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Scott came from Colorado to Dog Evolution in California (Orange County Los Angeles) to train with David Utter. His dog Luke wanted to kill everything! Luke did not want to behave with toys or food. Treat feeding did not interest Luke. More people are discovering the lies of conditional love treat feeding as the failure rate climbs. Why are we being convinced by the media that treat feeding is modern and the humane method? It is very limited in results and fails in a variety of environments. Yet the self righteous critics have a very low standard to what a trained dog should be. That is because they repeat what they have been told. A good trainer needs to know where to correct a dog and how hard to correct, communicating like a dog but not creating a threat to the dog. Positive reinforcement must come from the human in the form of affection. The authority has the direct praise. All societies have an order of control. Learn the real secret of dog training as proven scientifically companies and dogs cannot be organized without leaders.


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