Crate Train your puppy to LOVE going in the crate with GSM

This video tells how you can get your puppy to stay in the crate until you release them to come out AND how to teach your puppy to LOVE going back in their crate!!! Crate we use link below:

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Crate Training Your Puppy

Are you wondering how to crate train your puppy? Dogs are naturally attracted to the peaceful privacy of dark, quiet places. When raising a new puppy, crate training your puppy gives them a calm place to rest and relax. Plus, kennel training keeps them from nibbling on your favorite shoes. But if your pup has never seen a dog crate before, he’ll need a proper and positive introduction to the whole crate train experience. Crate training tips come in handy when you’re learning how to kennel a train a puppy. We’ll show you how with some easy-to-do crate training tips! First, remove your pup’s collar before placing your pup inside the dog kennel. Remember you want a pawsitive kennel training experience for you and your furry friend, so this will allow him to roam freely inside. If you’ve got that down pat, introduce your pup to his dog cage. Once he gets a whiff of his new spot, reward him with some of his favorite puppy treats for a job well done. After a while, shut that doggie door and back away from the dog kennel before those big, brown puppy eyes get the best of you. But only leave him inside for a brief moment, and gradually increase it over time. Even if your dog tries to tear the dog cage apart Incredible Hulk style. If you have a small breed or large breed dog, a Frisco crate is great choice and is durable enough to outlast any crate train. Always remember the dog kennel is for pawsitive puppy training only and never a form of punishment.

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House training a puppy or dog without a crate!


Let me first say there are 2 parts in the video that is guaranteed to make you pee your pants so please be warned 🙂

This is a method I use often to house train my puppies and dogs without needing to crate them. It’s very effective, in fact I’m going to say it is more effective than when using a crate!
The reason is because altho dogs and even puppies naturally don’t want to do their business where they sleep( in the crate for instance) they still have to go in there when you are not right there to let them out immediately once they start to show signs that need to go.. Even more so with young puppies or older dogs that weren’t house trained as puppies, severe cases you will see In puppy mill dogs or just dogs that lived outside and never learned to live in a house and go potty outside.. In those cases the dogs and puppies will show very little signs that they need to go out, they haven’t learned to bark yet to let you know, so if you aren’t in the same room with them you may miss the warnings they are giving.. And they will have accidents in the crate.. They will have even more accidents in the house if left out of the crate.. That’s why by attaching them to yourself you make house training much easier because you will be right there when they need to go. And it will be quicker for you to let them out, also they will be able to hold longer because many dogs are a little shy to go potty with someone standing right next to them and they have a leash on them..
Watch the video and comment if you have any questions 🙂 thank you for watching, follow me on Facebook for many more tips on how to train your puppies and dogs to do different things and correcting unwanted behaviors etc 🙂


Crate Training Your Puppy

Chapter 2 of the Starting Your Puppy-The Wildrose Way series. Why crate training is important and how to successfully crate train your puppy.


“How To Crate Train a Puppy” Done Right It’s Not Cruel, Getting Puppy To Like Crate

How To Crate Train a Puppy, What you will learn in this video is how to avoid ever letting your puppy out of the crate when crying without being cruel, and this also applies to every single aspect of puppy training.

“How To Crate Train a Puppy” Done Right It’s Not Cruel, Getting Puppy To Like Crate

What is crate training?

Used properly, a crate is a highly effective short-term solution for managing and training your puppy. If you start to train your puppy early on to be content in a crate, you’ll provide a safe, cozy place that he or she can call their own and sleep in at night without crying.

How To Crate Train a Puppy When Crying?

You want to be avoid ever letting your puppy out of the crate when crying, but there are five important rules to follow to getting your puppy to like the crate.

1. Make sure he doesn’t need the toilet. Pay attention to how long it’s been since your pup went potty. Remember that they need several bathroom breaks and can’t hold it for long.

2. Be sure your puppy isn’t crying because it’s thirsty as can be and desperate for water.

3. When was the last time you feed him, check to make sure he’s not hungry as can be.

4. He’s actually been exercised and he’s tired out. You don’t want to put a wide awake puppy locked up in a crate.

5. Is he warm enough, is he safe.

Is Crate Training Cruel?

