Deep Summer Bass on a New Lake

How to find Deep Summer Bass on a new lake pt 2 show’s more of the process I use to find and catch these offshore fish. I share more map, lake, and lure tips and tricks to get those fish to bite.

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How To Catch Offshore Ledge Fish, Crankbaits and Carolina Rigs for Bass in Florida

Summertime is back in gear and the bass are headed deep! Chris takes us to lake Talquin and gets on a nice ledge bite right off of a main lake point. Ledge …


Deep dropping the Florida Keys | Catch n Cook

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Deep Cranking BIG Summer Bass

Huge shoutout to Jason for putting me on some fish!

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DEEP cranking for GIANT WINTER bass

A few of the catches from a 30lb 10oz bag of fat largemouth. Amazing day on the water.


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Summer is here and the big bass are moving off shore to deeper water. Has it left you stumped, wondering how to catch them? Tim explains where the fish are headed, how they position, and what baits are most effective for this style of fishing.

Start by locating tapering points, ledges, and…


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The Key To Catching Bass In Deep Water (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

Fishing deep water structure is an awesome way to catch monster bass! Here’s the critical key to success. You HAVE to do this if you want to catch huge bass in deep water!

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Summer Bass Fishing Patterns | KVD Fishing Tips

Bass will go to where the best food source is at that time of the year. Bass will move with the bait fish, so know when those bait fish spawn and where they are.



Another video full of small mouth bass action. Watch this video to learn how to catch pre-spacing bass on the bottom using our favorite jigs. You missed day 1?


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