Episode 20: Bridging the Gap Between Blame and Kindness in Dog Training

If you are here, chances are you have an interest in how to train a dog without punishment or blame. When you are moving away from training with physical corrections, intimidation, or verbal corrections, you can fall into what I call “the gap”. If your dog is digging in the garden, has paws on the counter, has jumped in the pond or is chasing a cat, you freeze. The old lessons come to your head telling you to “stop the dog and punish”. You want to leave that behind and fall into “the gap” because you don’t know what to do.

In the episode you’ll hear:
• How our dogs are doing the best they can with the education we have given them in the environment that we are asking them to work in.
• About Do-Land where no babies cry, all the birds sing, and there are unicorns and rainbows.
• When I became aware of “the gap” through my friend Lynda Orton-Hill and her Golden Retriever, Spirit.
• How to move on from blame and judgement.
• Why “positive is not permissive” and how training with positive reinforcement does
not mean we have no guidelines.
• The 2 things you can do when you are in “the gap”.
• How I learned to “bang head here” from my mentors Bob and Marian Bailey.
• Why my training structure for dogs to be amazing family pets creates excellence
in my dogs for world level agility competition.
• How Do-Land is possible for everyone!

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A natural teacher and an entertaining speaker, Susan is world renowned as a leading educator of dog trainers. Her understanding of how to apply science-based learning principles to both competitive and family pet dog training has been pivotal in changing how dogs are trained.

Susan is now helping many thousands of dog owners in 82 countries have the best relationship possible with their dogs. The real joy for her comes from bringing confidence to dogs and their owner through playful interactions and relationship building games that are grounded firmly in the science of how animals learn.
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