It can be if done wrong, It’s wise to go through the process of teaching our puppy that their crate is a special happy place all of their own, a place where only good things happen all the time, or at least most of the time, so they become willing and even look forward to spending calm, relaxed time there.

If we keep our puppy in their crate for long periods of time or worse yet use their crate for punishment. Guaranteed you pup is going to hate it.

How Long Does It Take To Crate Train A Puppy?

Quite honestly there is no definite answer to this question. Depending on your puppy’s personality and how things go, this whole process could take a week or 2 weeks, a month or longer. It varies wildly from dog to dog.

But on the other hand, With consistent, well-planned strategic planning and training, the majority of puppies are happy spending time in the crate within 1 to 3 weeks of using the crate. This also applies to How To Crate Train a Puppy Fast.

How To Crate Train A Puppy?

If you watched the video here you’ll learn only good ways to teach that have your puppy learning without you having to add any force what so ever.

– Make sure the crate is comfortable and above all… Safe!
– Position the crate out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and not in the path of any drafts.
– Line the bottom of the crate with bedding, blankets or whatever bedding you’ve decided to use. You want to make it very inviting and comfortable to lay in.
– Always think about safety…Before ever allowing your puppy into the crate, make sure they have nothing on. No collar or leash, absolutely nothing! These can snag, get caught up on something and can choke your puppy.

Initially you should have the crate all ready set up and fix the door so it will always stay open or remove it if you can. If it shuts on your puppy, they most likely will panic and you do not want that.

How To Crate Train A Puppy At Night?

Make sure your puppy is tired before bed. If your puppy is fully rested before you put them to bed, they’re going to be wide awake, full of beans and ready for play and attention.

Therefore you want to make sure they are completely tired out and ready for sleep at the appropriate time. Keeping them on a regular sleep schedule is a good idea to speed up the process.

Never React To Or Reward The Crying

The worst thing you can do and unfortunately the most common mistake people make is to worsen the situation by going to their crying puppy, to reassure them and maybe even let them out of the crate just to get a moment’s peace. Wrong move!

If your puppy whines at night and you go to them, they quickly learn that all the noise works and will in future try the same trick, even if they have to go on for hours.

And don’t scold or punish your puppy either. They’re only acting naturally so punishing them is immensely unfair. But make sure you follow the five important rules listed above.

Note that puppies will start to try and train you at 8-weeks old.

Learn all about puppy training, care and raising the perfect pup at:

“How To Crate Train a Puppy” Done Right It’s Not Cruel, Getting Puppy To Like Crate :


How To Crate Train a Puppy – Crate Training a Puppy

– More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!

How To Crate Train a Puppy – Crate Training a Puppy

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Crate Training Your Puppy Step By Step Instrucions

For more free puppy training tips go to:

In this video Ryan Gwilliam teaches how to introduce the kennel or crate to a puppy for the first time. Using simple baby steps you can teach your puppy to love going in her kennel or crate very quickly.

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Crate Training A Puppy (So They LOVE Their Crate) – Professional Dog Training Tips

Crate training a puppy can be challenging. In this video we will give you 5 ways to help your dog love being inside their crate. A crate is a great place for your dog to be safe and comfortable when you can’t be supervising them. It’s a great way to make sure your puppy or dog is getting good information. And it’s also a good way to make sure they aren’t getting themselves into a dangerous situation. It also gives them somewhere to go in a busy household that they can relax. With kids, other dogs or other busy environments, sometimes your dog just needs a place to relax. A crate is a great place to do that. Teaching your dog to love being in their crate is also a really helpful way to potty train your puppy. It can help you stop them from peeing in the house, simply by allowing you to monitor what your puppy is doing all of the time. It really important that the time your puppy spends outside of their crate is quality time, spent with you!

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How to Train Puppies : Train Your Puppy Not to Bite

Training your new puppy on what it can and can not bite is discussed in this free video.

