Dog Training Life Hacks

Here are five dog training life hacks that will make living with your dog easier. Some of these hacks come from /r/dogtraining, thanks guys! Like comment and subscribe for more videos!
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Cesar Milan Talks Dog Training and MAX Movie

After watching the MAX movie starring a Belgian Malinois, some may want to go out and get that breed of pet, but famed dog whisperer and star of “Cesar 911” tells CineMovie’s Sue Evelyn Gil that the Belgian Malinois may make difficult pets because they are working dogs.

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E Collar Training For Everyday Dog Owners | Pak Masters Dog Training Nashville

professional dog trainer and e collar expert Larry Krohn shows how he starts the teaching process for clients that want to learn proper e collar training to achieve off leash obedience with their dogs


The Language of Dogs: Learn How to Speak “Dog”

Watch as Cesar comes to the rescue of Alex and Barret, whose dog Lucy is afraid of everything that isn’t them. Pre-order your copy of the all-new Essentials of Dog Behavior: The Language of Dogs today:

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5lb YORKIE Pekingese AMAZING training video at Cincinnati Dog Trainers Off Leash K9

Want Jeff Adler and Off Leash K9 Training to train you and your dog?

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