Dog Training – Five Steps To Successful Clicker Training

Over the past 10 years clicker training has become very popular with trainers and dog lovers. It is a positive way to train your dog using the principles of behavior. Discover how to use this effective and fun tool for training. A clicker is a small box with a metal strip inside of it. When you press on the metal strip it will make a distinct clicking sound.

Step 1: A clicker works by pairing the sound of the click with something your dog likes. Most of the time the sound is paired with a favorite treat. By pairing the sound of the click with a treat you are classically conditioning your dog to associate the click with a reward.

Once the connection has been made, you can use the sound of the click to reinvine whatever behavior you are teaching. The clicker does not teach the behavior, the clicker helps you to communicate to your dog what you want them to do. It is such a great training tool because it improves your timing and if done properly, your dog knows exactly what they are being rewarded for.

Step 2: Spend the first couple of days just clicking and rewarding your dog. Do not ask your dog to do anything. Just click and reward. After a few days your clicker will be "charged" and you can start your training.

Step 3: At this point decide what you want to teach your dog and start clicking and rewarding when you dog fulfills the behavior.

Step 4: To speed up the process, you can lure your dog into the position that you want and then click to reward your dog for performing the command.

Step 5: Behavior is reward driven. When you reward a behavior enough times your dog will start to learn the meaning of the command. Over time you will not have to click and reward every time your dog fulfills the command for you.

Using a clicker is a really great way to communicate to your dog. You can teach simple behaviors and you can teach much more difficult behaviors with a clicker. You can get a clicker in most pet stores.

Source by Eric Letendre