Dog Training Treats


Dog Training Treats

Dogs make man happy. Man bred dogs lovingly and got loyalty and security in return. Dogs became his best friend and he happily trained the dogs to assist him in his daily activities. Many dogs, especially the smarter breeds like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, can be easily trained to do simple tasks that they do not normally perform such as retrieving a specific object or balancing on a beam in dog shows. Some dog breeds were trained to sniff out bombs and drugs to aid the law enforcers. Some dogs were trained as seeing-eye-dogs for blind people who need to go out. Dogs were also trained to help herd sheep and cattle in large farms. Still, some dogs were trained for human amusement in carnivals and dog shows.

To facilitate training, dog training treats are given as reward for correctly following the trainer’s instructions. These treats should be easy to nibble so that the dog can promptly resume the task and delicious enough that the dog would want to perform more in order to receive the treat. There are larger sized treats which are perfect as the best reward for perfect performance.

The dog training treats come in a variety of fun colors, shapes, and sizes. There are small bone treats for smaller breeds and large kibbles for larger breeds. The dog treats are made of real meat parts and real grains for fiber. Some manufacturers have product lines which include toy-looking training treats such as beanie balls, fun balls, and King Kong biscuit balls. To indulge the training animal’s craving for meat, large steaks and jerkies are made of meat and bone ingredients. There are also bone treats especially made for large dogs: at least 6 inches of colorful and delicious treat shaped into a large bone. For fun-loving dogs, small treats made from meat and vegetables which are shaped into little bears or stars or other fun shapes can be chosen.

Eating training treats can be rewarding and, at the same time, healthy for the dogs. A lot of manufacturers have incorporated vitamins, fibers and grains into the food to assist in digestion. There are treats made of whole wheat but incorporated with barbecue or meat products.

In choosing the dog training treats, the owner must see to it that the food is made from natural and real ingredients. It is also good to choose treats that have low calorie content to keep the dog healthy and fit. Also, a low calorie treat can be rewarded more often without fear that the dog will gain unwanted extra weight. Treats incorporated with liver, milk, and cranberries provide protein and add strength and endurance to the dog for it to sustain training. Berries can also add excitement to the flavor so that the dog would want more treats.

Treats are given as reward in training. But spoiling the dog by giving them treats without properly enforcing rules on them would result in them demanding food from the humans and not doing their tasks. So give dog training treats to pet in training only if it does the task properly. Only then can you achieve the best results that you want from training them.


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