough I’m not rich nor crazy and I don’t get the chance to watch my team live, I’m wearing it because it’s Friday and I want to get the attention of a certain girl. Are you a sport lover?

If you are a sport lover, you should find ways to support the teams and sportsmen you like. By supporting them I mean spending money directly for them, like buying their jerseys or accessories or buy things that these players promote. Personally I prefer to buy a jersey, doing this I’m supporting both the team and the player. That was for people living far from their favorite players.

People living near them have far more options than the ones described in the previous paragraph. They can buy tickets and go watch some games live. They can subscribe to a local fan club and contribute directly by giving money for the team. They can watch training sessions of the team. Finally they can show their love when they meet their favorite players on the street. Sport’s lovers have several ways to show their loves and to live with the fact they love a player, a team but above all they are also expecting something back from this player and this team.

For me it’s obvious, the more fans you have the more you should put pressure on yourself to play well and to succeed. People that are responsible for the team should use the resources they have to build the best team they can, both in terms of players and coaching staff. Now this staffs both players and coaches should work hard for the team to get better. Not all the teams in the world are winning titles, so this should not be the goal. The goal is to build the best team possible and to work hard to finish at the best position possible. All the fans in the world will be happy if they that their teams and players are giving the best for them. It is hard to be a player with a lot of fans.

Players with lot of fans are expected to control every aspect of their lives because too much people are watching them. First you have to work hard so you can always be at the top. Second you have to be an example in all aspects of your life, people tend to act, live and think like the player they like. You also have to give the love you are receiving back, you are expected to give autograph to your fans, to waive your hands back, it’s about showing that you love them too. When everything is well in place the kind of emotions that can exist between a player and his fans is infinite and that’s why I’m a sport fan, I’m in search of real emotions.

Source by Steve Fleurant