Dog Training Video preview – "Bite on Command"

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Your dog should not be obedient to the decoy but You! The most important protection training lesson that applies my system of ” Clear Communication” in protection work! Even if you are new to the dog sports, you may have already noticed that during protection in all reality the “bad” guy is not the decoy, but their handler?! All dogs that enjoy protection ” Love” the bad guy, but don’t really like their handler(s), … because the handler only gives commands that are restricting the dog from reward!!! So what happens is that the dog learns to obey their decoy, which makes it for a good performance with their own helper but this does not cary over other decoys. There are many problems in protection such as dog not being focused on the helper, taking bite inside the blind on its own, not staying in position etc. This video is not only for Schutzhund/IPO work it applies to all protection training (Police K9, Ring sports etc.)


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