The Anti-Lag Drill for Better Higher Drives and Soft High Pitch Shots

In my day lagging the golf club was the Holy Grail of golf. But these days there is a disruption to this belief with motion sensing technologies (Google -Gears Golf) in our corner we’re seeing a clearer picture of what the greats are really doing and it has to do with the speed of the handle verses the speed of the club head in the forward swing.

Some golfers are handle draggers (over lag) and some golfers throw the club head too early. If you hit the ball low, love low chip and runs and shots from the ground you’re most likely a “handle dragger” (you have plenty of lag). If on the other hand you hit the ball high and love to hit flop shots and like driving the ball you probably throw the club plenty early and probably hate playing in the wind, hitting out of rough and shots from the ground with most clubs.

This exercise demonstrated by PGA pro Kris Moe is a simple exercise for the handle draggers or over laggers. This will help you hit the ball higher since it forces your spine to stay more perpendicular and you’ll feel inclined to throw earlier causing a wider swing arc for shallower divots and more loft angle through impact for higher shots with any club you hit.

After you get the feeling of the wider swing practice hitting with your feet together and see how it goes then progressively widen your feet as you gain more confidence in the action.

For more tips for better golf look through more of Kris’ videos also for the techies out there check out Gear Golf on Google they have a bunch of enlightening videos in what they discovering. Even better find a pro in your neighborhood who has one since they are on the “cutting edge” of what’s happening in golf’s biomechanics.

You can visit Kris Moe’s golf school in Napa to learn more about how to improve your biomechanics and how to play golf in general with coaching on technique, the mental side and improved fitness for the game. or


Agrilyst Drives Better Indoor Farming

Indoor farmers have to juggle, collate, and interpret huge amounts of data like temperature, humidity, and energy use; Agrilyst aggregates and analyzes that data, helping farmers save money and grow better crops.


Night Drives – I Better Lie and Keep Living Further


This 9 year old Jamaican girl drives a stick shift car better than some adults

Watch this 9 year old Jamaican girl drive a stick shift (manual transmission) car.


Better spin angles, better drives – Mark Norton

World of Golf Top Tips 27 – Hit the golf ball further, launch a high ball with little spin and maximise your distance – Mark Norton, we aim to provide the best driving ranges in the UK with first class facilities and excellent tuition. Visit


Ohh SH**, Teenage son trying to say he drives better than me!!! Challenge accepted

Trying to teach my 16 year old son how to drive my 2017 Mustang GT

Mods: Corsa Xtreme
Corsa Performance


Drill to improve your front foot drives on your own

Drill to improve your front foot drives on your own. Here’s a quick and easy drill to improve your front foot driving to do when you’re on your own.

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The Difference Between AWD vs 4WD

What’s the difference between all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive?

4WD is not on all the time, under normal conditions, only the rear wheels drive the vehicle forward, while the front wheels spin freely. To activate a modern four-wheel drive system, the driver has to push a button or pull a lever to engage it. But four-wheel drive isn’t meant to be on all the time so you have to know when to turn it on and when to turn it off.

AWD is on all the time, and mostly used in cars, and the computer manages the system. Just going down the highway, the system will send most of the power to the rear wheels, for maximum fuel efficiency, if the road condition changes, such as rain or snow, the system adapts and evenly distributes the power evenly to all 4 wheels, so you have maximum drive grip, with little to no chance of wheel spin.

2WD Cars are less complex than those with AWD or 4WD, and their simpler drivetrains mean improved fuel economy in the long run.

In general, cars equipped with 2-wheel drive get better gas mileage than models that use all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive.

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Moving for better drives – Golf Training Tip

Moving for better drives – Golf Training Tip

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Here’s to better drives!


Better Drives Us at Speck Hyundai of Tri-Cities

We do it better! A better buying experience. Better Selection, including 100 new Hyundai’s and nearly 400 used vehicles. Better financing! Rates as low as 0% for 60 months. Biggest incentives and mark downs of the year! Better drives us at Speck Hyundai of Tri-Cities! Visit us online any time at


Carter Center Roadmap Drives Better Access to Information

The first 30 seconds from the Carter Foundation video “Carter Center Roadmap Drives Better Access to Information” published on June 20th, 2014. You can find the full video here:


My 2 year old drives better and with more style than most of the people I know.


SWINGFIX: How to stop slicing your drives with better strikes

In this video PGA Professional Ryan Metcalfe shows you a practice drill that could change your slices into those elusive draws! Yorkshiregolfcoach links Facebook ▻…


Better Provider Data Drives Great Decisions With Availity PDM

This video starts out by asking the question: what did we do before real-time data? How did we get anywhere? Before real-time data, if we got lost driving we had to stop and ask for directions. Or use a paper map, which never folded correctly once you opened it.

