grain free dog training treats

Home made, grain free dog training treats.

Tiny treats, ideal for dog training sessions.

I used a silicon, mini-ice cube tray available on eBay: (as this link is to an eBay seller I cannot guarantee it will still work, if it doesn’t search for mini ice-cube tray). The tray creates pre-formed, small treats – less hassle than cutting up after baking.

This recipe takes about 5 minutes to mix, 5 minutes to bake in the microwave and about 10 minutes to ‘dry out’ in a pre-heated oven.


Toys, Treats & Equipment TRAINER Recommended – kong, clickers, toys and more

The video is to answer many questions that people may have about what I use with Luna as well as what I would recommend to dog’s I train.

Please feel free to ask any questions below as well as suggestions for future how to videos


Dog Training – Benefits of Snacks – Bhola Shola

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What treats to use – how to train a dog

I made this quick video because this is the most common question I get asked daily on youtube. BUT the secret is not WHAT treat to use, but what treat YOUR dog needs you to use. It will be different for every dog! The next secret is that you have to keep changing the treats up or the dog will get bored/habituate to the treat you always use.


DIY Dog Training Treats | Make Your Own Dog Training Treats

Indianapolis Dog Training guru Jane shows me how to properly prepare her personal Chicken Hot Dog Training Treats.

More awesome dog training videos over on the Indianapolis Dog Training Youtube Channel

Also here’s a free dog training video course I made:


Cheap Healthy Microwave Dog Training Treats-and many of them!

An easy way to make many healthy training treats. You control the ingredients. Use meat and meat juices if you ned higher value or higher protein for your dog.

Eileen Anderson’s Blog post:


Positive Dog Training with Treats on a German Shepherd

In this video I try to train my GSD positive. With treats. One thing with him is, that he is not a good eater…




Topics in this video include a list a couple of great treats for training and what training treats you should avoid, and what to look out for when buying treats.

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About this video:
So choosing treats can be tricky and confusing with so much choice, it is always hard work to know what treats to choose for your dog that is going to get them so excited.
I have listed 4 dog treats below and also talk about them in my video. There is one great packet of treats that I recommend and 3 not so much, and I also give you some things to think about when buying treats.
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Labrador Retriever – Understanding the Role of Treats in Dog Training

Some thoughts on the role of food work in a dog training program. I hope you guys enjoy! For more information about my services, check out my website: If you just like cool photos of dogs, you should head over to my Instagram:


The Best Treats for Training Your Dog? People Food!

Have you read the ingredient list in commercial dog treats?
Have you *smelled* those commercial dog treats?!

Many of the popular dog treats found in grocery stores are (1) expensive, (2) filled with preservatives and by-products, and (3) smell just horrible. Yet, many of my clients still want to feed their dogs these ick-laden things to their dogs (and expect their dogs to remain focused and happy to work, even in the face of distractions).

Would you eat one of your dog’s treats?
And more importantly, would you enjoy it? I doubt it. [Yes, I know. Dogs love a lot of things we don’t find appealing.]

My point is still: people food is a really good choice for dog training treats.

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How To Teach Your Dog to Balance a Treat On Their Nose!

This is one of the most impressive dog tricks and a great foundation for teaching more advanced behaviors. Teaching a dog to do anything can be achieved with clicker training, good timing and patience.

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Safe Treats and Dangerous Treats For Your Dog – Ask the Vet

Not all treats are safe for your dog. In fact, some doggy treats are downright dangerous.
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Be careful with what kinds of treats you give to your dog. Some treats can cause lacerations in the mouth and throat. Other treats can cause intestinal blockage. Dr. Courtney Campbell DVM breaks down all the classic treats from dangerous treats, safe treats and treats you may already have in your refrigerator.

Dr. Courtney Campbell DVM is a surgical resident at Animal Medical Center of Southern California.

Special Thanks to Animal Medical Center of Southern California.

