Dog Training: How to Train Your Puppy – Thriving Canine

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This video provides the fundamentals on how to train a puppy that every puppy owner should watch.

Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer and Owner of Thriving Canine, reviews the various fundamentals on how to train a puppy.

Episode Highlights:

Basic Obedience Training (0:20)
Difference between training and adult dog and a puppy (0:53)
Treats and Toys as motivators (1:26)
Condition Puppy to being physically handled (2:10)
Housebreaking (2:52)
Socializing Puppies while they’re young (3:20)
Sign up for a puppy class with puppy play time/socialization(4:06)


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Chad Culp
Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist

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Dog Training: Stop Barking and Jumping on Guests – Thriving Canine

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