Dog Training Tutorial: Loose Leash Walking With Distractions!

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This is the third episode in a series on training advanced loose leash walking skills.
The first two parts are:
Episode 1: “Walk with me” (
Episode 2: “Dealing with Sniffing” (

It is strongly recommended that you begin loose leash walking with the exercises in my foundational loose leash walking tutorial before moving on to this advanced training series. By taking your time to work on a strong foundation, your dog will be more successful and the training process will be faster and more effective.
Foundation loose leash walking video (

Dogs learn best when training is fun. Human enjoy training more when it is rewarding and leads to results quickly. This video builds on training games from earlier episodes designed to transform your routine walks into a time of day that you look forward to instead of dreading or even worse – avoiding. Remember to give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video!

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