Host: Courtney Campbell, DVM

Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee
Lead Producer: Hai-Lam Phan
Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis
Editor: Shawn McPherson


How To Train Your Dog To Listen WITHOUT FOOD!

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This video teaches you how to train your dog to listen to you with or without food rewards! Many dog owners find that their dog only listens to them when they have food. This common problem can easily be resolved by teaching the dog to work for non-food based reinforcers. There are ample opportunities in your daily life to improve your dog’s reliability and obedience, we just have to know where to look and how to create successful outcomes that the dog can learn from.


FURminator DeShedding Tools for Dogs

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Safety First for Dogs Too || ViralHog

Occurred on March 4, 2018 / Da Lat, Vietnam

“Road trip, I saw this dog wearing helmets, riding motorcycles all over the city there.”

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From a Dog Trainer: Most Comfortable Dog Harness | Dog Training Nation

Looking for the most comfortable dog harness for your pet? Watch the video above to discover my favorite dog harness.

As a professional dog trainer, I tend to review dog harnesses from a trainer’s perspective. From my experience, the Ruffwear Front Range Harness is the most comfortable harness for dogs.

The wide, adjustable straps with soft padding make this harness extremely comfortable for dogs to wear during walks—including strong pulling dogs. In addition, the construction of this dog harness prevents chaffing and the hardware is very sturdy.

To read more about our Ruffwear Front Range Harness review, check out:

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Scarlett MS5 First Training video


How to Train a Dog Who’s Not Interested in Training

How can you train a dog when they’re not interested in training? This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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The Three D’s in Dog Training: Distance, Duration and Distraction

Using the Three D’s and paying attention to them, working on them individually before gradually doing them all together makes your dogs learning a lot easier.


Police dog training videos – Attack and search #2 || Professional and class

Police dog training videos – Attack and search #2 || Professional and class
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How to Train a Great Pyrenees Dog – Dog Obedience Training ►►► How to Train a Great Pyrenees Dog – Dog Obedience Training

How to Train a Great Pyrenees Dog: Great Pyrenees training is difficult. The Great Pyrenees is notoriously independent and hard to train. They are intelligent and surely have the capacity to be trained. Indeed, successful dog training can be seen on the dog shows annually on TV or more frequently if you follow such circuits live in person. However, it takes a good understanding of what purpose the breed evolved for and what best methods to use in order to successfully train a Great Pyrenees. Here are the fundamentals that you must know.

Remember during your Great Pyrenees training that your dog is not a person. Most people have a natural tendency to treat animals as they treat other humans. Especially the multitude of us living urban and suburban lives who have limited interaction with non-human species tend towards this behavior model. However, Great Pyrenees training follows different social rules than we are used to, and the dog’s perceptions are the ones that matter most.

The Great Pyrenees was bred as a livestock guardian. They are incredibly loyal and unwavering members of their pack. Their pack, for thousands of years now, has not been a family based one like wolves have. On the contrary, Great Pyrenees consider their human masters and the livestock they protect as all within their pack. It is important for the human owner to take on the role of leader of that pack, and while you can be sweet and loving and caring during the dog training sessions, you must also enter the relationship with the assumption of authority.

Like in most pursuits, it is important to have well-oriented expectations. During Great Pyrenees training, even the most successful trainer will never have a Pyr that acts like a Labrador Retriever. Great Pyrenees training can end with the dogs obeying basic commands, at least the majority of the time.

For some more expert advice and information, here is a book to give you specific steps towards successful Great Pyrenees obedience training.


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E-Collar Training: Recall (Phase 1) | Happy Hound | Dog Training Navarre FL

Would you like your dog to come when called every. single. time even in distracting areas? It can all be made possible with a wonderful tool called the E-Collar! It requires a step by step process to get from your dog blowing you off when you call to have perfect recall. Step 1 is to start teaching your dog to come using a leash and treats. Once they are okay with this you can add the e-collar. This video shows you step 1 while adding the E-Collar.

Happy Hound Dog Obedience
Dog Training in Navarre FL