Observing the indication signs – dog behaviour lesson

Watch this – interesting and typical behaviour of how an approach can lead to an expected response


Solving dog behaviour problems- preventing boredom.

Many of us work long hours and as much as we’d love to be home all the time with our dogs, it isn’t always possible! In this video I’ll help you prevent boredom by giving you tips and recommendations for toys that will give your dog plenty of things to do during the day to help prevent boredom and the often resulting bad behaviors such as digging & chewing!

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Dog Behavior Training – How to properly socialize your dog

Dog Training Video – Socialization is very important for dogs. Watch this video to discover the benefits of socialization. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel.

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Inequality – Dog behavior

Unequal payment for the same job. Two dogs tested in the Clever Dog Lab at VETMEDUNI Vienna, Austria.


Dog Behavior Q&A #99


Live Q&A every Thursday at 6pm Central Standard Time!

Welcome to Majors Academy Dog Training! Head trainer Jeremy Majors is a very talented dog trainer and has successfully rehabbed hundreds of aggressive dogs. Jeremy works closely with several rescues throughout Wisconsin conducting seminars and bi- monthly training as a way to give back. His simplistic approach to dog training is easy to follow and applicable to the real world and everyday living with your pet. He believes you and your dog deserve a stress free life with inclusion as your biggest reward. Proudly serving but not limited to the Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison and Appleton, WI areas!

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TOP #27: Difference Between Dog Training and Behavior Work ft. Debby Dobson

Theory of Pets Podcast Episode 027: The Difference Between Dog Training and Canine Behavior Work. Featured guest: Animal behaviorist Debby Dobson.

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Shelter Dog Safety and Behavior Presentation

Learn how to safely interact with the shelter dogs and how to read their body language.


Rude Dog Behavior

This video shows some behavior that is rude and impolite from two dogs. For more information see www.rescuedogsresponsibly.com


Dog Behavior: Why The Dominance Theory Is Wrong – Jessica Postelmans [IARC2017]

Many of us have rescue dogs running around in our gardens and sleeping on our couches. But caring for these dogs, or a dog in general, equals a big responsibility. We do our best to provide them with what they need. Or, with what we think they need. How sure are we in pinpointing this? Do you sometimes also have the idea something is off, that some common believes just don`t tally with how you feel we should look at their behavior?
For a better insight in dogs this talk will shed some light on the general view of dominance in dogs.

## About Jessica Postelmans ##

Not very long after having started a job in the corporate world, she realized this was not where she belonged. She started courses to become a dog trainer, switched jobs becoming responsible for an education program where children were taught how to behave around dogs and finally she completed a postgraduate in companion animal behavior.
Along the way she became vice president of Helping Dogs, a Belgian dog adoption organization, quarantine manager at a Dutch shelter and a foster home for dogs. Noticing a huge gap between what we think we know about dogs and cats and what we should know, she founded Monsieur Gustave. Monsieur Gustave believes that creating awareness among those caring for companion animals as well as everyone with an interest in them, could make a difference in the lives of so many dogs and cats.
Besides her work with companion animals Jessica promotes veganism by being an animal rights activist.


Meet Your Dog: The Game-Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior

Learn more:

Every dog owner knows that along with the joy can come the stress and frustration of behavioral problems, which are expensive to diagnose and treat. Enter Kim Brophey, award-winning canine behavior consultant. Using cutting-edge research, Brophey has developed a groundbreaking system that allows owners to identify what their dog is struggling with, why, and how they can fix it. Brophey’s approach is unlike anything that has been published before and will give dog owners a new understanding of what motivates and affects their dog’s behavior. Brophey’s innovative technique rethinks the way we categorize dogs, and distills information from over twenty scientific disciplines into four comprehensive elements: learning, environment, genetics, and self. With revolutionary tips for specific dog breeds, this book will change the life of every dog owner and lead to happier human-canine relationships.


