Fantasy Football Mock Draft: The First Round

It’s The Greatest Fantasy Football Mock Draft Ever. This is the first round, with 11 of the most intelligent fantasy football minds out there (and one fan who dropped and we drafted as an ADP machine instead). Get ready for 2018 fantasy football with the July mock!

The full board:

PART 1: The first round:
PART 2: The early rounds:
PART 3: The middle rounds (part 1):
PART 4: The middle rounds (part 2):
PART 5: The later rounds:
PART 6: The last rounds:

The Experts:
Scott Engel (@scottERotoEx)
Bill Enright (@BillEnright)
Emory Hunt (@FBallGameplan)
Brandon Marianne Lee (@BrandonHerFFB)
Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen)
Corey Parson (@TheFantasyExec)
Gregg Sussman (@GreggSussman)
Chris Ventra (@THEAnalyst15)
Jake Ciely (@AllInKid)
Mike Florio (@MichaelFFlorio)
Frank Stampfl (@Roto_Frank)
…and a random fan/ADP machine

For more fantasy analysis and an award-winning draft kit:

[And please excuse the light hum in the background… we had the AC cranked up to offset the record NYC temperatures]


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