Dog Training Efficiency – 5 Tips

So – you either have a puppy who refuses to be trained or an aggressive dog with poor behavior. What you are looking for is effective dog training tips. Remember that your pet is only an animal – it's up to you to train them out of unwanted behavior. The proper techniques can ensure a lifelong, obedient animal that you love being around. These 5 tips will help you maximize your training efforts.

1. Be Patient

First, you have to realize that pets are a lot like people – they do not change overnight. Be patient. You should not expect a dog to flip a switch over night. Give them time to learn and change their behavior. What you do not want to do is become impatient and frustrated, that will halt progress.

2. Be Consistent

Thought it may take a while for your dog to learn what you're teaching, being consistent is on you. Working with the dog one day and then picking it up a week later is not going to net you good results. Your dog will forget what you were training. All it takes is 15-30 minutes a day to teach your pet properly. You can use the time to train out of a specific problem or a new trick.

3. Be Positive

If you are negative when are dog training, you will not make any progress. For one thing, you'll get frustrated. Your dog will become the recipient of your frustration. To maximize your training, give them the support they need – encourage them on. Dogs need to hear and feel they're on the right track.

4. Know Your Dog And What's Best For Your Pet

You're going to be exposed to tons of tips and techniques from everyone on the blogosphere about what method or trick works best for training pets. The truth is, it does not work for dogs all the same way. Rather, know your animal's needs – there are targeted techniques that will work best in their case.

5. Have FUN!

If you want to have the best results with your dog training, then have fun doing it. Really, this is a special time with you and your dog – go ahead and bond with your dog and enjoy each other. This is not a chore, it's a relationship. If you consistently train your dog 15-30 minutes a day, you will also be training the dog to look forward to the time. Add some toys to the training, and both of you will enjoy it more.

Source by Emma A Madison