Dog training – Day 2- SIRIUS® Four Day Academy – Ian Dunbar

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DVD Title: Day 2- SIRIUS® Four Day Academy
Presenter: Ian Dunbar

This is DAY TWO of the SIRIUS® Four Day Academy in Chicago.

“Behavior Counseling”
Dr. Dunbar covers the following topics of behavior counseling:
Client Compliance
Setting Deadlines
Evaluation (quantification) and Improvement
Learning by ‘ology or by Problem
Education Solution-based rather than Classification
Behavior Problem Solving Matrix
What’s Common and What’s Not?
History Taking ‘ cut to the chase

Objective Quantification of Observed Behavior

vs. Subjective Interpretation of Etiology (Supposed Motives, Intentions and Feelings)

Objectively Assess Severity (danger) of Aggression
Wound Pathology and Bite:Fight Ratio


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