The Reality of Dog Behavior Rehabilitation with Tyler Muto

One of the most common questions we get asked when folks are considering a Board and Train program is “What happens if my dog doesn’t display the behavior when she’s at the training center?”

Here K9 Connection Founder and Training Director Tyler Muto answers that question in detail.

K9 Connection offers dog training and dog behavior services in Buffalo, NY and WNY


Basic Dog Training Techniques : How to Correct Your Dog’s Behavior

Learn about correcting your dog’s behavior in this free video clip.

Expert: Carlos Puentes
Contact: www.k-9solutionsinc.com
Bio: Carlos Puentes is the owner of K-9 Solutions, Inc. His company is a professional Dog Training Service in Miami, Fl.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


5 common dog behaviors explained

Here’s why your dog barks, chews and digs.


Nathan Williams: Dog Behaviour Specialist

A quick introductory insight into who Sydney based Dog Behaviour Specialist Nathan Williams is and what his mission is about.

For more info please visit

Produced by Alex Dover @ Quartermelon


TOP 10 Bad Dog Behaviors | 10 Worst Dog Behaviors !!

TOP 10 Bad Dog Behaviors | 10 Worst Dog Behaviors !!
Top 10 Bad Dog Behaviors Most Common Bad Habits of Dogs

1 House Soiling
2 Excessive Barking
3 Territorial Behavior
4 Dog Aggressiveness
5 Slobbering/Hypersalivation
6 Anxiety
7 Leash Aggressiveness
8 Leash Pulling
9 Jumping on People
10 Chewing Inappropriate Objects

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Dog Behaviourists – Cat Behaviourists

The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association carefully select membership from the very best of Britain’s Dog and Cat Behaviourists to help you resolve your pets problem

CIDBT: Cambridge Institute is the education arm of the CFBA

With the CIDBT you will be able to join dog behaviour and Psychology modules that are written and managed by people who are experts within the dog training and behaviour field, who work with the public in front-line canine behaviour and training practice.

Find a Dog Behaviourist

Dog Behaviour Videos visit

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Dog Education Films


Stop Unwanted Dog Behavior with Scent Repellants & Attractants – PetSmart

Did you know that a dog’s nose is as much as a million times more sensitive than a human’s? Dog training with scent may be one of the best dog behavior solutions to break bad habits. Spray repellants and attractants are great training tools that make use of your dog’s nose. Find out more here:

Want to know how to stop bad dog behaviors? Repellants can help teach a dog to stop unwanted behaviors, such as chewing or digging, and attractants are ideal for rewarding and reinforcing positive behaviors. Whether you want a do-it-yourself solution or you want us to help you through it, PetSmart is your source for scent-based training solutions and classes that promote happy, healthy experiences for you and your pet. Pet problems? No problem at PetSmart.


How to curb some bad dog behaviors

This is taken from my Friday night lives.


How to Stop Dogs From Mounting Other Dogs : Dog Behavior & Training

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The secret to getting dogs to stop mounting other dogs is one of communication. Stop dogs from mounting other dogs with help from a certified dog behavioral therapist and master trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Justin Scher
Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez

Series Description: Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to have to train your dog properly so that he or she knows how to best behave around others. Get dog tips with help from a certified dog behavioral therapist and master trainer in this free video series.


Redirecting A Dog’s Behavior vs. Correcting A Dog’s Behavior

When your dog misbehaves, you probably either try to redirect him or correct him. In this video I explain what the differences are and what you should do if you want to get long lasting results.

Matt Hendricks
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Grand Rapids, MI based dog training and behavior modification. We serve all of West Michigan using our balanced training approach and help you become the pack leader for your dog(s).


Dog behavior

rottweiler/shepard mix 4 yrs old vs germanshepard 2.4 yrs old both my dogs are fine this video is for educational purposes only. This is not a dog fight persay, but also i don not condone in harming animals. Anyone who harms any animal i despise them. Unless you are hunting out of necessity to feed your family.