Expert: Melanie McLeroy
Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winning Taurus Training dog training facility in Austin, Texas. She is also certified in animal CPR and first aid.
Filmmaker: EV studios


How To Leave Your Puppy Home Alone

Is your puppy destructive or disruptive when left home alone? Puppies can exhibit distressed behavior when their parents leave the house. Your fur baby has no idea when or IF you’ll ever come back. That’s enough to make anyone stress chew a whole couch! You can teach your pup to enjoy being left alone by creating a comfortable, secure environment. We’ll show you ways to help your puppy feel less anxious while you’re away so you can return to a calm canine…and an intact couch.

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How To Crate Train Your PUPPY!

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This tutorial is about effectively teaching a dog to enjoy spending time in their crate. This is usually the first task that most new puppy owners have to master. Proper crate training can prevent separation anxiety, help with house-training, and make life much easier for both the dog as well as the humans. However, this is not always an easy task but a calculated and patient approach goes a long way. For more information on crate training, please see my post on this topic on my website:


Crate Training: Puppy Training Made Easy. How To Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate Training: Puppy Training Made Easy. How To Crate Train Your Puppy.

Get Your FREE E-Book That Reveals How to Toilet Train Your Puppy Quickly and Stop Biting and Chewing FAST!

Getting a puppy is really exciting, they bring such a happy, vibrant and fun energy into the home, even people who don’t like dogs very much find it hard to resist a lovely little puppy.

Puppies can also bring chaos into a house. Getting it right from the start and training your puppy correctly is crucial in order for your puppy to grow into a happy, fun-loving and obedient dog.

During this video you’ll learn step-by-step how to crate train your puppy easily and effortlessly. I show you exactly how to do it right, why doing repetitions is the key to success, how long to leave your puppy in the crate when doing the repetitions and essentially how to associate to your puppy that the crate is a really good place for them to be.

Some individuals think that crate training is wrong. I understand why some people may think this as I too questioned this method when we got our 2, 8 week male Parson Terrier littermates. My doubts were soon shattered when I saw how much they loved their crate and realized that most dogs love dens, they love the safe haven they provide and a place to call their own. A crate offers the perfect solution to creating a den for your dog.

Crate training is an essential ingredient to your puppy training success as it works with behaviours such as:

• Toilet/Potty Training
• Chewing
• Biting
• Separation Anxiety

There are 2 main questions people ask me when buying a crate:

1) How big should the crate be?
2) What type of crate should I get?

Here’s the answers:

1) How big should the crate be?

When choosing a crate it needs to big enough for your dog to be able to stand up, turn around and lie down. Puppies tend to avoid soiling where they sleep so it’s important not to get a crate that is too big as this will potentially create a sleeping area and a toileting place for your puppy.

2) What type of crate should I get?

There are a range of different styles for you to choose from:

• Wire Crates
• Plastic Crates
• Soft-sided Crates
• Wooden Crates
• Aluminium Crates

There are pros and cons to each type, to find out what they are click on the links below:

During this video you’ll learn step-by-step how to crate train your puppy easily and get fast results.

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Getting it right from the start with your puppy is essential. Learn step-by-step methods that are easy to do and work quickly.

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Long Term Confinement Area For Puppies By Urban Dog Training

When you are unable to supervise your puppy because you’re physically or MENTALLY absent, it’s best to confine them somewhere safe where no harm can come to them or to your belongings. This sets your puppy up for success since unsupervised access to any part of your home — indoors or outdoors — provides too many opportunities for you puppy to make bad choices and house training (potty training mistakes). An instructional video from Urban Dog Training.


My Dog Sniffs and Marks – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

If your dog marks and pees often and its driving you nuts, here is a simple way to help your dog nip this behavior in the bud! Its a simple thing to fix but should be addressed.

There are several things that could make a dog “mark,” which is different than just peeing. I discuss them in this video. Things to be considered can be UTI, or even just the dog being an intact male.

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Dog’s Bad Behavior Escalating – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

If a dog has bad behavior toward other dogs, chances are that this behavior will not get better on its own, and depending how you handle it, you could make it worse as in this situation.

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My French Bull Dogs Are Fighting – ask me anything – DogTraining Video

When dogs start growling and nothing is done about it, generally it will get worse. In this video I address two French Bull Dogs that have escalated their bad behaviors into aggression. You need to catch this behavior early on or it will undoubtedly get worse. Any good dog training will tell you this!

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