Dog Training Tutorial: Greeting Visitors Calmly!

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Learn how to teach any dog to be calm in the presence of a stimuli that causes increased arousal. “Bad manners” that dogs exhibit when it comes to meeting new people are just learned behaviors that we can re-teach. This method requires patience and the dedication to follow through the outlined procedure without ANY exceptions. I have used it effectively with a countless number of dogs with great success.

Key Points:

1) It may take longer for some dogs than others to reach a ‘relaxed’ state before you may start rewarding them. In this video it took only four and a half minutes, but it may take some dogs 30 minutes or more. However, if it is done properly as shown, within just a few sessions it can come down to as little as 1-2 mins for the dog to calm down. Eventually the dog will remain calm from the start.
2) Notice that I was not giving excessive high-pitched verbal praise. The reason for this is that because some dogs will get aroused to hear such excitement. In this instance, a clicker works wonders, as it is not usually associated with an intense level of excitement.
3) This is an extremely useful exercise for puppies! In my opinion it is essential for those dogs that are still learning how to politely interact with humans.
4) You may repeat this exercise and have the guest leave for a few minutes, and then come back again. The more practice they have and the more they go through this simulation, the quicker and more powerful their learning will be!
5) This exercise can also be modified to socialize a dog to most stimuli that cause hyper-arousal. For those of you asking me on Facebook about socializing your dogs to other pets and so on, you may use these principles and techniques to achieve the same results!

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