Before real-time data, there were GPS maps, which you had to download. It was better than paper maps, but the data needed to be updated frequently. But what if 50% of the maps you relied on were wrong?

That’s what provider data looks like today. Health plans rely on updates that come through manual processes and portals, which leads to data errors. These errors then get replicated to every health plan the provider works with.

Provider data changes in real time, but your data does not.

The video then segues to the fact that Availity works with every health plan and nearly a million of providers, engaging them in their workflow. Availity monitors billions of transactions in real time and are the first to see when data changes. Anomalies are presented to providers so they can validate the information and send updates to all of their contracted health plans.

The video then summarizes with: Good data drives great decisions, cleaner claims, and better provider/payer collaboration.

Learn more at


Hyundai SONATA Test Drive & Surprise – Katie | 2018 Hyundai Sonata

We invite Toyota Camry owner Katie to see how Sonata makes every mile better. She test-drives the 2018 Hyundai Sonata along the scenic Angeles Crest Highway in California. Check out Sonata’s ride, room and more. And see how she scores when we challenge her test-drive wits in a cash q-and-a series.

Learn more about our Sonata:

About Hyundai: At Hyundai, we believe everyone deserves better. It’s why we are who we are. It’s why we make the cars the way we do. It’s why we wake up every morning and ask ourselves – How can we make things better? Better drives us.

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Dirt Rally VS Richard Burns Rally – Which drives better ?

In this comparison video we take a look at the Dirt rally Alpha on steam and compare it to the rather old Richard Burns Rally !

With Dirt rally coming out of the blue the big question for many rally simulator fans is does it handle more realistically, more enjoyably and more excitingly than RBR ?

For now I still think RBR pips Dirt rally when it comes to how involving the game is to play, having said that Dirt Rally genuinely looks very exciting and with the title still in development its going to be interesting to see how it matures.

Dirt Rally is easily the best rally game released since RBR with
Codemasters moving away from the DUDE BRO voice overs and over the top 3D menus systems. Instead going for something far more functional and appealing to those that just want to get down and dirty driving a rally car.

Most notable handling differences, generalized across all the cars and all road situations 😉

– Dirt Feels more stable and planted than RBR
– Dirt requires more effort from the driver to get the back end out
– It seems as if there is all round more grip in Dirt Rally
– RBR In general is far more twitchy than dirt with cars easier to slide
– Grip loss seems more linear and subtle in RBR than Dirt
– Locking up wheels and Feel for grip is more transparent in RBR right now
– Hand brake turns far more progressive in RBR
– Drifts and long slides to me seem far more controlable in RBR Dirt the cars seem happier when not in a slide.
– The cars tend to pivot more on there center in Dirt rather than around there wheel base.

Its worth reiterating that Dirt rally is still in development with Codemasters actively looking for feed back (

All said and done Dirt Rally is already a really fun game to play so if you like rally driving make sure to check it out and of course we will be following it as it matures so don’t forget to subscribe to us on the following links.

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Data Governance – Better Quality Data Drives Better Quality Reporting

If you have questions or comments on the content of this webinar, please email us at

Have you ever heard the phrase “garbage in, garbage out?” This is especially true in the world of analytics. Reporting and analyses are only as good as the data upon which they are based.

When embarking on business driven initiatives for analytics, the most common pitfalls of these projects are typically in the areas of data integration, data quality and data governance. Data integration and governance are no longer seen as a nice to have capability, but a must have foundation for delivering on the promise of competitive business insights.

This webinar illustrates how data governance can establish a solid Information Supply Chain across your enterprise, building a foundation for business analytics and optimization, including: data management, content management, integration, warehousing and governance.

These supply chain needs have driven IBM’s strategy and investments in this area. View this webinar and see how you can make data governance work for your organization.


Open source drives better technology in PaaS | #BuiltByYou

Using the example of .Net in Cloud Foundry, Omri Gazitt, HPE Cloud’s VP of Engineering, shares how diverse contributions in an open source project leads to better…


What Drives You?

Is it glory? Making birdies? Impressing your friends? In golf, you can’t be perfect. But you can be better. You can swing better, drive better, chip better, putt better. With the power of data, every single one of us can play better. And getting better? That’s perfect. What drives you?


How to increase your swing speed for longer drives and better golf

See how I added 30 yards to a clients driver distance, by doing one simple change. The home of simple golf.


Driving small cars, who drives better. First video