Dog Training Advice – Don’t Beg From Me!

Some dogs have a bad habit of begging. This is an easy behavior to curb. You must be consistent when you are trying to break them out of it. It is very important that if there are other people in your house, they have to follow suit by being consistent as well. You can train a dog to stop begging with some easy dog training.

  • Get something that your dog dislikes. You can try fruits such as grapes that are sour or apples that are bitter. You can get these from pet stores that sell supplies. Also, try using Tabasco sauce combined with vinegar.
  • Give your dog a sample to see whether he likes it or not. Use other foods that you think the dog may not eat. If they do not eat them, they detest the smell and the taste of the food.
  • As you feed the dog, provide him with the food that he does not like to eat or smell. If the dog starts to beg, give him a piece of food along with the stuff that he does not like.
  • The dog will be familiar with the taste and not want to consume it. If there are other people who are eating, have them assist you with this test.
  • Be consistent and use something that your dog dislikes. The more consistent you are, the more your dog will get the message.
  • You can also say “no” consistently. Make sure that you mean it; otherwise, your dog will know that you are not serious.

Eventually, your dog will get the message and stop begging. On the other hand, it is very important that you feed him regular meals so that he is not going to be hungry and start begging.

Source by James Shutt