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Hey, what’s up guys Oscar here with elevated canine together with documentary TVWe are gonna start a training series called fundamentals of dog training and I hope you guys enjoyalright guys, so the first step in our dog training isMaking sure that we charge our markers with what I mean by that is letting the dog know when he’s gonna get rewardedSo in this case, we’re gonna use the word. Yes when we say the word. Yeswe are gonna produce a reward it could either bekibble, you see here in my hand or it could be a tug have one back here andSo basically as soon as I say the word, yes, that’s gonna produce the rewardWhy is that important?It is important because that is gonna let the dog know exactly what he did that is gonna get him paidSo, for example, I’m gonna I’m gonna break Benny from his place right now. So if I go, okay, and if I go BennyplaceYes, he knows that he’s gonna get rewarded he can come off of his place placeYes, alright, so we’re gonna start from the beginning place andHow we charge this marker?alrightSo the first step is to make sure that you have a dog that is interested in youso we want a dog that is veryInvested and wants to work for you so that you could teach the behaviorsif you go outside and you’re trying to teach the dog to sit down come whatever you’re trying to teach them andInstead he’s sniffing looking at other dogs or whatever he’s doing it’s gonna be very difficultso we have to make sure that the dog is invested in us and he wants to work for us so inAt this point I’m gonna show you how we start thatSo what you do is you’re gonna grab your dog come out put a leash on your dogjust becauseOkay, and I’m gonna remove this place out of the waySo if I have a dog say that sniffing like how he is right nowHe’s going around as soon as he focuses on me, and he looks at me. I’m gonna mark the yes, and I’m gonna pay himThree pieces of the kibble and I’ll stand still he’s looking at me. Yes, I pay again, obviouslyYou know, we’ve done some training with this guy so he knows the programBut we will take out other dogs, or we can show youYesSo here he’s invested in me. He wants to he wants to workYesHe’s being very focused on me. And that’s what you want from a dogAll rightSo I’m gonna take out a puppyNext so you guys to see the the process with the dog that has no training. I have done no training with his dogWe just got him in from Costa Rica and he’s a German Shepherd puppy. So we’ll bring him out and show you guys the processAlright guys, so this is my young dog, I just got him in from Costa Rica his name is hustle andWe’re gonna show you guys a little bit about that engagement thing that we talked about againThis is for dogs that are a little more food motivated or you know, some dogs are not treat motivatedSo you got to find other ways that they are gonna find satisfaction in whatever you give them tugPraise whatever it is in this caseWe’re using food just to show you guys the process, so I haven’t done any sessions with him yetHe just got in a couple days agoSo he as you can see, he’s already a very focused little pup, but you knowSo I’m gonna show you guys and again, we’re charging the marker as I go. SoI’m gonna charge the yes marker at the same time that I’m building engagement. All right. YesSo he doesn’t even know what yes means, but I’m gonna produce a rewardHe looks at me yesThen I produced a reward I can even make him chase it a little bit standstillYes, he looks at me I mark and I feedYes, you got to make sure that you capture the right moment as soon as you say he looks at youYesIn this one, I’m gonna give them three treatsSo you kind of you could jackpot make sure that you give them more than oneYes, and you’ll see that there’ll be a lot more attentive rather than you just giving one piece of foodYou give three pieces of food. Yes, and then you’ll see how the dog becomes a lot more engaged than youYesso the reason why I put him on leash isJust so if he was interested in a lot of other things I could stop himI’m not gonna correct them and I’m gonna stop himYesAll right, yesAll right guys, so the reason why I’m using food to meIt’s just the easiest thing to use when working because I can limit their food a little bit. Yes. I could feed themThrough training and create that bond that engagement. YesBut you can see this little guy already picking it up, all rightYes, nice buddy good boyYes, and then you just end your session done yeah boy good boyThat’s a goodAll right, guysSo just a little recap on this video that we shotIs is how to create engagement and charge your yes marker at the same time again?So the yes marker means you are gonna produce a reward so the dog looks at you you say the wordYesYou reach into your pockets and you can give them one piece two piece three pieces of foodOr if your dog is in food motivated, what you do is you’ll go. Yes, and you’ll bring out the tugGive your dog the tug and play play play play outYou can give him another bite or you could put it awayHe stays focused on you. Yes, bring it outand againyou are justMaking sure that your dog is invested in you he wants to work for you instead of being into all these other thingsSo I know it’s gonna be questions. What if your dog isn’t food motivated what if your dog isn’t ugh motivated?Well, you can create you can create that motivationyou could bring it up by either cutting their food a little bit and maybeinstead of feeding them in a bowl you feed them out of your hand create that engagement with you orYou could even you know, if your dog you want your dog to be a little more tug motivatedWhat you could do is you could attach it to a leash where he has to chase it play with them remember?It’s about the gameNot necessarily the tugSo how some dogs you know?Like like to pull on the tug you got to see what your dog likes every dog is differentSo if that’s for you to find out and there are some videos out there of other trainers Ivan Balaban of Michael EllisThose are trainers that I look up to againI hope you guys enjoyed this if you guys have any questions, feel free to email usleave commentsMake sure you subscribeyou know Zeke is gonna be out here and let them know that you’re interested in some more dog training videos and we’ll do whatWe canI have I have a lot planned for you guysShaping how to teach your dog to go to the bed how to walk next to youRecalls, so if you guys are interested, make sure you let Zeke know in the comments. Hope you guys have a good oneYou

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